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Redekop’s Seed Control Unit attaches below choppers, taking up to 70 h.p. from a mechanical belt drive.  |  Redekop photo

VIDEO: Canadian cage mill teams up with JD

Customers can order the impact mill as an option on S-Series combines, and more brands will be added for 2021

A Canadian-built cage mill that attaches to combine choppers and destroys weed seeds during harvest is now on the market. Saskatoon-based Redekop held the public launch of its Seed Control Unit in the John Deere booth at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, last November. Redekop owner Trevor Thiessen said the company’s been developing its impact mill […] Read more

Curtis Rempel, a vice-president with the Canola Council of Canada, addresses attendees on the final day of the Canola Discovery Forum in Winnipeg. | Ed White photo

VIDEO: Canola Discovery Forum promotes engagement, dialog

The 2019 Canola Discovery Forum wraps up in Winnipeg today. The forum was introduced in 2013 as an annual meeting to facilitate collaboration between science and industry and has continued to build on this every year. Western Producer reporter Ed White had an opportunity to talk to Curtis Rempel with the Canola Council of Canada […] Read more

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, right, and Environment Minister Rochelle Squires announce funding for the first projects under the Growing Outcomes in Watersheds program.  |  Ed White photo

VIDEO: Man. funds first projects in conservation program

The Growing Outcomes in Watersheds program pays money toward ongoing environmental protection projects in agricultural areas

GLEN LEA, Man. — After so many years of hoping, conservation-minded farmers are on the cusp of seeing themselves being rewarded for being good stewards. While there have been many conservation projects and environmental programs that farmers have participated in, the roll-out of permanent funding for some farmer efforts is a joy for some to […] Read more

Many believe that the newly announced mill in Manitoba is a sign that the growing demand for the inherent qualities of oats will finally end up in tangible, farmgate demand.  |  File photo

VIDEO: New mill may bode well for future of oats on the Prairies

Farmers might not have been feeling it much, but the world wants their oats. And it’s going to want more and more in the future as “healthy” foods take over more of the consumer marketplace. That’s what’s behind a new oats mill announced for Winnipeg, some oat players say. “Putting a mill in the heart […] Read more

“We really believe we’re in a unique space where we’re partnering with producers in primary production, processing, distribution, and then ultimately to get products on the grocery shelves,” said Ron Healey, FCL’s vice-president of ag and consumer business.
 | Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Federated Co-op helps grow Sask. food centre

Pecks of prairie-grown pickles will soon roll off the production line at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon. It’s part of a $500,000 push by Federated Co-op to support the growing food manufacturing industry in the province. The initiative was announced Oct. 2, at the start of Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. “We really […] Read more

Goats have been conscripted to help control invasive leafy spurge in the City of Lethbridge’s river valley.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Goats offer another city weed control option

Using goats to control weeds is called a great option for urban parks, but those involved say there are definitely challenges

Seeing a goat chewing vigorously on a leafy spurge blossom in its mouth brings a smile to Jackie Cardinal’s face. The invasive weed is a problem in riverside parks within the City of Lethbridge, and Cardinal, the city’s parks natural resource co-ordinator, is pleased to see that goats are now among the control measures. “For […] Read more

A helicopter capture team is one of the methods used to eradicate wild pigs on the Prairies.  |  Ryan Brook photo

VIDEO: Initiatives aim to root out wild pigs

An approach called the Moose Mountain strategy hinges on identifying a group of pigs and killing every single member

Bob Brickley’s team has pored over aerial surveillance data, drawn up a detailed plan of attack and possesses extensive knowledge of their target’s behaviour. War games? A Call of Duty video game scenario? Nope. Brickley of the Moose Mountain eradication team has outlined these as key factors to success in bringing down the population of […] Read more