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The government is asking for interested parties to put in their two cents. For farmers, these regulations are worth a lot more than that. | Getty Images

Canadian gene editing rule deserves farmer support

While it might be arriving at seeding time, it might also be worth having some say. Canada’s proposed rules for gene-edited crops are up for discussion for the next month or so and, so far, things are looking good for a science-based outcome, one that is compatible with other major exporters including the United States. […] Read more

Yes, the AgriStability saga between prairie provinces and the federal government continues, despite the two sides agreeing on a major reform. 
| File photo

Feds came to AgriStability talks with cash; Prairies did not

Provinces expressing disappointment with the federal government for not putting its share of AgriStability funding on the table are being disingenuous and failing to take their share of responsibility for reform talks that flopped largely due to their tight pockets. Yes, the AgriStability saga between prairie provinces and the federal government continues, despite the two […] Read more

The thrill and the fear of booking online

Buying concert tickets online wasn’t yet a thing in 1991 when it was announced that Neil Young was coming to town. I had turned into a monster Young fan ever since watching him perform Like a Hurricane on the television show Midnight Special when I was 17, but I had never had a chance to […] Read more

The Port of Vancouver says it supports the essential need for farmers to get their crops to market. | File photo

Port of Vancouver serves producers

Canada’s farmers and the agriculture industry provide a safe and continuous supply of food to consumers in Canada and globally. As a Canada Port Authority, we also have a role in the movement of this food supply through the Port of Vancouver by helping ensure infrastructure is in place to address cargo bottlenecks and accommodate […] Read more

Many producers have been practising direct seeding and minimum tillage for 20 or 30 years. Just think of all the sequestered carbon and how much money is involved. | File photo

Carbon credit expectations likely unreasonable

A carbon offset system is unlikely to be as easy as getting gobs of money for the minimum tillage you have already been doing. For years now, decades really, farmers have been told about the carbon sequestering power of minimum tillage. Now, with a rising price on carbon emissions, do some basic math and it […] Read more

If there’s one thing the average farmer hates to do at seeding time, it’s to stop and do something that doesn’t lead to the next acre being sown. | File photo

Vaccine or seeding: could be a tough choice this spring

One of the worst photography assignments at The Western Producer is being sent out to take photos of farmers seeding. It’s not the taking of pictures of farmers actually seeding that’s the problem. It’s getting them to stop for a moment, come out of the cab, and pose for a pic, while providing a handful […] Read more

Being prepared for these difficult times can ease the burden on you and your family when it comes time to take care of the taxpayer’s final tax return. | Getty Images

Tax decisions must be made following a death

The death of a family member or loved one is not something anyone likes to think about or prepare for. However, it is important to know the steps that must be taken regarding taxes when it occurs. Being prepared for these difficult times can ease the burden on you and your family when it comes […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 8, 2021

Dodo connection requires explanation Today is March 29, 2021, and, as I sit here looking out at high winds, spruce trees swaying, snow blowing at -15 C, I contemplate the plight of the dodo bird and climate change. Perhaps your cartoonist could explain the connection between the two (Page 10, March 25 Western Producer). The […] Read more

Agricultural processing finds new life on Prairies

Agricultural processing finds new life on Prairies

Climate change and Chinese trade: are there two more controversial elements on farmers’ minds right now? Some producers would happily ignore both given that changes to either one won’t be coming through the farmgate anytime soon. After all, China is not this country’s biggest market and there is record crop movement to ports. Whether or […] Read more

Prairie premiers should now come up with their own plans rather than spending energy criticizing the Liberal plan to combat climate change. | File photo

Alta., Sask. should now develop their own carbon policies

The Supreme Court of Canada has given some provincial governments a chance to exclude farmers in efforts to fight climate change. In a 6-3 split decision on March 25, Canada’s highest court ruled the 2018 law putting a tax on carbon emissions is constitutional because climate change is an existential threat and a matter of […] Read more