Market development work pays off for oats in Mexico

The Canadian oat industry says its success in Mexico is the result of social media campaigns and cooking contests

Canadian oats continue to make a big splash in Mexico. Alan Butuk, chair of the Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission (SaskOats), said Mexican imports of Canadian-grown oats have the potential to exceed 200,000 tonnes in 2019. That’s a remarkable number, considering annual exports just a few years earlier were lingering in the 40,000 tonne range. Butuk […] Read more

Demand for oat products by the health conscious Chinese is soaring, but high import tariffs are hindering Canadian exports.  |  Reuters photo

Growing market in China gives Canadian oat sector hope

North American demand for feed oats is steadily falling. Chinese demand for food-grade oats is steadily rising. The question is whether Canada can access the market in China soon enough to prevent the final collapse of the oat empire on the Canadian Prairies. That’s something Oatinsight analyst Randy Strychar is pondering as he looks at […] Read more

A hot and dry summer in Saskatchewan likely reduced grain fill on many fields in the province, which could affect oat millers in the coming months. | File photo

Uncertain supply of quality oats in Sask. weighs on millers

A Manitoba miller is nervous about oat quality in Saskatchewan, which has the bulk of acres on the Prairies. A hot and dry summer likely reduced grain fill on many fields in the province, which could affect oat millers in the coming months. “Whatever got seeded later, the Saskatchewan crop, I’m really questioning what the […] Read more

Growing demand for granola and other oat heart-healthy foods is the force behind Grain Millers’ expansion.  |  File photo

Firm caters to healthy demand

Grain Millers may soon become the largest oat miller in the world, but Terry Tyson isn’t pre-occupied with that label. In March, the U.S. company announced a $100 million expansion to its mill in Yorkton, Sask., where it manufactures a range of conventional and organic oat products. The investment will add 80,000 tonnes of capacity […] Read more

Richardson International is maintaining the status quo when it comes to oats. The company will continue to accept oats that are sprayed pre-harvest with glyphosate. | File photo

Richardson comfortable buying oats sprayed pre-harvest with glyphosate

Richardson International is maintaining the status quo when it comes to oats. The company will continue to accept oats that are sprayed pre-harvest with glyphosate. “We will take oats that meet our visual specs, whether they are treated with glyphosate or not,” Al Raine, Richardson’s assistant vice-president of crop inputs marketing, said Feb. 11 at […] Read more

Oat prices are dismal but U.S. processors may need to replenish supplies next spring which could improve prices.  |  File photo

Oat prices unlikely to entice more Sask. acres

Manitoba growers proximity to processing plant in Minneapolis means returns exceeding $100 more per acre than Saskatchewan growers

Oats prices are not at a level that will prompt many farmers to book deliveries. “Canadian growers remain generally disinterested in oat values and have shown their disdain by limiting sales to this point,” said Oat Information analyst Randy Strychar in a commentary. Prices are OK in southern Manitoba, but farmers have lots of other […] Read more

About 75 organic oat plots are grown at the research station in Fort Vermilion, Alta.  |  Mary MacArthur photo

Organic oats popular for northern Alta. growers

Ideal growing conditions | Producers in Mackenzie County cite economic benefits in switching from conventional methods

FORT VERMILION, Alta. — Alberta’s organic farmers are scattered across the province, but a surprisingly large number of them are in Mackenzie County. Twenty percent of the Alberta Organic Producers Association members are in the northern county. “There is a huge growth rate in the area,” said Becky Lipton, executive director of Organic Alberta. Long-time […] Read more

A congested Canadian railway and expensive trucking costs made delivery of oats difficult for western Canadian farmers over the winter. | File photo

Transportation makes oats futures risky for hedging

Hedging | Analysts say to watch the December contract, but sell before logistics affect price

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Despite the outrageous spread between futures and prairie cash oats prices this winter, Chicago oats futures are not worthless as a hedging tool for farmers, traders and risk managers say. But they have to be used more carefully than with the big futures contracts and farmers need to get out of positions […] Read more

There was a bountiful oat harvest in Canada, but logistical problems are preventing deliveries and foiling efforts to capture strong cash bids and nearby futures.  |  file photo

Futures prices may be hard to realize

Selling oats | Transportation issues mean growers may not be able to capitalize on good prices

The market signal says sell, the elevator says full and the trucking company says sorry. That’s the situation facing prairie oat growers as they look at a big futures market inversion but a commercial rail and trucking system that’s run out of capacity. “It’s just watching a train go by. You can’t jump on it,” […] Read more

Oat stocks as of Dec. 31 are down 20 percent from last year at the same time and are almost half of what they were five years ago.

Oat rally inadequate to trigger more acres

It has taken a long time for oat prices to rise, but they did last week, finally reacting to the need to rebuild supply to safe levels. However, with spring nearby and farmers in most areas having better options, will the trend of declining oat acreage stop this year? “It doesn’t pay out. If we […] Read more