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Making quads safer

Making quads safer

From 2013 to 2019, 705 people were killed in all-terrain vehicle accidents in Canada. Over the seven years, that equals about 100 ATV fatalities per year. In comparison, 271 people died in airplane crashes from 2013-19 in Canada. That works out to 39 people annually, based on Statistics Canada data. While an airplane crash is […] Read more

The paramedics who work at STARS air ambulance in Western Canada get prepared for the ATV season.
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STARS air ambulance expects ATV calls

When the weather gets warmer in May and June, many Canadians shift their attention to golfing or start planning their first fishing trip of the season. For the paramedics who work at STARS air ambulance in Western Canada, they get prepared for the ATV season. “As soon as summer and fall hits, you think ATV […] Read more

October can provide us with a new lease on life, giving a bit of time to rest and reflect. | Alma Barkman photo

October — Sabbath of the soul

The month is a time to tuck in the loose ends of summer, all those little jobs no one wanted to do because of summer heat

No more cucumbers wilting in the corner of the kitchen. No more colanders of raw green relish oozing juice. No more stray tomato seeds pasted to the kitchen window. No more apple jelly stuck to the tiles. No preserving jars crowding the counters. No mysterious noises betraying imperfect seals. No big awkward kettles to empty […] Read more

Lentil gravy sneaks more lentils into every day meals. | Sarah Galvin photo

Comfort food does the trick for cooler days of autumn

allourfingersinthepie.blogspot.caRoasting and long braising of meats fills the house with comforting aromas. Now that harvest and gardening are complete, there is time to linger awhile with meal making. Risotto Milanese with veal shanks Veal shanks are an inexpensive purchase at my local grocery store. I buy enough for a few meals and when I cook […] Read more

The Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery recently set up a display booth at the Winnipeg Beer Fest as part of an effort to introduce mead to the Manitoba market. | Supplied photo

Manitoba couple creates a buzz with meadery

On the Farm: Julia and Kon Paseschnikoff use honey harvested from their 175 hives located across the southern part of the province

WINNIPEG — The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Vikings all hoisted cups of mead, a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey. Now Julia and Kon Paseschnikoff are introducing mead to the Manitoba market through their bottled honey wines and cans of craft mead. “All cultures had some form of mead,” said Julia, adding that it’s still […] Read more

This 104-year-old farmhouse has stood the test of time, but it’s what was found inside that turned out to be priceless. | Beverly Biggeman photo

Old farmhouse relinquishes its treasures

Sorting through the contents of a 104-year-old home while making it liveable again offers an enchanting link to the past

A 104-year-old farmhouse can yield a treasure trove of stories, memories and folklore. When my husband, Bob, and I moved into the family farmhouse near Swift Current, Sask., we began a 10-year-long project to restore the farmhouse to its former glory. We determined at the outset that we were not going to sink our life […] Read more

The author recounts a memorable fall road trip that almost ended in despair. | Alma Barkman photo

Long autumn road trip turns into childhood adventure

Fancy new car, a paved highway and ice cream were highlights of a trip that felt like floating straight toward paradise

The first bumper crop in years had just been sold and my parents and I were about to embark on the longest trip I had ever taken — almost 500 kilometres. Mom made arrangements with the new school teacher about my impending leave of absence, and because my marks in Grade 5 had all been […] Read more

An eating disorder is, above all else, a family problem, and it is through the family that you might get that final resolution to free-flow the love all of you want and need from each other. | Getty Images

Daughter’s eating disorder likely needs medical attention

Q: I am concerned about our daughter. When she was 14, a couple of years ago, she told me that she wanted to start doing her own diet at home. At first, I thought that was great. She was being what I would consider nutritionally responsible, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, granola for breakfast, […] Read more

Students at The Farm do chores as part of their daily work. | Supplied photo

Classroom exchanged for wide-open spaces

Alberta high school students enrolled at The Farm study core subjects such as math, history and science while also learning about agriculture

Traditional views of school involve students sitting at desks while a teacher lectures. Rocky View School Division has a different approach through a program called The Farm, now in its third year of operation. “It came down to a local parent who just kind of said school is a little bit frustrating for her kid, […] Read more

Crisp, slightly sour McIntosh apples make excellent applesauce. They break down easily during the cooking process. | Sarah Galvin photo

Sky’s the limit during British Columbia fruit season

British Columbia fruit season was my favourite season when I was growing up on the family farm in southeastern Saskatchewan. Every summer the general store took orders for cases of peaches, pears, cherries and plums. Every year my mother would water-bath can the delicious fruits and stock the cold room for winter meals. Meeting Kulwinder […] Read more