Company plans chickpea revival

Large calibre kabulis | Processor plans to add cleaning and sizing equipment to facility this summer

A new pulse processing business hopes to revitalize the moribund chickpea market. Colin Young is getting back into the business three years after a fire destroyed R Young Seeds, a processing plant in Mortlach, Sask., owned by Young and his parents. The plant was the largest chickpea processing and exporting facility in the country, shipping […] Read more

Chickpea supply may send growers to wheat, canola

Decline in acres possible Late spring seeding and wet conditions may have growers looking at other options

Chickpea movement has been poor in 2012-13, which may explain why growers could be shying away from the crop this spring. Statistics Canada reported 111,000 tonnes in stock as of March 31, up from 47,000 tonnes the previous year. “We buy that number. It makes sense to us,” said Lionel Ector, president of Diefenbaker Seed […] Read more

Chickpea crop in mint condition this year

Not out of danger yet | Long growing season means late-harvested crop could still be hit by frost

Saskatchewan’s crops have been hit by a variety of quality issues, with one notable exception. “We’ve seen chickpeas that are just mint,” said Daryl Beswitherick, program manager for quality assurance with the Canadian Grain Commission. “It’s just a great year for chickpeas, I guess. Just beautiful.” Colin Young, manager of Acrocorp Processing in Moose Jaw, […] Read more