Flax prices finally break long market silence

Flax prices are beginning to creep higher in Canada and that comes as no surprise to Harold Davis, author of Prairie Crop Charts. FOB prices jumped to $12.50 per bushel last week from $12 previously, breaking a long stretch of steady to lower prices since January. Davis knew better prices were on the horizon partly […] Read more

Prairie flax crop in tough shape

Growers might want to be patient when marketing the 2017 flax crop, says an analyst. Small crops in Canada and the United States will create a tight supply and demand situation in North America, said Chuck Penner, analyst with LeftField Commodity Research. He forecasts 550,000 tonnes of Canadian production, well below Agriculture Canada’s estimate of […] Read more

European flax sales still not picking up

Russia is a strong contender in the flax market and Canadian industry officials are seeing their exports fall

Canada has not recaptured the European flax market this year as some had predicted. In fact, sales to the EU are down 19 percent so far compared to the previous year, according to Canadian Grain Commission statistics. The belief was that exports to the EU would rise after the European Commission tightened its tolerance level […] Read more

Field trials on non-GM, tolerant flax coming soon

A California company continues to make strides in its quest to develop a non-genetically modified, herbicide tolerant flax crop. Cibus has created glyphosate resistant flax that is doing what it is supposed to do in a laboratory setting, said Greg Gocal, chief scientific officer for Cibus. “We’re really encouraged by how the crop performs in […] Read more

Herbicide tolerant flax project progressing

Western Canada’s flax breeding program has taken a hit in recent years, but there is encouraging news coming out of the United States. The flax industry is struggling with the loss of two of its three breeding programs with the closure of Agriculture Canada’s program in Morden, Man., and Crop Production Services’ program in Saskatoon. […] Read more

Flax responds to inputs like other crops

Research has found that the crop responds well to nitrogen applications, but not so much to phosphorus

Flax is often thought of as a low input crop that doesn’t respond well to fertilizer applications. However, the crop’s nutrient requirements are right up there with canola when compared on a per bushel basis. “If you want to get into that high 30 bu. per acre plus, we certainly do need to add some […] Read more

Industry charts new course on flax

2016 yellow and brown flax trials will be conducted in:

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission is taking steps to mitigate a significant setback to flax crop breeding: the loss of two of Canada’s three breeding programs. Agriculture Canada has shut down its program in Morden, Man., and Crop Production Services closed its Northern Adapted Flax Variety Development Project in Saskatoon. “We have a challenge in […] Read more

Defaults on flax may spark oversupply

Chinese flax importers are defaulting on shipments, which will result in higher carryout and lower prices, says an exporter. “The buyers aren’t just defaulting on the small guys or the medium guys like myself, they’re defaulting on all the majors, so it’s not a good situation,” said Kevin Price, senior manager with Agrocorp International. He […] Read more

Flax industry confident seed supplies adequate

Triffid elimination causes uncertainty | Some farmers worry prices will soar due to limited varieties next year

Concerns are growing about flax seed prices and availability next spring as Canada puts the finishing touches on efforts to rid the country of the genetically modified variety Triffid. However, Todd Hyra of SeCan said he doesn’t expect problems next year. “One of my goals is to make sure the market isn’t shorted next spring,” […] Read more

Attractive flax prices may hike acres

There’s nothing like good old-crop prices to bring in more new crop acreage. Flax might be a beneficiary of that situation this year, analysts say. Recent prices of $17 per bushel caught a lot of farmers’ attention, just as prices for big acreage crops such as wheat were falling. The rally was sparked by demand […] Read more