Massey Ferguson makes changes to tractors

The MF 8S tractor, shown at Cheney, Kansas, was released during the American Farm Progress show in Illinois last week. The new series, replacing the 7700, has a optional Dyna-7 powershift transmission, which is new to Agco. The large-frame machines keep the Fendt 7.4 litre engines of the previous models.  |  Massey Ferguson photo

The 8S series, which replaces the company’s 7700S large frame tractors, features improved transmission and quieter cab

Massey Ferguson launched its 8S tractor series that comes with an improved transmission and quieter cab.

The 8S replaces the 7700 S large frame Massey tractors, and is offered in a 205-horsepower, 225-hp, 245-hp and 265-hp models. In the future, a 305-hp model is expected to be available.

Adam Sills, a tractor specialist at Massey Ferguson, said the new lineup is one of the most significant redesigns of the tractors for years.

The 8S retained the same 7.4-litre Fendt engine that previously came in the 7700S with 220 hp and above.

However, a transmission option is new to AGCO, Massey’s parent company.

“So, they took our Dyna powershift transmission and they put a dual clutch with it. What that’s doing is now when you shift between gears in the field, you don’t have that torque interruption while you’re shifting,” Sills said.

The Dyna E-Power transmission uses dual clutch technology for range shifts, and it has four ranges with seven gears.

The Dyna-7 semi powershift gearbox also has four ranges and seven gears.

Sills said beyond improving operator comfort, the Dyna-7 transmission also helps maintain torque and power to the ground because there is less interruption when changing gears.

Both the Dyna-7 powershift transmission and the Dyna E Power dual clutch transmission come with engine power management that boosts power when demand increases.

There are three hydraulic capacity options, with 29, 39, and 54 gallons per minute, and on the model with 54 gallons per minute capacity there is an extra eco-option.

“What that means is that you can run that pump and get full hydraulic capacity, full flow at a reduced engine rpm,” Sills said.

“For the customers (who) have an implement that requires a lot of hydraulic power, they only have to run at 1,650 rpm, saving fuel with less noise and vibration up into the operator cab.”

A loader is available with the 8S, as is a front-mounted hitch.

“You can have a hitch with or without a (power take-off) on the front and you can also get up to two hydraulic remotes, and then a free float return up on the front,” Sills said.

“It’s a Category 3 hitch on the front and the rear.”

Up to five spool valves are available in the rear of the tractor.

All models come with a four-speed pto as standard, providing a choice of 540, 540ECO, 1,000 or 1,000ECO.

A significant change to the 8S is a large gap between the front of the cab and the back of the hood.

“Separating the engine a little bit more from the cab greatly reduces the noise in the cab when driving down the road…. The vibrations to the steering wheel and up to the bottom of the feet is pretty minimal,” Sills said.

The space between the hood and the cab provided Massey a new spot for the tractor’s air filter.

“By putting in the rear we can bring in a lot cleaner air because we’ve got the vents on the side of the hood pushing air from the cooling fan around the corner post of the cab. That way we can bring in cool air from the back for the (engine) filter,” Sills said.

A cab and front axle suspension also improve operator comfort, and the new vDisplay digital dashboard provides all relevant information on one screen.

“We also have an option to get an extended terminal,” Sills said.

“Guys would order that if they wanted to view their guidance on a separate screen from their tractor, or maybe they wanted a camera view on there while they’re running,” Sills said.

“We still offer Massey Ferguson Guide (guidance system), Trimble and NovAtel receivers. We do have through Reichhardt the ability to run GreenStar for operators with a mixed fleet.”

The Massey Ferguson Connect system manages machine telemetry and helps owners keep track of machines out in the field, including service intervals, fuel levels and error codes.

“This is a great triple mower tractor. It’s great for big square balers, and then row crop for 12-row planters, maybe some tillage work and then also any type of side dressing fertilizer application,” Sills said.

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