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Sask. investment funds have invested in Degelman Industries. | File photo

Sask. investment funds invest in Degelman Industries

Two local investment funds have invested in Regina-based Degelman Industries. Golden Opportunities Fund Inc., in syndication with Westcap MBO II Investment LP, announced the investment Jan. 16 but didn’t immediately release any financial details. Westcap Mgt. Ltd. of Saskatoon manages both funds. Degelman has been in business since 1962 and markets extensively around the world. […] Read more

Court documents indicate Morris is carrying higher than usual inventory values that its credit facilities can't accommodate. It also faced significant unforeseen warranty costs with its Quantum Drill, introduced in 2018. | File photo

Morris Industries receives creditor protection

A Saskatoon judge has granted the Morris Group, including its mainstay Morris Industries, financial protection from its creditors. According to court documents, the company applied for protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act while it undertakes a restructuring plan. The affidavit filed by chief operating officer Kevin Adair said Morris after its 2017 restructuring “undertook […] Read more

Farmers have different approaches toward technology depending upon their general approach to farming, including whether they are risk-maximizers or risk-minimizers, as well as how long they intend to keep farming. | File photo

When should farmers embrace new tech?

When should you embrace the bold technologies that promise to transform your farm? “Figure out when they pay,” says Kansas State University agricultural economist Terry Griffin. That simple approach isn’t easy to apply, with multiple ways of assessing a technology’s return on investment, but it helps simplify the anxiety some farmers experience when they are […] Read more

Older farmers have been quick to embrace auto steering even though they are much less enthusiastic than millennial generation farmers about adopting other kinds of today’s cutting-edge technologies.
 | File photo

What motivates farmers to upgrade their tech?

Millennials are keener than their baby boomer parents to adopt new technologies. Except for automated steering for farm machinery. Why would that be? Unravelling that mystery revealed much to Kansas State University agricultural economist Terry Griffin about the complexities of technology adoption on today’s farms. Related story: When should farmers embrace new tech? “What’s the […] Read more

The VeriGrain sampler automatically collects grain from the auger’s flow.  |  Verigrain illustration

New sample system runs via bluetooth

Grain sampling systems provide a representative sample, traceability, and enable real-time analysis of grain

The standard scoop on a stick-sampling technique may soon be a thing of the past with VeriGrain’s launch of its 300 series automated sampling and data management system during Crop Production Week in Saskatoon. VeriGrain is a subsidiary of Intellicon. However, Intellicon chief executive officer Ken Jackson said VeriGrain is significant enough to warrant its […] Read more

Can farm equipment truly be sustainable?

A Manitoba farmer asks, “how sustainable is my five-year old German combine that’s maybe still functional for another decade, but now it’s junk because I can’t find a replacement electronic panel?” And sure enough, the panel he needed was nowhere to be found. Every scrapped Claas had already long ago been stripped of this particular […] Read more

The SmartCore autonomous robot averages 110 acres per hour on a 2.5 acre grid with eight six-inch cores, with an accuracy of an 1/8 of an inch 100 percent of the time.  |  Troy Fiechter photo

Robotic soil sampler is slow but consistent

The autonomous SmartCore is not just another agricultural robot — it should also be considered an agronomic tool

Try pulling six-inch cores from 100,000 acres on 2.5-acre grids with just four machines. It happened this fall, thanks to the autonomous SmartCore robot that samples 110 acres per hour. The machine was developed by two Purdue University engineering students, Troy Fiechter and Drew Schumacher. Once out of college, they turned their engineering project into […] Read more

At up to 400 horsepower, the GridCON from John Deere is a few cable lengths closer to reality in the field. Deere’s autonomous platform relies on plenty of extension cord, not unlike some mining equipment, to get it back and forth in the field.  |  John Deere photo

Are we ready for electric tractors?

Car and truck manufacturers are falling off the fossil fuel bandwagon in droves and jumping on the electric train. Now add tractors to that list. Every month, another e-tractor announcement comes across our desks. Environmental factors drive this trend, along with energy efficiency, lower maintenance, lower noise level and motor longevity. There are more e-tractors […] Read more

An autonomous farming study at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, uses a robotic tractor and drill to seed winter wheat, spring barley, and fababeans. | Photo supplied by James Lowenberg-DeBoer

Robotic farming project focuses on swarms

The Hands Free Hectare project in Britain finds that many small robots may work better than larger, manned machinery

A study of autonomous farming at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, found that swarm farming with many small robots may be more efficient than farming with larger, manned machinery. “The initial economic analysis suggests that robots could cut the cost of producing wheat in the United Kingdom by 10 to 15 percent compared to […] Read more