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The Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. announced the show, formerly Canada's Farm Progress Show, would be held June 16 and 17 online with free access. | Screencap via Twitter/@canadasfarmshow

Regina farm show goes virtual

Canada’s Farm Show will return in an online format this summer after being cancelled last year due to the pandemic. The Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. announced the show, formerly Canada’s Farm Progress Show, would be held June 16 and 17 online with free access. The first day will feature the show’s pillars, innovation and state […] Read more

Cervus Equipment works on the Smart Farm at Olds College during last year’s harvest. | Olds College photo

Smart Farm helps make high-tech agriculture a reality

Olds College is showing how computers will revolutionize the way modern prairie agriculture is about to be carried out

A computer control room isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when people think of farming, but Stuart Cullum says such technology is already sort of here. “I mean, a lot of what’s happening on the farm can be seen on a computer in a control room, so to speak — a person […] Read more

The autonomous FarmWise Titan FT35 analyzes the contents of a field and then makes choices about which plants should be there and mechanically eliminates any that shouldn't.  |  FarmWise photo

More farm robots on the horizon

Small companies and startups are having the biggest initial impact as work on autonomous platforms continues

The march of the robots into agricultural fields continues. Major OEMs are well into the development of autonomous platforms, but the relatively small companies and startups are having the biggest initial impact. The electric utility tractor by Monarch will be available to Canadian farmers this year and it has interesting autonomous capability that may turn […] Read more

The NutriScan reading soil in the field.  |  NutriScan photo

Putting it all on the bench and in the field

Chemical, biological and physical soil properties vary considerably in space and time, and they need to be closely monitored to have the best chance at a good fertilizer response. So it’s not surprising that so much energy is devoted to developing new products and techniques that assist fertility programs, considering the eye-popping amount of money […] Read more

The Pattison Connect has a 120-foot boom and some of the lates technology  including turn compensation, individual nozzle control, and a recirculating boom system.  |  Pattison photo

Pulling it around could be bottom line win

For all but fungicide or desiccating tall crops, a pull-type sprayer can have a role on many large, prairie grain operations

A few advanced pull-type sprayers have come onto the Canadian market recently, but do they still fit prairie crop production? The transition to self-propelled sprayers has already occurred on most farms, but these new pull-type sprayers are far more capable compared to what your grandpa used to pull. Application expert Tom Wolf said some of […] Read more

With 36 cameras and up to a 120 foot steel boom, the new See and Spray option on Deere's latest sprayers can reduce burn-off spray use by more than 75 percent. The machines are limited to 12 miles per hour for application accuracy. From the time a camera sees a weed it is 200 milliseconds until spray is applied to it.  |  John Deere photo

See and Spray springs from river of technical invention

New release is a downstream effect of Deere’s investment in Blue River application-technology company four years ago

Find a weed and kill it. Ignore the crop and don’t waste any resources on non-pests. It’s easy to do strolling through a field with a hoe or spray nozzle in hand. Doing it over five- or 10-thousand acres in a tight time window is a bigger job. Blue River Technology sprang from an idea […] Read more

Deere has a new integrated tractor and planter unit, pairing 1,000 gallons of on-board liquid with 600 installed on the planter. A new 130 bushel seed tank can mean up to 80 acres between filling, applying 20 gallons of fertilizer.  |  John Deere photo

Deere upgrades its seeding and power offerings

More power with heavier frames and additional ballast and new features for seeding are available in 2022 machines

Model year 2022 will see key improvements to the John Deere lineup of farm machinery. Air seeding rigs are getting better blockage monitoring, more cab adjustments and faster changing tools in soil. John Deere announced last week that all of its air seeding units would get the RelativeFlow blockage monitoring. The system reports variations in […] Read more

High global demand coupled with low equipment inventories prompted MacDon to hire more than 300 new workers at their Winnipeg plant.  |  MacDon photo

MacDon adds 300 production jobs, including third shift

The company could not stand still listening to opportunity knock, looking for new and more precise farm equipment

MacDon is adding more than 300 new jobs to its main manufacturing plant in Winnipeg. The increase will facilitate the addition of a third shift at the farm equipment factory. “This means good paycheques going into 300 Winnipeg households,” said business development vice-president Gene Fraser in a phone interview. “The jobs will be in fabrication, […] Read more

The AgXeed robot tractor doesn’t have any on-board decision making capability. It instead uses RTK GPS to guide it through pre-planned routes including headland turns and it will alert operators if it runs into problems.  |  |  AgXeed photo

Autonomous tractor captures imagination

Small machinery putting in big hours with little supervision offers farmers productivity opportunities

Dutch start-up AgXeed is developing crop production technologies that will enable farmers to perform real-world tasks through an online portal similar to a video game. Philipp Kamps, marketing manager of AgXeed said the company is creating a system that uses a digital twin of a farm where missions for autonomous equipment are created. A digital […] Read more

Don’t forget to inspect the rubber track itself. Look for any loose or missing internal guide lugs and external treads and pay special attention to any cuts or rips in the rubber that expose the inner steel cords.  Once the cording has been exposed, but not visibly damaged, it’s important to have the track repaired as quickly as possible before the damage impacts the structural integrity of the track itself. If the track’s structure has not been compromised, check with your dealer or manufacturer for repair options.  These repairs can entail replacement of the inner guide lugs and exterior lugs or fixing cuts tears or rips in the tread itself. Consult the machine’s manual to confirm the exact steps required when making adjustments to your track system. Track maintenance should not be considered a daunting task.  |  Soucy photo

Maintaining the tracks improves life and performance for the long haul

There is a common misconception that track systems increase maintenance time and costs, companies say no

Track systems built for agriculture applications have come a long way during the past decade, but as with anything, they require maintenance. There used to be a larger variety of styles of tracked machines equipment manufacturers sold to farmers and they each had different maintenance demands. Now though, most track systems are similar. “Most of […] Read more