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The V-Wings spread out to pull soil into a wide shallow ditch that prevents water erosion.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Ditch digging soars to new depths

LANGHAM, Sask. — Indications are we’re heading into dry soil this autumn. On a slightly brighter note, this creates a window to catch up on drainage in preparation for the next wet year. This year’s Ag in Motion field demonstrations near Saskatoon featured three different styles of drainage machines including rotary, tile and a big […] Read more

Now with 24 inches of moisture this season, the Woolliams farm in the foothills near Calgary has a few ruts to fix. But running a single sprayer on a 9,000 acre operation appears to work.  |  Michael Raine photo

New sprayer technology and size helps address application challenges

A cold dry season turns wetter, and wetter, and wetter, slowing application processes, eventually requiring aerial

“Spraying? It was long. It was drawn-out,” said Larry Woolliams. The Airdrie, Alta., farmer started the year with late and cold conditions, a bit short of moisture and staring down 9,000 acres of land to crop to seed this spring. With a new sprayer this year, he was hoping for the best, “but you always […] Read more

 Farmers with a lot of hills will appreciate the fact that Agri-Spread is one of the few spreaders built with steerable axles for better following on side slopes and less scrubbing in the headlands. | Ron Lyseng photo

Surface spread nutrients precisely in hi-tech mode

If you didn’t make it out to the Ag in Motion outdoor farm show this summer, don’t despair. Here, we examine eight precision applicators that made an appearance in AIM field demonstrations:

LANGHAM, Sask. — Field demonstrations are one of the main features at the Ag in Motion (AIM) outdoor farm show that attract more farmers every year. This year, growers saw eight of the latest precision nutrient spreading machines in action. The key word here is “precision.” Not long ago, you would never have heard the […] Read more

Robert Saik, chief executive officer of DOT, an autonomous farm technology company, shows off its 100 percent automated seed drill at the Ag in Motion site during the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region summit in Saskatoon in July.  |  Harrison Brooks photo

Challenges mount as food demand soars: Saik

Chief executive officer of DOT Autonomous Farm Technology says the pressure on food exporting countries is enormous

“If you want to know who I am, this is who I am,” says Robert Saik, as he points to a screen displaying the chromosomal complex that makes up his genome. “If you want to go deeper we can go into the genes inside of my genome sequence and know if I’m susceptible to any […] Read more

Letter outlines 16 countries complaints against EU over pesticide approach.  |  Michael Raine photo

Backlash erupts over European pesticide regulations

When it comes to climate change and human rights, Europeans sometimes view themselves as moral authorities for the world. They now appear to be taking a similar approach to pesticides as the European Union tries to impose its rules on the rest of the globe, and at least 16 agricultural exporting countries are voicing complaints. […] Read more

Olena Peleshok, left, and Victoriia Shebanova of Lozova Machinery in Ukraine show off their Ducat compact disc harrow at the Ag in Motion farm show in Langham, Sask.  |  Michael Raine photo

Ukrainian machinery maker exports to Canada

Company builds on 20 years of farm machinery with tools for the Canadian market, based on similar crops and conditions

LANGHAM, Sask. — Canada and Ukraine are a lot alike. The two countries share many of the same growing conditions and Ukrainian farmers grow a lot of the same crops and livestock as their Canadian counterparts, so the machinery from each can be a good fit. Often Canadian producers think about Canadian air-seeding and swathing […] Read more

The GFM Discovery Farm is a 640-acre property dedicated to agricultural events and demonstration plots near Langham, Sask.  |  Robin Booker photo

Farm media group builds Discovery Farm

A new concept helps farmers discover agricultural innovations in a hands-on manner. The Glacier Farmmedia Discovery Farm was announced by company president Bob Willcox during the 2019 Ag In Motion innovation ceremonies in Saskatoon. The GFM Discovery Farm is a 640-acre property dedicated to agricultural events and demonstration plots near Langham, Sask., which Willcox said […] Read more

At the Field of Excellence demonstration, seen by producers during the Ag in Motion farm show, 140 acres of canola was seeded, half with a Morris Quantum air seeder and the other half was seeded with a Horsch planter.  |  Michael Raine photo

Plot trials measure value of seed treatments

A planter provides slightly higher canola emergence compared to an air drill but the difference may be erased by a seed treatment, based on initial results of demonstration plot trials near Langham, Sask. The Field of Excellence trial plot is a 380-acre space dedicated to field-scale and small-scale demonstration plots. It is a place where […] Read more

Larry Desaulniers, left, and Pierre Grimard from Ste. Anne’s, Man., have been rebuilding an old grain cart.  |  Ed White photo

Threshermen’s Reunion thrives on volunteers

Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s annual event is a gathering place for like-minded people preserving prairie heritage

AUSTIN, Man. — There are a lot more people volunteering at this week’s Threshermen’s Reunion than live in the nearby village of Austin. And the thousands who will throng to the event this week vastly outnumber the population of farmers and rural people living hereabouts. That’s the mystery of the reunion: how does it find […] Read more

Amazone’s ZG-TS spreader comes in two tank sizes, with 7,500 or 10,000 litre hoppers and an optional steerable axle, to avoid ruts in the headlands.  |  Michael Raine photo

Fertilizer delivery made quickly

Amazone’s trailed spreader gets fertilizer to ground quickly and accurately with variable rate control

REGINA — With a spread width up to 54 metres and operational speeds of up to 30 km-h, the Amazone ZG-TS trailed spreader is capable of quickly getting product to the ground. “The capacity is about 1,700 pounds per minute. That means you can spread a big amount in pounds per acre and still drive […] Read more