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Fifty Ontario farmers showed up at Haggerty Creek Ag Services last week for a demonstration of the new Raven OmniDrive autonomous tractor. Raven dealer Chuck Baresich said it was “plenty weird” to drive his combine and have a driverless tractor pull-up alongside. | Haggerty Creek Ag Services photo

Raven ready to roll on with OmniDrive

Farmers can not-drive the driver-less tractor at farm shows but they can see the advantages of doing it

Raven demoed their OmniDrive autonomous technology, installed on a Case Magnum, at this month’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. It gave farmers a chance to experience hands-off driving first-hand. Titan demonstrated the OmniDrive at the Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, N.D. this week. As the company shows off the system to producers they […] Read more

Raven’s OmniDrive is a real-life autonomous system for tractors and combines.  It’s programmed to automatically pick up the combine at optimal points in the field and shuttle the load to the road.  All this without a driver.  |  Raven photo

And they shoved that thing into OmniDrive

After decades of speculation, the first truly autonomous grain cart tractor is here and put to a farmers’ test

The first Canadian OmniDrive field demo took place Sept. 8 when a group of about 50 farmers got together at Haggerty Creek Agricultural Services, the Raven dealer near Bothwell, Ont. Haggerty Creek co-owner Chuck Baresich admitted that his initial grain cart encounters while driving the combine were weird. “The first thing I learned was that […] Read more

MK1 Engineering has built a prototype four-row planter to test the AeroTube technology and used it to plant corn plots in six Midwestern states this spring. The company is working to increase planting speed from three to five miles per hour (five to eight kilometres per hour). | MK1 Engineering photo

Aerospace know-how focused on seeding

System delivers corn seed tip-first into the row to capture more yield potential and improve weed control

Keith Strang and Mitch Dille had just finished a project in the aerospace industry and were thinking about starting their own company but they needed a problem to solve. Dille, also a farmer, discovered one at a local trade show. A world-record corn grower mentioned a need for a system capable of planting corn seed […] Read more

Larger tires, larger tanks and wider frame, now 54 feet, puts the newest Horsch seeder into broadacre territory.  |  Horsch photo

Horsch adds new Avatar M drill to expand range

Horsch has expanded its precision drill range with the addition of the new Avatar M line model with a 54-foot working width. The company already has numerous Avatar direct drills working across the world from Australia to central Europe amd North America, with working widths of 36-feet, so this one offers extra capacity. This M […] Read more

In response to growing public concern over farmers’ use of fertilizer, Lemken has  introduced the MicroHub 5 applicator that spreads microgranules directly into the seed row. | Lemken photo

Lemken MicroHub 5 adds microgranules

The latest version of the Azurit MicroHub 5 precision drill is now capable of applying microgranules in addition to soybeans and sunflower seeds. MicroHub 5 addresses increased public environmental concerns. As fertilizer efficiency generates increased public attention, Lemken has increased their research and development into more efficient fertilizer equipment. The MicroHub 5 is the latest […] Read more

Rogators are now green, and have an optional chassis lift that provides up to 76 inches of clearance between the ground and the bottom of the frame. |  Agco/Paul D'Andrea photo

Rogator changes colour, adds features

The new Rogator lineup parts ways with Agco branding in favour of Fendt colours, but there are also a few new features beyond the facelift. For instance, the chassis now has a hydraulic lift that helps users spray both tall and low crops. Paul Haefner is an Agco Rogator marketing specialist, and he said the […] Read more

Bear Flag Robotics provides retrofited autonomous solutions for existing machinery. This Deere tractor is performing post-harvest tillage on a Californaia farm.  |  John Deere photo

Deere raises a green flag over robotics company

Deere acquired Bear Flag Robotics, expanding the farm equipment company’s labour reduction technology platform

Farming is a game of timing, precision activities and work, in its most fundamental form. Important stuff has to get done on time and machines can be really good at that stuff, especially when there aren’t enough skilled people around. That is an over-simplified version of what San Francisco’s Bear Flag Robotics has been developing. […] Read more

The W200 series of self-propelled windrowers are now offered with an “economical” cab option. A new control called TouchSet on the joystick is available, letting operators adjust windrow widths on the go. |  John Deere/Steve Dolan photo

New tools right sized for operations

John Deere W200 series self-propelled windrowers were updated this summer with a new cab, a lower horsepower option and they can provide wider windrows than previous models. “Historically, we’ve had a W235R and a W260R. What we’ve done is we updated those two models, but we’ve also added a W200M and a W235M. So, 200 […] Read more

The MF 8S tractor, shown at Cheney, Kansas, was released during the American Farm Progress show in Illinois last week. The new series, replacing the 7700, has a optional Dyna-7 powershift transmission, which is new to Agco. The large-frame machines keep the Fendt 7.4 litre engines of the previous models.  |  Massey Ferguson photo

Massey Ferguson makes changes to tractors

The 8S series, which replaces the company’s 7700S large frame tractors, features improved transmission and quieter cab

Massey Ferguson launched its 8S tractor series that comes with an improved transmission and quieter cab. The 8S replaces the 7700 S large frame Massey tractors, and is offered in a 205-horsepower, 225-hp, 245-hp and 265-hp models. In the future, a 305-hp model is expected to be available. Adam Sills, a tractor specialist at Massey […] Read more

The John Deere 800R Floater is equipped with the same cab that’s used in the company's sprayers and 8R tractors. It also comes with a standard hydraulic pump that powers the New Leader dry-bins and Hagie liquid applicators, which makes switching between the units much easier.  |  John Deere photo.

Float material onto the fields wet or dry

John Deere has a new floater on the market that’s more comfortable and easier to switch between dry and liquid application equipment compared its previous offering. Franklin Peitz, John Deere product marketing manager, said the 800R Floater can also cover more acres in a day compared to the model it replaces, the John Deere F4365. […] Read more