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A CP Rail train heads for the United States border along the Sooline.  I  Mike Raine photo

Railways insist they are prepared for winter

Government required capital spending justification for optimism

Canada’s major railways have filed their winter contingency plans as required by law. Since a new law was passed in 2018, Canada’s major rail companies are required to publish winter plans and can be forced to pay up if they fail to deliver on certain promises of rail cars. That law came into effect after […] Read more

Three trade deals later and Canadian farmers are looking to the federal government for promised compensation.  |  Mike Raine photo

Dairy farmers want compensation action

Canada’s dairy farmers are calling on the federal government to make good on its promise to compensate producers after giving up market share of the supply-managed industry to more foreign competitors. The Liberal government has told Dairy Farmers of Canada compensation is coming as a result of three major trade deals: the Comprehensive Economic and […] Read more

Not all market analysts expect a bull run in wheat’s future. One analyst thinks the crop is destined for a downturn soon, mainly because the U.S. dollar index is poised to go on a long-term bullish trend, making U.S. wheat less attractive in foreign markets.  |   Reuters/Alexey Malgavko photo

Wheat charts reveal enticing pattern

Analyst says an emerging pattern he has seen only two times before could push nearby futures prices to $8.71 per bu.

Depending on how you read the futures market tea leaves, wheat is either poised to go on a heck of a bull ride or about to fall off and get trampled. Ken Shaleen, analyst with ChartWatch International Futures Research, thinks Chicago wheat is poised for a bull run that will push nearby futures prices to […] Read more

The United States had sold almost 34 million tonnes of new crop soybeans by the end of September compared to the five-year average of about 21 million tonnes.  |  Reuters/Jorge Adorno photo

Sustained sales could prolong soybean run

A dissenting view says the U.S. will not be able to keep up the flurry of shipments to China that has occurred this year

Chip Whalen thinks the soybean bull run could have more legs. Funds have moved from a record net short position of 337,000 contracts this spring to a near-seasonal record net long position of 138,000 contacts as of Oct. 6. The purchasing of 475,000 contacts over the past few months has ignited the soybean market, driving […] Read more

The big question for the red lentil market remains what will happen in India, the world’s largest importer of the crop. The country recently dropped its import duty to 10 percent from 30 percent, but it’s uncertain how long that will last.  |  Reuters/Khaled Abdullah photo

Strong red lentil demand from Turkey supports market

It’s thought the country’s farmers harvested 190,000 tonnes this year, well below the 300,000 tonnes grown in 2017

Expect another active export program to Canada’s second biggest red lentil customer, says an industry executive. “Turkey will be in the market for sure,” said Fethi Sonmez, chief executive officer of Armada Foods, one of the country’s largest pulse processing firms. He estimates Turkish farmers harvested 190,000 tonnes of lentils this year, which is a […] Read more

Argentine farmers, such as this one west of Buenos Aires, won’t be allowed to grow the new variety until it is approved by Brazil, which is the country’s main wheat customer.  |  Reuters/Enrique Marcarian photo

Argentina OKs genetically modified wheat

Researchers say the variety, in which a sunflower gene was inserted, is 20 percent more productive during drought years

Argentina has become the first country in the world to approve transgenic wheat for cultivation and consumption with varieties designed to yield well under drought conditions. Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp., based in the central Argentine city of Rosario, announced the approval of its HB4 drought-tolerant wheat on Oct. 8. The company reports that its HB4 […] Read more

GM corn, soybeans and canola are widely grown and consumed, but GM wheat has always been seen in a different light. | File photo

An environmental story can be spun for GM wheat

The question of whether the world wants genetically modified wheat has arisen again following Argentina’s conditional approval of a new altered variety designed to be drought tolerant and herbicide resistant. The approval is contingent on getting an OK from Brazil, its biggest market, and that country’s wheat association Abitrigo says a survey of wheat millers […] Read more

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang wave during happier times between the two countries. The best approach to take now with China might be to not kowtow to the Asian powerhouse but also endeavour to allow the situation to cool and avoid provoking the dragon.  |  Reuters/Chris Wattie photo

Canada can do business with China despite the yelling

You might have noticed that China is tightening the screws on Australia, telling Chinese importers to avoid buying Australian cotton. You might have heard China’s ambassador to Canada last week seeming to threaten Canadians living in Hong Kong if Canada accepts political refugees from the former British colony. Did you notice that Canada’s exports to […] Read more

WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was not available Oct. 16 or Oct. 9. U.S. hogs averaged $62.13 on a carcass basis Oct. 16, down from $64.52 Oct. 9. The U.S. pork cutout was $99.19 per hundredweight Oct. 16, up from $94.80 Oct. 9. The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter to […] Read more

Canfax report

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403-275-5110 or at Packers do well For the past 15 weeks fed prices have been stuck in a tight trading […] Read more