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Softening feed barley market to stabilize

Winnipeg,(MarketsFarm) – Feed barley bids in Western Canada have softened over the past few weeks, but should stabilize as the spring approaches. “I don’t think there’s a lot of potential to push this thing much higher, and I don’t think the bottom will fall out either. What you see is what you get,” said Matt […] Read more

Todd Hultman with DTN believes soybeans are undervalued because of the coronavirus outbreak and continued uncertainty over the U.S.-China trade deal.  |  REUTERS/Bryan Woolston photo

Oilseed prices may be set to soar

Analyst argues soybeans are undervalued and a dramatic correction is inevitable, which would also affect canola prices

Soybean prices are severely undervalued and due for a correction in the coming months and that should bolster canola prices as well, says an analyst. Todd Hultman, lead analyst with DTN, said the United States soybean stocks-to-use ratio is 10.5 percent, which would suggest an average cash price of US$9.60 per bushel. But the average […] Read more

An expected increase in Chinese wheat imports is complicated by the fact that China bought an enormous amount of wheat from its growers last year to support prices, which means it might not need to import much more.  |  Reuters photo

China-U.S. trade deal could jolt world wheat markets

China’s agreement to live up to its World Trade Organization tariff rate quota obligations could increase demand

Much ink has been spilled about China agreeing to radically increase the dollar value of its agricultural purchases from the United States in phase one of a new trade pact between the two nations. China agreed to purchase an additional US$32 billion of American agricultural products over 2017 levels during the next two years. But […] Read more

North American sunflower acreage has fallen from more than 700,000 acres at one time to almost 150,000 last year.  |  File photo

Sunflowers may be poised for comeback

Prices and buyer interest may make it seem like a reasonable choice for farmers, who could plant 225,000 acres this year

Sunflowers might be getting their mojo back after years of farmers throwing in the towel on the old crop. With expected profitability on the eastern Prairies equalling competing crops in 2020, Scoular’s Robert Deraas expects to see more farmers look at the crop again. “It’s going to turn around dramatically,” said Deraas about North American […] Read more

A doctor disinfects a room for medical staff with sanitizing equipment at a community health service centre in the Wuhan district of China, which has been at the centre of the COVID-19 virus outbreak that has disrupted China’s economy. It has been difficult making predictions about global agricultural markets when these kinds of unforeseen events make a habit of occurring.  |  Reuters photo

Crop market’s Magic 8-ball says: reply hazy, try again

I need to take my crystal ball into the shop for a tune-up. Its view has become very hazy. It failed me back in early January when I was writing about how the shortage of palm oil was a solid supply and demand situation not influenced by political whims and sure to provide strong, continuing […] Read more

Managing tough, stored grain is a production issue, but these crops will also need special marketing attention.  |  File photo

Now is the time for farmers to take action on damp grain

Many farmers are facing a unique (to them) management and marketing risk this spring, and they might not have thought it out well yet. The time to figure out what to do with frozen, tough grain is now because grain enters a danger zone once bins begin warming this spring. Frozen grain is free from […] Read more

Southeast Asia develops a taste for wheat

Indonesia is Canada’s number one wheat customer in that part of the world, but the Philippines is a more challenging market

Wheat demand is booming in Southeast Asia, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. World exports to the region soared by more than 60 percent between 2013-14 and 2018-19 as consumer tastes and preferences shift to include more wheat and wheat-based products in their diets. That trend shows no signs of abating. The region is […] Read more

Given the markets and a wet, late harvest last fall, a lot of producers are uncommitted, a veteran crop specialist says. | File photo

Producers struggle with seeding decisions

If you’re uncertain about what to plant this spring, you’re not alone. Given the markets and a wet, late harvest last fall, a lot of producers are uncommitted, a veteran crop specialist says. “It’s kind of up in the air,” said Scott Chalmers, manager of the research farm in Melita, Man., who has worked there […] Read more

Scott Capinegro of Barrington Commodities in Barrington, Ill. said some progress was made in U.S./China trade as the Phase One trade deal officially came into effect on Feb. 15. Then three days later, China announced tariff exemptions for almost 700 U.S. imports that included soybeans, corn and wheat. | File photo

CBOT Weekly: Commodities holding up while waiting on China

WINNIPEG, (MarketsFarm) – There is no doubt that commodities on the Chicago Board of Trade have struggled since the coronavirus outbreak in China, but the situation could be worse said a trader. “I personally think the markets … are holding up pretty well with all of the negative news,” commented Scott Capinegro of Barrington Commodities […] Read more

WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was not available Feb. 14. It was $38.67 on Feb. 7. U.S. hogs averaged $49.56 on a carcass basis Feb. 14, down from $50.01 Feb. 7. The U.S. pork cutout was $62.75 per hundredweight Feb. 14, down from $64.81 Feb. 7. The estimated U.S. […] Read more