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Cadman of Courtland, Ont., debuted its Contineous Manure Applicator in Hannover last month. The unit holds 800 metres of line, allowing for long runs of application.  |  Chris McCullough photo

New livestock technology unveiled

EuroTier, the big German livestock show, once again delivered some of the most innovative ideas in animal agriculture

The future of farming will be based on automation, robotics and farming by your phone, according to exhibitors at the latest EuroTier show in Germany. About 155,000 farmers attended EuroTier 2018 in Hannover, Germany, this year, classed as the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, organized by the German Agricultural Society, DLG. This time […] Read more

The 1.8 metre square spider-shaped robot folds up compactly and unfurls to provide farmers with a driverless drill.  |  Small Robot Company photo

Harry the robot is ready for action planting crops

A British agritech start-up company has unveiled its latest robot for planting crops that it says will revolutionize farming. Based in Shropshire, the Small Robot Company has unveiled its digital planting robot, called Harry, and previewed an early version of its Wilma Artificial Intelligence interface. Harry is a prototype of the world’s first digital drilling […] Read more

The tractor pressurizes the closed-circuit hydralics on the Terraland and then the operator closes the valve. After that, the twin accumulators, shown in blue, handle all hydraulics.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Subsoiling, done the Czech way

Terraland helps farmers maximize their subsoil disruption by using triple angle chisel teeth tips and sharp blades

LANGHAM, Sask. — It’s been a while since prairie farmers have seen a new subsoiler, which explains why Bednar brought its brand new Terraland chisel plough to the Ag In Motion show this past summer. Terraland’s role is to disrupt layers of compressed soil, Bednar’s Juraj Skolka said while standing next to the bright yellow, […] Read more

The new Precision Disk 500DS is a one-pass air drill for simultaneous seeding and fertilizing, with a fixed seed-fertilizer relationship.  |  CNH photo

One-pass seeding with two-inch separation

A new knife guarantees safe separation 
of seed and fertilizer when using the Precision Disk drill from Case

Case has delivered a new one-pass seed-fertilizer disc drill this fall. After several years of producing the Precision Disk single shoot 500, and many producer questions about a single pass drill version, CNH has delivered a double-shoot option on the machine. The new DS is based on the existing series of Precision Disk drills already […] Read more

Agco’s Till Control system enables operators to monitor and adjust the fore and aft-frame as well as the hydraulic lift system from the cab.  |  Agco photo

Tillage tools reflect need for precision, speed

From electronics to steel, the latest releases in tillage equipment are helping producers turn soil right

Higher capacity and more options when it comes to setting tillage tools have become the latest trend in soil management. For the coming year, Deere and Sunflower tillage gear are getting new tools that meet this demand. John Deere has the new 2680H, a high-speed disc that is capable of 10 to 14 miles per […] Read more

The Pillar Disc Hoe Drill offers robust ground engagement along with precision seed placement and higher operating speeds. The 18-inch disc cuts through heavy trash, while the hoe delivers consistent placement and capacity for the double-shoot system.  |  Michael Raine photo

Hybrid, 18-inch, disc-hoe opener offers speed with precision

LANGHAM, Sask. — Pillar recently released a cast-steel-constructed opener that’s more rigid and has better trash clearance compared to its previous offering. The Mark 3 is a double-shoot opener that’s a hybrid between a disc and hoe opener. “We have a disc that runs up front cutting a deep trench and moving the soil. Then […] Read more

The machines are custom built, but this one is set up as a 60-foot-wide single tool bar that sits on tracks and has been fitted with a commodity and liquid tank on the planter’s main frame. The tank holds about 100 bushels of on-frame storage of seed, which is usually enough for corn or canola.“You can get 200 acres of corn in, no problem, and canola you can go for days. But when it comes to soybeans that works out to be about an 80-acre fill. But in Western Canada, a lot of our fields are much, much bigger than that,” Frank Prince said.  |  Robin Booker photo

Customized planter handles the really big jobs

Broad-acre, seed-singulating seed unit combines the productivity of an air drill and the accuracy of a planter

Growers have been vexed by a difficult choice for decades. The tradeoff between the productivity of an air drill and the accuracy of a planter. For broad-acre growers in Western Canada, a large one-pass system capable of applying a massive amount of fertilizer and seed between fills seems an obvious choice. But the in-the-row spacing, […] Read more

Josh Lade drives his John Deere S680 combine with the Seed Terminator installed near Osler, Sask. |  Josh Lade photo

Seed terminator installed on combine

An Australian now farming in Canada is using the hammer mill to reduce his dependence on herbicide applications

A Saskatchewan producer brought in a Seed Terminator from Down Under to test its pulverizing abilities on prairie weed seeds this harvest. “Nick Berry, who is also my first cousin, invented it,” said Josh Lade. “We were both pretty apprehensive on how it was going to go, like the tough conditions are a lot different […] Read more

The new Haulmaster is 16 inches lower than previous models. It replaces the belt drive with a gearbox and has a new gentle hydraulic system for the auger fold/unfold. Although 95 percent of the carts sold by Elmer’s have the rubber track system, there has been surprisingly little interest in the hydraulic drive option.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

High-tech Haulmaster takes data on-the-go

Thousands of hours of testing went into this data-gathering GPS cart that tracks grain from combine to storage

The new generation Haulmaster Grain Cart from Elmer’s Manufacturing has ushered in a host of technological innovations to streamline harvest. Elmer’s engineers have remade the Haulmaster with a totally new frame and tank design that provides a better balance of height, length and width. To improve combine access, tank walls on all new carts are […] Read more

The Smart Ag AutoCart tested at Altona this fall did not run over any people or standing corn, reports Mike Friesen. He says it’s a good, practical start down the path to useable driverless equipment.  |  Elmer’s manufacturing photo

Autonomous smart cart no dummy

The autonomous AutoCart got a workout in Mike Friesen’s corn field this fall, hooked up to a new generation Haulmaster cart and driverless tractor — and the system really does work. That’s the opinion of Friesen, vice-president of Elmer’s Manufacturing in Altona, Man., builder of the Haulmaster grain cart. Smart Ag in Ames Iowa selected […] Read more