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The Väderstad Crosscutter’s unique discs are designed for shallow tillage, mulching crop residues and activating weed seeds while conserving moisture.  |  Michael Robin photo

Swedish disc offers new approach to seed bed prep

A new variation on the familiar disc tackles the challenges of managing crop residues, volunteers, and weeds, while also preparing the seed bed for a crop. “Has anyone seen a disc that looks like this before?” said Philip Korczak, holding up a steel disc with a wildly serrated edge. Korczak, regional manager for Väderstad Industries, […] Read more

Because it’s designed to supply it’s own light wave length, Weed-it does not depend on the sun. It accurately identifies plants at night, in a dust storm, heavy rain or in perfect bring sunshine. This gives producers a chance to stay on schedule at seeding time.  |  Weed-it photo

When spot-spraying came of age

For decades, researchers and entrepreneurs have been trying to offer farmers a system to reduce chemical application by targeting specific plants in the field. Spot-spraying looked like it was coming our way in the early 1990s when Australian inventor Grant Yates visited Western Canada to demonstrate and sell his Southern Precision Weedseeker. He sold a […] Read more

Specialty has worked closely with the big OEMs to ensure the Millennium boom can install on any brand sprayer. This unit is also equipped with a Weed-it spot spray system from Croplands Equipment in Alberta. |  Specialty Enterprises photo

No weld cracks on this aluminum boom

Farmers with aluminum spray booms say benefits outweigh the drawback. That drawback, of course, is cracked welds. Once cracking commences, it plagues the boom until it’s finally sold for scrap. The key to building an aluminum boom that doesn’t crack is to put the welds in non-stressed zones. All hinge points are fitted with rod […] Read more

Folded, the Sniper is a narrow track, high capacity sprayer that can navigate the tightest of drives and roads.  |  Pattison photo

From DOT to pull-type, 120 foot sprayer finds new platform

Connect’s sprayer system for the autonomous farming platform 
is being offered as a loaded, pull-type applicator

Connect built its first sprayer for the DOT agricultural robot in 2018. It was fit with a 120-foot boom and the most advanced spray technology available, including turn compensation, individual nozzle control, and a recirculating boom. Tim Pattison of Connect said their team often heard from farmers that they like the sprayer, but they were […] Read more

Supply and demand for used farm equipemnt is levelling out say sellers. A former glut of gear and devalued used markets might be behind the ag industry for now.  | File photo

Used equipment steady-to-strong, with levelling

The used farm equipment market in Western Canada has been relatively unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ritchie Brothers recently published its used equipment market trends summary that looks at the volume and price of equipment that ran through its North American auctions in the first two quarters of this year. Jordan Clarke of Ritchie Brothers […] Read more

Many farmers have bought stripper headers over the years because they allow the combine to process more grain, but with less abuse on the combine itself.   A good example is Ryan Boyds Shelbourne CVS32 on his old 1680, which incidentally, finally quit running this year.  | Ryan Boyd/ South Glanton Farms photo

Stripper headers could be on the way back

There is a lower-cost alternative to buying a new swather or a bigger combine; a header that leaves most the plant behind

As the practice of desiccation tumbles into our history books, prairie crop production will dramatically change forever. Farmers are considering flipping that heavy investment in straight-cut headers into swathers. However, a few farmers are bucking that trend. Instead of buying new swathers, they’re instead buying stripper headers. Shelbourne Reynolds Stripper headers were introduced to the […] Read more

There will be a limited release of the Horsch Leeb 6.300 VL sprayer in Canada next year. The 120-foot sprayer uses Raven’s Hawkeye 2 nozzle control system that supports a nozzle every 10 inches.  |  Mike Wasylyniuk photo

European sprayer gets North American drift

Big booms, big tank, adjustable track and 10-inch, PMW nozzle spacing running less than a foot from the ground

Horsch has produced self-propelled sprayers that met road-width restrictions in European markets for years. Now, its recent offering comes with adjustable axle widths and frame height that will help the company compete in the North American market where big sprayers cover more acres. The company has big plans for expanding into Canada and the United […] Read more

The Massey Ferguson 1800M and 2800M series of compact tractors have new turbocharged, Iseki diesel engines and now look like the rest of the Massey Ferguson tractor line up.  |  Agco photo

Little tractors making big waves for machinery companies

Two new versions of Agco’s Massey Ferguson tiny tractors offer premium options seen on bigger machines

Farm machinery companies have been weathering a slower period of sales in the past couple of seasons, but small tractors have been a big hit with buyers. Meeting those demands has seen Agco announce a premium range of Massey Ferguson compact tractors, the 1800M and 2800M, that replaced the 1700 and the 2700 series. “Anything […] Read more

The Topsoil Mapper is a magnetic-induction based soil sensor that can measure how deep a hardpan layer is and automatically control deep ripping operations to prevent unnecessary tillage. The sensor is mounted on the tractor's front, three-point hitch in this application.  |  Geoprospectors photos

Field sensing on the fly gets option

Austrian company puts Topsoil Mapper, magnetic induction sensor to work on North American farm fields

An Austria-based soil-sensor startup is taking another run at the North American market, but this time it offers an automatic tillage control feature for deep ripping. The Topsoil Mapper built by Geoprospectors first came to Canada in 2018 branded by Pessl Instruments as the Field Scan, but that project failed to fully deliver. North American […] Read more

The Raven Hawkeye 2 increases flow capactiy and allowes for lower frequencies for appplications that are slower and lower to the ground.  |  Raven photo

Taking the pulse of the field and delivering the goods

Raven’s new PWM system puts more product on and allows for slow-moving sprayers with bigger booms

Raven rolled out a new pulse width modulation (PWM) nozzle control system called the Hawkeye 2 that supports wider sprayers, higher rates and is easier for operators to manage compared to its predecessor. “From a software and user interface standpoint we’ve really simplified things for the operator in the cab to be able to change […] Read more