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Norbert Beaujot of SeedMaster designed and built DOT, the autonymous farming platform. Last week he sold his remaining interest in the system to Raven Industries.  |  Michael Raine photo

Raven buys DOT with plans for expansion

Prairies autonomous farm tool finds a new home in the Dakotas, one with global reach and a growing stable

Raven Industries is now the sole owner of DOT. Norbert Beaujot is taking in the big view from his farm in southern Saskatchewan and of the future of the autonomous farming platform. “As a family, we couldn’t take on putting DOT where it needed to be by ourselves,” said the founder and owner of SeedMaster […] Read more

The various versions of GuardBot range in size from six-inches in diameter all the way up to seven feet. But it's always round, except for the two clear pods which can contain ground penetrating radar and geologic testing equipment to collect subsurface data. On land it rolls along at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. In water it splashes along at three m.p.h. It can move forward or backward and make 360 degree spins.  It can operate continuously for up to 25 hours on one charge. |  Aquiline photo

Mars’ loss is our Earth’s gain

When we think drones, we envision UAV fixed-wing or rotary flying devices. Well, there’s now a UAV rolling ball that’s equally comfortable travelling across land, water or the Martian countryside. Meet GuardBot, a spherical drone that doesn’t fly. It rolls across the surface of the Earth or across water gathering data using sensors, including those […] Read more

The John Deere sprayer attachment for the VoloDrone has a nine-meter boom, two product tanks and a pump. Volocopter estimates it will be able to spray up to 13 acres per hour.  |  Robin Booker photo

Spray drone with payloads up to 200 kg.

Hannover, Germany — Volocopter built upon its passenger helicopter technology to develop a cargo drone that has agricultural applications. The Volocopter is a German two-seat multi-rotor electric air vehicle designed for passenger air travel in an urban environment. The company displayed its VoloDrone Demonstrator fit with John Deere spraying technology in John Deer’s future technology […] Read more

The Ground King has a whole new type of tread pattern. Combining the best features of lug patterns and block type patterns, it breaks the old pattern of compromising either field properties or highway comfort and endurance.  |  Matti Immonen/Nokian photo

Nokian introduces new technology for ag tires

The Nokian Tyre company is introducing two new tires to Canada. The Ground King is a multi-use tire for road and field. The Tractor King is for heavy-duty field work. A multi-use implement can create a good financial return if it finds a variety of different uses. A mid-range tractor, for example, can be kept […] Read more

The new Farmall A series tractors come standard with a 12x12 clutch-less power shuttle transmission. Cab models have a high-visibility roof panel allowing the operator to perform loader tasks such as  stacking big bales.  |  Case IH photo

Eliminate engine regeneration for big-little tractors

Farmall FPT engines trash diesel particulate filters and regeneration, retain emissions standards, efficiency

Case has upped the horsepower rating on their new lineup of Farmall A series chore tractors, eliminating the nuisance of engine regeneration. The announcement affects 95A, 105A and 115A tractors. The new models provide the horsepower and a group of standard features designed to fit the needs of beef and dairy operations, plus specialty operations […] Read more

The new 4M tractors come standard with an eHydro transmission, TwinTouch pedals, eThrottle,  LoadMatch, MotionMatch, SpeedMatch, Cruise Control and Category I/II Hitch.  |  Jeff Barger/John Deere photo

New JD 4M packed with useful technology out of the box

John Deere has launched two new 4M heavy-duty compact chore tractors with power output ratings from 52 to 66 horsepower, plus a truckload of useful technologies at no extra charge. Deere’s three-range eHydro transmission with Twin Touch pedals provides easy direction changes. The eHydro transmission also includes eThrottle, LoadMatch, MotionMatch and SpeedMatch systems along with […] Read more

Norbert Beaujot has sold his remaining interest in the DOT to Raven Industries.  |  Michael Raine photo

Raven buys DOT

Raven Industries is now the sole owner of DOT. Norbert Beaujot is taking in the big view from his farm in southern Saskatchewan ahead of the seeding season. And of the future for the autonomous farming platform, DOT. “As a family, we couldn’t take-on putting DOT where it needed to be by ourselves,” said the […] Read more

Farm auctions can play a big role in cash flow and are shifting to internet bidding.  |  File photo

Virus fosters auctions without farmers

Ag implement manufacturers, dealers and prairie farmers are predicting declining sales of new equipment in 2020, meaning that a lot of used iron will be swapping places this year. Agricultural equipment sales across North America is widely expected to be down again this year. As reported in The Western Producer four months ago, two-wheel drive […] Read more

Manitoba farmer John Nikkel says farming with older equipment for the past 40 years hasn’t been a matter of choice. It’s been a matter of economic necessity. For combines, he runs a pair of TR98s from 1998.  |  John Nikkel photo

Farm profitability improving through the use of older equipment

The average American farmer has $170,000 tied up in unused used equipment. These implements are too good to scrap and they’re left sitting around in farm yards, losing value every month. That figure comes from BigIron Auctions in Nebraska, and is based on a university study carried out in the United States Midwest several years […] Read more

The vertical contouring toolbar flexes up and down as much as 66 inches to follow the contour of the field and ensure the row units properly engage with the soil.  The sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height.  |  Agco photo

Momentum seen in quest for better seed placement

Competition in the planter market is rolling faster as Agco introduces its revolutionary new Fendt Momentum to help overcome conditions that challenge uniform emergence. Row croppers know an evenly emerged, picket-fence plant stand is the critical first step for optimum yields, despite the many agronomic and operational challenges beyond their control. Agco says they have […] Read more