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Value added on the Prairies: 40 years in the making

Value added on the Prairies: 40 years in the making

Red Williams slid a plywood chair away from a plywood table, the kind with the edges worn off from being set up and taken down at numerous wheat pool member meetings, 4-H achievement days and fowl suppers. “You need to invest in adding value to your own production. It doesn’t look like anyone else will,” […] Read more

The show follows British TV personality Jeremy Clarkson and his decision to farm. | Screencap via YouTube/Amazon Prime Video UK

Reality TV show from U.K. sheds light on radical transparency

There are lessons to be learned for the agriculture sector from the popularity of the British reality show Clarkson’s Farm. I was late to viewing the show on Amazon Prime, mostly because the history of mainstream media depiction of farming on television is suspect. It ranges from overly fawning, idealized, moralizing or unrealistic. The depiction […] Read more

If lab-grown food is ever to become a thing, the industry will need its own Elon Musk, who has revolutionized the electric car industry. That person just might be the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. | Reuters/Mario Anzuoni photo

Cultured meat needs an Elon Musk

Leonardo DiCaprio has just used his A-list magic powers by investing in two American cultured-meat startups, Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat. This is the same actor who invested in a vegetable protein company before the plant-based phenomenon was a thing. Beyond Meat is now worth more than US$8 billion. DiCaprio saw it coming before the […] Read more

The event is meant to pay tribute to shep- herds’ historic right to drive their animals across London Bridge into the City of London to sell them at market. | Twitter/@PixiedustJtT/Belinda Jiao photo

Remembering when the sheep came to town

Here’s something for the category of “it can only happen in England.” Last month, shepherds guided a flock of sheep over a busy London bridge as part of an annual effort to recognize the wool sector’s historical importance to the English economy. It is a quaint tradition that finds its roots in the country’s history-dripping […] Read more

Many producers are relying heavily on the anticipated support from crop insurance. Hopefully, large amounts of claim money will flow soon. | Screencap via

Large crop insurance payments should flow soon

According to a frontline Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp. employee who wishes to remain anonymous, the phone rings every 10 seconds on average and on every fifth call the employee is either sworn at or called stupid or other names. No doubt many producers are in serious need of their crop insurance money, but employees working […] Read more

It is important to understand what your farming activity is classified as to make the most of the tax rules available. | File photo

Different types of farms fall under different sets of rules

There are three types of farming operations: full-time, part-time and hobby. Which category does your operation fit into? Each of these classes have different rules regarding deductions and losses that can be claimed against farming income and other income. It is important to understand what your farming activity is classified as to make the most […] Read more

Letters to the editor – October 21, 2021

ABP must first fix profitability issue I just finished reading your front page story on Alberta Beef Producers refundable checkoff (Oct. 9). Although ABP claims to represent and lobby for all producers, they seem to have no understanding of the core problem within Canada’s beef industry. A cow-calf producer feeds a cow and raises its […] Read more

In the Canadian Prairies, wetland drainage has resulted in the loss of more than 40 percent of natural wetlands. The impacts associated with this drainage are largely unmitigated. | File photo

To be resilient, the Canadian Prairie needs lots of wetlands: researchers

When many Canadians think of the Prairies, they envision beautiful endless landscapes of agricultural fields stretching across the horizon, perfect for a photo-op on a cross-country road trip. But what is missing from this imagery are the once-ubiquitous pothole wetlands, a defining feature of the region. In the Canadian Prairies, wetland drainage has resulted in […] Read more

Food waste an issue for people, planet

Food waste an issue for people, planet

The amount of food wasted in Canada grows along with citizens’ expectations that cheap, abundant food will be available at grocery stores 12 hours per day, seven days per week. Canadians can and do buy nearly anything they desire when poverty isn’t a factor. Unfortunately for the planet, they throw away more than 10 percent […] Read more

On Sept. 28, Lisa Shulte Moore, a landscape ecologist at Iowa State University, was recognized by the MacArthur Foundation for

U.S. researcher looks for more environmental ways to farm

In the United States, it’s a rare honour to be named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow. In fact, in 40 years, only 1,061 Americans have been awarded the title and the no-strings-attached stipend, this year a plush $625,000, commonly referred to as a “genius grant.” Even more rare are MacArthur Fellows with ties to farming and […] Read more