Shift to soybeans changes Manitoba’s weed landscape

The shift to soybeans and corn in Manitoba may be causing a shift in the province’s weed population. Yellow foxtail was a rarity in 2002 and was around the 30th most common weed in the province. In 2016, based on a provincial weed survey, it ranked sixth in a list of the most prevalent weeds […] Read more

China’s soybean demand will eat higher U.S. yields

Soybean production in North America has likely started to surge, but that is OK because China’s demand will keep pace. Those thoughts were floating around the Grain World conference Nov. 15, as analysts and grain trade players tried to spot future trends. Bill Lapp of Advanced Economic Solutions said he suspected soybean yields have begun […] Read more

Push is on for prairie soybean plant

Farmers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan grew more than three million acres of soybeans this year. Almost all of those beans are exported to places like China, where they are processed into soybean meal and fed to livestock. Meanwhile, every year hog farmers in Western Canada import hundreds of thousands of tonnes of soybean meal from […] Read more

Soybean newbies get tips from experts

Many grain producers from the Prairies are about to run soybeans through their combines for the first time. There was a 40 percent increase of Manitoba soybean acreage over last year and a 250 percent increase of the crop on Saskatchewan fields. Soybeans are relatively easy to separate, although there are a few things growers […] Read more

Soy oil claim allowed

The soybean oil industry is finally able to use the same qualified health claim that the canola oil industry has been using for 11 years. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a petition by Bunge North America for a claim linking consumption of soybean oil to reduced risk of coronary heart disease. It […] Read more

Canada may become fourth largest soybean seed exporter

The crop year has come to a close, and what a year it was for Canadian grain exports and domestic use. Records were posted for canola exports and crush. Another number that stands out is soybean exports. Once Statistics Canada’s final numbers are tallied, soybean exports this year will likely be about 4.5 million tonnes, […] Read more

Manitoba soybeans welcome recent rain

Rains this week that brought 10 to 25 millimetres of precipitation to most of southern Manitoba should aid soybeans. Overall the crop is looking decent, but more rain is needed to maximize yields. “You want those August rains during the pod filling stage. Right now, we definitely need some more (rains),” said Cassandra Tkachuk, Manitoba […] Read more

Soybean cargoes piling up at China’s ports as imports surge

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Ships carrying as much as 700,000 tonnes of soybeans are lined up along China’s coast waiting to discharge, traders said, as huge purchases in recent months by the world’s top buyer led to severe congestion and lifted stockpiles to multi-year highs. The slowdown at the ports and long wait times to […] Read more

Sunflower acres expected to drop

It’s become a familiar story in Manitoba. If growers have a choice between soybeans and another crop, beans usually win out. Such is the case this spring with sunflowers. Soybeans will set another acreage record and sunflowers will possibly hit the second lowest level ever in the province. Statistics Canada has predicted 50,000 acres of […] Read more

Three million & climbing

Prairie farmers appear to be getting a good start on their efforts to meet Soy Canada’s ambitious soybean targets. Statistics Canada’s first seeding intention survey of the year has found that farmers plan to grow almost three million acres of the crop in 2017.

Canadian farmers will be growing 10 million acres of soybeans by 2027 if Soy Canada has its way. The industry association has established a series of targets, including doubling production to 13 million tonnes. “We think these are aggressive targets but achievable,” said executive director Jim Everson. “We want to set out some goals that […] Read more