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Canada must work to stay ahead of wheat markets

Canada sells a lot of wheat, but we cannot take our position in the wheat trade for granted. Canola has been getting a lot of attention lately, mainly because of its export growth and China’s obstinate moratorium, but it’s interesting to note that Canadian wheat exports to China are on a record pace this year. […] Read more

Agriculture will likely take a backseat to other matters around the cabinet table, and part of Bibeau’s true worth to the sector must be measured by how many tangible and positive changes in policy to producers she can bring. | File photo

Bibeau saying the right things, but can she deliver the goods?

Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau is appearing to strike all the right notes following her reappointment to the position a few weeks ago, but her true measure has yet to be taken. Almost immediately after retaining her cabinet posting, she left for Regina to attend Canadian Western Agribition. She was able to win some favour […] Read more

Regenerative ag is a series of practices that rely less on chemicals and more on natural processes. How practical some of the practices are is the question under discussion.
 | File photo

Why cover regenerative agriculture?

The Farm Forum Event held in Saskatoon earlier this month drew hundreds of farmers and agrologists for three days of seminars. A topic of conversation among farmers was regenerative agriculture, with one audience member inquiring about this latest “buzzword.” Regenerative ag is a series of practices that rely less on chemicals and more on natural […] Read more

The American dairy industry is advised to brace for more tough times in the wake of bankruptcy at the country’s largest milk company.  | File photo

U.S. milk shakeup just the beginning

While many in the United States dairy sector focus on why the nation’s largest milk bottler, Dean Foods, filed for bankruptcy Nov. 12, the smart money — if there is any smart money left after four years of crushingly low milk prices — is focused on what’s next. What’s next is what’s always next when […] Read more

Use caution when paying family members for farm work

Farming in Canada has always been a family intensive business, even on larger incorporated farm enterprises. Spouses in many cases are full partners in the process and chief bookkeepers for the business. Part of normal childhood education on the farm is an ongoing list of farm chores, which can include everything from field preparation, planting, […] Read more

Yield reports may fuel 2020 acreage shifts

The crop production numbers released Dec. 6 by Statistics Canada will provide lots of fodder for market analysts. Beyond the supply and price analysis, it’s instructive to examine the surprising differences in crop yields for various crops across the three prairie provinces. Flax yields are particularly interesting. In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, flax yields for 2019 […] Read more

Letters to the editor – December 12, 2019

Grain-drying tax pointless, punitive Re: “Carbon tax a grain-drying mystery” (WP, Nov. 28). Anecdotal evidence or hard numbers on the cost of the carbon tax on grain drying, it doesn’t matter. Every dollar farmers are spending on a carbon tax on an essential operation to deal with this year’s harvest is a dollar they are […] Read more

Jake Leguee will be taking part in a new crop mission to major durum markets in southern Europe and North Africa.  |  File photo

New crop mission tells durum’s story

Every year, a few teams of people from the Canadian wheat value chain head off to numerous export markets around the world. I am taking part in one such mission heading to major durum markets in southern Europe and North Africa. These “new crop missions” are trips organized by Cereals Canada, the Canadian International Grains […] Read more

Compromise required for national unity

When groups of people are perpetually set against each other, there is a real danger that those divisions will take on lives of their own and prevent all sides from getting anything done. Politicians constantly divide the population in ways that help them chart a path to power. Divisive politics work. The Alberta and Saskatchewan […] Read more

New world ag order forces feds’ hand on farm support

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau must consider the changing agricultural landscape when her ministry reviews business risk management programs, as she promised to do during the election campaign. The agricultural world order is moving from a market-oriented, supply and demand function in search of an equilibrium to a politically directed landscape that is teeming with […] Read more