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In 2020, there were 188 cases where a cultivator, seeder or another implement crashed into a pole or snagged a wire somewhere in the province. | Twitter/@manitobahydro photo

Machinery-power line incidents up 57 percent in Manitoba

Manitoba farmers are hitting more hydro poles and power lines with their farm equipment. In 2020, there were 188 cases where a cultivator, seeder or another implement crashed into a pole or snagged a wire somewhere in the province. That’s up 57 percent from 2019, when there were 120 incidents. Manitoba Hydro, the provincial utility, […] Read more

Aurora Farm founder and owner Louise May visits with riders at the farm. | Andrea Geary photo

Manitoba farm moves to the inner city

Woman works to bring agriculture to a part of Winnipeg where residents have few opportunities to grow their own food

Louise May, owner of Aurora Farm, looks forward to helping Winnipeg’s inner city residents learn how to plant, nurture and harvest produce, and to possibly get acquainted with a goat or alpaca. The inner-city area of Winnipeg can be described as a concrete jungle and a food desert, having virtually no opportunities for most residents […] Read more

This photograph, taken at Waterton National Park, shows what can be accomplished when photographing the night sky. | Robin and Arlene Karpan photo

Photographing the night sky an ideal pandemic pastime

Night photography can open up a whole new world. With travel advisories still affecting how far afield we should go, visiting familiar locales close to home at night is almost like discovering new places. Something simple like a tree in the pasture might seem unremarkable during the day, but photograph it against the core of […] Read more

Fresh honey on sourdough toast is such a nostalgic delight. Don’t forget the cheese and some hot tea for the full experience. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Bread and batter: satisfying food trend worth revisiting

Spring can remind us of fresh starts. That might mean reintroducing things that have been put on a back burner. For example, being home more has allowed us more time to plan and prepare our food. Many of us have dug out old recipes and old appliances and revamped expired trends that deserve a second […] Read more

Brenda and Gil Leray operate 16 greenhouses and an outdoor commercial vegetable garden at Leray Gardens near Prud’Homme, Sask. | Brian Cross photo

Love of gardening prompted major transition for farmers

On the Farm: Sask. producers made the switch to greenhouses from grain bins and now run one of the largest operations in the province

Gil and Brenda Leray aren’t your typical Saskatchewan farmers — not by a long shot. About 30 years ago, the Lerays made a life-changing decision to stop growing broad-acre crops like wheat, barley and canola. Instead, they decided to focus on a higher value crop. The Lerays own and operate Leray Gardens at Prud’Homme, Sask., […] Read more

Corinne Newton describes her music as a traditional sound that lyrically, tells stories of prairie people. | Shelby Godick photo

Farmer’s songs capture life on the Prairies

Saskatchewan singer/songwriter celebrates an appreciation of the realities that are found on the Canadian Prairies

Farming and rural living are the driving forces behind singer/songwriter Corinne Newton (nee Mervyn), originally from the Strathclair, Man., area, who now lives and farms with her husband and two children on their century farm near Central Butte, Sask. Her latest release, a five-song extended play album, Real Life Reality, is an extension of her […] Read more

Saying goodbye essentially means letting go

Q: I would like to know how to say goodbye. Seven years ago, I graduated from university and took a job teaching Grade 3 out here in the country. I would never have guessed when I took that job that I would be opening myself to so much in life. I was a young, single […] Read more

Lucy calls her grandmother on her dial phone. | Sheri Hathaway photo

When children learn to use the phone

Kids have a much more casual acceptance of telecommunications technology than when the author was a young child

My granddaughter, Lucy, learned how to call me on the phone when she was four years old. At any time, I can expect an excited little girl to reply when I answer the phone. I’m amazed she can do this on her own but even more so because she uses an old dial telephone. Her […] Read more

A soft-boiled egg with toast sliced like fingers is a quick way to serve an egg. It is easily digested for those who are convalescing from an illness. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Expanding your egg menu? There are plenty of options

Eggs are an amazing food. They are nutritious, easy to prepare, adaptable and essential in many recipes. They are an excellent source of complete protein and contain 14 important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron and zinc. A large egg contains about 6.5 grams of protein and being a complete protein means they […] Read more