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Producers who see the potential merit of more private investment in variety development were also in attendance at the Saskatoon meeting, but since that wasn’t a popular view, those producers didn’t have a lot to say. | File photo

Farm-saved seed royalties not unreasonable

“If this goes through, I’ll be out of business,” said a producer attending the Dec. 4 consultation in Saskatoon on options for farm-saved seed royalties. The comment is indicative of the level of concern — concern out of proportion to the actual proposals. Under the rules imposed on media, comments made during the meeting are […] Read more

People’s Party platform requires a closer look

Farmers who take a close look at Maxime Bernier’s platform — that of the People’s Party of Canada — will find some things to like. The question lies in the bigger picture — are these agricultural policies compelling enough for farmers to accept the massive cultural change the party would put the country through? And […] Read more

Recognize ag for grain-stored carbon

Agriculture is in a very unique position in this new low carbon era. Each year, Canadian farms are net collectors of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) by collecting carbon in soil and grain. Until now, the focus has been mainly on agricultural emissions, but there is a growing movement among farmers to look at the […] Read more

Combatting bad press

On Nov. 1, The Western Producer published a story under the headline, “Canadian pulses attacked in India’s press.” The story detailed how the Times of India, the country’s largest English language newspaper, published a story a week earlier warning readers about a government statement on glyphosate in daal (split, dried pulses) imported from Canada and […] Read more

Warm memories abound of Parliament’s Centre Block

I remember the first time I wandered the hallowed halls of Parliament’s Centre Block. It was the summer between Grade 5 and Grade 6. My family was in the middle of a major cross-country road trip. We’d stopped off for a few days in Ottawa, in time to visit with some of my mother’s extended […] Read more

Save money on AgriStability, AgriInvest filing costs

Tired of having a big AgriStability or AgriInvest bill from your accountant? Have you wondered if there is anything you can do to reduce the bill? These programs are complex and it can be difficult to know how to organize your information for your accountant. Luckily, there are some simple ways to improve the efficiency […] Read more

Letters to the editor – December 13, 2018

New drainage rules will reduce tensions Re: Kevin Hursh’s column, “Sask. drainage rules ratchet up the tension,” (WP, Nov. 22). The new Water Security Act has very few changes that affect law-abiding citizens. The Agricultural Water Management Strategy presently being implemented is the key to changes in water policy in the province. The most significant […] Read more

New trespass laws welcome, but come with cautions

The most ominous signal surrounding proposed changes to trespassing laws governing rural land in Saskatchewan came from Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, who offered that he hoped “there are no more tragedies” as a result of the law. It is important to heed this. The proposed changes come two years […] Read more

The Saskatchewan NDP has proposed a new program — Renew Saskatchewan — to tackle climate change, reduce power bills, create new jobs and increase the province’s supply of clean energy.  |  File photo

Sask. must tackle renewable energy

Of all the conversations I’ve had about climate change, the most eye-opening are with farmers. They see the changes in growing seasons, wet years that are wetter, dry years that are drier, floods and fires and changes in weeds and wildlife. They know that we have to act to slow climate change and to adapt […] Read more

Developing a cropping plan is like 3-D chess

Do you have your 2019 cropping plan figured out yet?” I asked an acquaintance recently. “Well,” he said, “I have the October plan and a November plan and soon I’ll develop a December plan. Version 3.0 will probably look quite a bit different than the previous two.” For those who ponder a wide range of […] Read more