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Recent JBS cyberattack shows wider vulnerability

Recent JBS cyberattack shows wider vulnerability

The North American food system found itself struggling last week under the weight of news that JBS, the world’s largest meat packer, had been hacked by miscreants. The company temporarily halted some operations to deal with resulting computer network issues. Computer criminals based in Russia have been targeting North American businesses and extorting payments in […] Read more

The author argues that Health Canada is proposing a non-approval process for gene edited products that will erode trust in the food system. | File photo

Maintaining public trust in food system requires public regulation

Millions of dollars and countless hours spent building public trust could be undone if Health Canada finalizes its proposed new regulatory guidance for products of gene editing (also called genome editing). Despite biotechnology industry complaints that regulation is just red tape that hampers competitiveness, companies rely on the legitimacy that government regulation provides. If the […] Read more

Every Canadian has a role to play in reconciliation. | File photo

Agriculture has a role to play as country acts on reconciliation

Canadian agriculture has a role to play in reconciliation. The important role of reconciliation was once again made painfully clear when the remains of 215 children were found on the site of a former residential school in British Columbia. It is the latest example of why Canada’s residential school system has been described as “cultural […] Read more

Adele Buettner (left) is a champion of agriculture and food. Audrey Horkoff chaired the Canadian Western Agribition board in 1997 and the Action Committee on Rural Economy in 2000. | Supplied photos

Saskatchewan leaders look to the future of agriculture

Editor’s Note: Recollections and Reflections is a new column celebrating prairie history and 50 years of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame. Linda Braun is writing the column as we look back on the history of agriculture during this important SAHF anniversary year. The Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, organized in 1971 and honouring its […] Read more

While higher prices are better than lower prices, historically, there has been a consequence to them. | File photo

Commodity price spikes welcome but have consequences

What are your thoughts about the existence of a commodities supercycle? Whether we’re in one is open for debate. From some of the reading I’ve done, even economists aren’t all of the same opinion about the presence of a supercycle. What we do know is that the grain and oilseed sector has seen tremendous price […] Read more

The UN Food Systems Summit scheduled for this fall in New York  is farming’s equivalent of the meetings that birthed the Paris agreement on climate change. Western Canada needs to ensure that its regional reality is recognized in that process. | Screencap via

Nine billion people or not? Producers need new focus

A few years from now, in about 2028, there will be eight billion people on the planet. The possibility of growing to nine billion, a 2050 United Nations’ projection, has captivated speakers in the food and agriculture realm for the past 15 years. But now there’s growing skepticism about that predicted growth. A global population […] Read more

Madyson Dempsey would like to see more education made available about the mental health issues facing farmers. | Supplied photo

Mental health issues continue to be a struggle in agriculture

Mental health is an important issue for the agricultural community. As someone who struggles with my own mental health, I know it is a big problem that affects people in many ways. When you think of farming and agriculture, the words wheat, farmers, animals and food come to mind. People do not think about the […] Read more

Farmers are urged to ask tough questions before trusting their information to a company. See whether its privacy statement is clear and easy to find and ask what information is being collected, who will own it and how it will be used. | File photo

Trust is paramount in technology age

Farmers have been collecting and generating data for centuries. In our increasingly digitized world, data has also become synonymous with today’s farm — whether that information is used to choose a hybrid to increase return on investment, use crop protection products more efficiently, or strategically place more input in areas of high performance. In fact, […] Read more

Melissa Bezan, the WP’s new intern, was raised on a mixed, multigenerational farm in western Manitoba, just north of Inglis. | Supplied photo

Internship returns writer to her roots

Last year was a year of firsts for me: my first year of journalism school, my first pet of my own, my first summer away from home, and my first real journalism job, here at The Western Producer. Here is another first, one you’re reading right now and one that I’ve rewritten five times — […] Read more