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The MT800 is the highest horsepower tracked tractor in the marketplace. New transmission and engine components allow for greater fuel efficiency with large field tools. The The CVT provides ultra-low speed pulling and optimized operations in the field and rapid transport on the road.  |  Agco photo

New MT800 from the ground up

Tractor pushes leading edge of two-track technology a little deeper into the industry but not the soil

Agco’s new MT800 series provides up to 673 horsepower along with a step-less transmission and front suspension system that provide a more comfortable ride than previous parallel track Challengers. It’s a tractor designed for deep ripping, sub-soiling, installing tile or pulling high-speed seeding equipment, Agco engineer Adam Sills said in a recent phone interview. Sills […] Read more

The Schnell conversion hitch allows a two-point hitch planter to be pulled by the drawbar on a large four-wheel-drive tractor. No cutting or welding is required. The hitch is built in Winkler, Man., and lists for $7,450.  |  Schnell photo

Pull the big planter with the big 4-wheel drive tractor

If your regular MFWD planter tractor doesn’t have the ponies to pull the new 1790, you need an adapter interface between your big four-by-four tractor drawbar and the planter hitch. Fred Dueck, founder of Schnelll Industries in Winkler, Man., has been making custom hitches for 18 years. It started when a local corn grower bought […] Read more

The Claas plant in Harsewinkel, Germany.  |  Michael Raine photo

Driving force behind Claas equipment company dies

Helmut Claas, the pioneer behind Claas agricultural machinery, died Jan. 5 at the age of 94. Born in Harsewinkel, Germany, in 1926, he was exposed to farm machinery at an early age because his parents managed a small agricultural machinery firm with about 100 employees. “After studying agriculture in Paris, he took over the planning […] Read more

Enns Brothers in Manitoba partnered with McCain Foods for Free Fry Day, matching donations and raising $180,000 for STARS and Ronald McDonald House. Masked and gloved teams handed out French fries to the public and personally donated $10,000.  |  Enns Brothers photo

Equipment dealers fight COVID-19

Keeping the essential services of farm equipment companies rolling through the pandemic took some creative thinking

In farming areas there’s one category of stores that remain open 365 days of the year. Farmers need their local equipment dealers like Jack needs Jill, pandemic or no pandemic. Farmers are accustomed to standing three feet away across the counter from the parts guy, or sitting with their feet up on the sales representative’s […] Read more

Versatile’s factory in Winnipeg stayed operational throughout the pandemic to ensure their customers had access to parts and equipment.  |  Versatile photo

Feeding the agricultural machine during COVID-19

It was unclear if farmers would have access to parts they needed to keep equipment running when the pandemic first hit North America. Agriculture equipment manufacturers have been considered a critical service through the pandemic, so they have stayed open. But often, they are global enterprises that rely on international supply chains, and it is […] Read more

Saskatchewan moves to small battery recycling for 2020.  |  Mike Raine photo

Battery recycling program for Sask.

Saskatchewan will implement a battery recycling program beginning Jan. 1. The 73 SARCAN collection depots, along with other designated sites, will accept single-use and rechargeable consumer batteries that weigh less than five kilograms each, excluding lead acid batteries. The program will be operated by a non-profit environmental stewardship organization called Call2Recycle Canada. It has been […] Read more

It’s a long and winding road and it gradually meanders around the field with just enough slope to drain water without causing erosion. When finished, the grower will be able to farm through the ditch. The TerraFormer carries a list price of $129,000.  |  Ag Shield photo

Gentle gradual drains from TerraFormer

Although conventional scrapers are still the predominant machines for drainage, new field ditching concepts have fostered a new breed of dirt moving implements: V-Wing, Pulldozer and Ag Shield’s new TerraFormer. The new concept machines use large adjustable blades to pull soil from one point to another in a continuous smooth line. Farmers and operators who […] Read more

The DJI Matrice 200 series is a large drone that flies with two batteries on the back and has a FPV camera on the front that gives the pilot their position. It also has two gimbals attachments called sky ports where a multitude of different cameras can be attached.  |  DJI photo

Remote and autonomous small aircraft make crop scouting personal

The market for drones, sensors, and agronomic software that quickly turns images into actionable intelligence is racing forward at a breakneck speed. It’s difficult to know which systems will save agronomists or producers time and provide a return on investment, so Glacier FarmMedia had Markus Weber provide a presentation during Farm Forum. Webber heads up […] Read more

The crop on the left, planted with spring downforce, produced the top cob at 134.68 bushels per acre. Therop on the right, planted with AgLeader hydraulic SureForce, produced the lower cob at 139.80 bushels per acre. The SureForce benefit was 5.128 bushels per acre. The field was located in northwestern Iowa.  |  Ag Leader photo

Big force, delicate balance, 5-bu. benefit

SureForce hydraulics balance 1,000 pounds down force with 350 pounds uplift and leaves seed just right

Hydraulic depth control has been available on planters for a decade, but they’re seldom installed, despite the fact that field trials give hydraulics a five-bushel benefit over spring-type down force. In a recent side-by-side trial in Iowa, a dozen strips planted with an Ag Leader SureForce hydraulic system averaged 5.128 bu. better than the adjacent […] Read more

Rocky Mountain Equipment’s chair and president want to buy out their shareholders.  | File photo

Dealership plans vote on privatization plan

Shareholders of Rocky Mountain Equipment are set to vote in mid-December on a proposal to take the company private

On Dec. 17, Rocky Mountain Equipment shareholders get the chance to approve or deny an inside bid to buy them out and take the company private. It’s a $7 per share offer from AcquireCo, an entity controlled by RME chair Matthew Campbell and RME president and chief executive officer Garrett Ganden. That’s a 26.8 percent […] Read more