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The W200 series of self-propelled windrowers are now offered with an “economical” cab option. A new control called TouchSet on the joystick is available, letting operators adjust windrow widths on the go. |  John Deere/Steve Dolan photo

John Deere W200 series self-propelled windrowers were updated this summer with a new cab, a lower horsepower option and they can provide wider windrows than previous models.

“Historically, we’ve had a W235R and a W260R. What we’ve done is we updated those two models, but we’ve also added a W200M and a W235M. So, 200 horsepower 235 hp, 260 hp and the M models are more of an economical purchase,” said Chase Milem, John Deere hay and forage marketing manager.

The M models have a lower spec cab, while the R models have the same cab that’s used with John Deere combines in North America.

There are also three cab levels within the R class.

A Starfire GPS receiver is optional on the W200M and W235M, as is the Generation 4 CommandCenter with AutoTrac.

JDLink comes standard in all models. It keeps owners connected to their machine at anytime from anywhere.

The electrical architecture has also been updated for the model year 2022, with a TouchSet feature that is optional for both the M and R models.

“TouchSet allows that customer from the cab on their joystick to adjust the swath flap informing shields. So as they move from field to field they can really vary that windrow how they want to in those varying conditions,” Milem said.

Touch set is only available on the 500 (five metre) heads, which fit all W200 series self-propelled machines.

A four-meter head is now available on the W200M and the W235M.

There are two rotary heads available.

The R400 has three conditioning options, an impeller option, urethane and V10 steel rolls.

The R500 will have four options, the three just listed as well as the Tr-Lobe.

“The impeller is essentially going to peel the wax layer off that plant. So it’s probably the least aggressive but if set right, it can really help dry down. The urethane role is essentially going to peel the wax and crimp it at certain sections,” Milem said.

“The V10 is steel so that’s actually going to be standard on our machines… and it will crimp every few inches and really help with dry down. Tr-Lobe is even more aggressive, with steel and urethane and it really helps with the dry down with an aggressive crimping manner.”

R windrowers offer 10 percent wider windrows than previous models.

John Deere also offers 25, 30 and 36-foot drapers for the windrowers.

Milem said the hp, cab, crimping and draper options enable farmers to match a windrower to their exact needs.

Transport speed has been increased to 24 mph for all machines in the W200 series.

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