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Agriculture transparency requires better education

A recent news release from two agri-marketing agencies says this: “COVID-19 forced Canada’s food industry to lift its veil when Canadians experienced food shortages, likely for the first time in their lives. This further shows the opportunity and need for clearer transparency around Canadian agriculture.” It begs the question: will any amount of transparency be […] Read more

The University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Rotation Survey is collecting information on the progress made by the province’s farmers toward environmental sustainability over the past 25 years.  | File photo

Farm data can change sector’s future

You have likely been in a situation where you put in long hours of hard work dedicated to achieving a goal, yet have not been recognized for your efforts. It certainly leaves us feeling frustrated. Canadian farmers know this feeling all too well. Over the past 25 years, they have worked hard to adopt sustainable, […] Read more

“The media” is blamed for just about everything, whether it’s political correctness, invasion of privacy or our kids’ low self-esteem. | Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via Zuma Wire/Rex/Shutterstock photo

Working in the media but not in ‘the media’

The demonization of mainstream journalism in the United States over the last four years is just the climax of a more general disgruntlement with “the media” — not just south of the border but all over the world. “The media” is blamed for just about everything, whether it’s political correctness, invasion of privacy or our […] Read more

Opting into the Canada Pension Plan at age 60 will reduce monthly benefits by 36 percent.  |  Getty Images

Options for Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security

Age 65 is one of those milestones most Canadians accept either happily or not but is softened somewhat by the eligibility to receive some of your tax money back in the shape of Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security OAS benefits. Depending on how much of a betting person you are and how long […] Read more

Statistical look at farm profitability is insightful

Statistics Canada recently released a raft of farm income and expense statistics. Combing through the numbers provides interesting insights into agricultural profitability. When you look at total net farm income, you quickly see that farm viability is difficult in Newfoundland and Labrador along with Nova Scotia. Despite the supply-managed industries making up a significant portion […] Read more

Biden’s victory a win for carbon pricing policy in Canada

United States President-elect Joe Biden’s climate strategy will lay waste to the already-tired opposition some Canadians have to our country’s carbon pricing policy. Biden campaigned on aggressively combating climate change. When he becomes president in January, it is expected he will create investment in green technologies. Like Canada, the U.S. will soon be trying to […] Read more

Letters to the editor – December 3, 2020

AgriStability must be fixed Dear ministers of agriculture, Canada’s 7,000 pork producers play an important role in their rural communities and are key contributors to agri-food exports and ensuring the security of Canada’s food supply. However, their contributions are at risk due to unprecedented market volatility, much of it beyond their control. In the current […] Read more

Everybody’s getting resilient – but what does that really mean?

These days everything is getting referred to as resilient. Canada’s food system is being described as being “resilient” for having faced the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and failing to break, although it seemed like it might buckle for a while. After initially running short on flour, toilet paper and a range of products, there […] Read more

Crop protection guides provide vital information

What is black and white on the inside, often green on the outside and always blue throughout? The Alberta Guide to Crop Protection, that’s what. Also known as the Blue Book, the annual provincial pesticide tome, 628 pages in 2020, contains nearly everything a prairie farmer could want to know about herbicides, insecticides, seed treatments […] Read more

As people try to work and access health care and education from home, the inability to do so will continue to result in hardship for those in underserved rural and remote areas.  | Getty Images

Better broadband would help Sask.

Access to high speed internet is an important and necessary aspect of our personal and business lives. Unfortunately, not all Saskatchewan residents have consistent access to even the minimum levels of service mandated by the CRTC. This gap in service puts Saskatchewan at a significant disadvantage. Rural areas, in particular rural residents and businesses outside […] Read more