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A Red Arrow bus prepares to depart from downtown Edmonton.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

New routes plug holes in bus service

British Columbia

A number of transportation services are beginning to take shape on the Prairies, filling the gap that Greyhound left behind when it disappeared from rural roads at the end of last month. The long-time motor coach operator is being replaced by a variety of providers, including government-subsidized services and the private sector. There are shuttles, […] Read more

Matt Cole shrink wraps a large boat in the bright spacious shop that used to be a dairy barn.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Farm diversification takes an unusual turn

On the Farm: When grain farming wasn’t enough, this Alberta family expanded into boats, and then shrink wrappings

BENTLEY, Alta. — Ongoing uncertainty around changes to the Canadian dairy system influenced Dennis and Laurie Duncan’s decision to sell their 70 dairy cows at their third generation farm. “We sold five years ago due to the threat of losing quota to trade negotiations,” Dennis said. “Now we’re just grain.” Coulee Ridge Farms grows canola, […] Read more

These firecracker shrimp are more interesting than a grocery store shrimp ring and take only minutes to make.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Christmas season foods for entertaining

The Christmas season sneaks up on us every year, and every year we search for new recipe ideas. Simple is best. And if it can be made in advance, even better. There tends to be no end of sweets, but interesting savoury foods are sometimes lacking. Firecracker shrimp Skip the usual shrimp ring this year […] Read more

Crowds of visitors fill the main entrance to Angkor Wat. |  Arlene and Robin Karpan photo

Angkor Wat lives up to its reputation

For the last two years, Angkor Wat was chosen as the World’s Top Landmark in Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. This ancient city in northwestern Cambodia has risen from near obscurity during the bad old days of wars and political turmoil in the late 20th century to become one of the most popular tourist destinations […] Read more

Rural residents affected by crime want stiffer penalties for young offenders, a federal committee studying the issue heard recently.

Rural residents want young offender changes

A parliamentary committee is also told that harsher sentences are needed to keep criminals behind bars longer

Rural residents affected by crime want stiffer penalties for young offenders, a federal committee studying the issue heard recently. Nick Cornea, a Briercrest, Sask., farmer who founded the Facebook page Farmers Against Rural Crime last February, said children as young as 11 are committing crimes without fear of a record or penalty. He represents about […] Read more

Same page parenting is tricky

Q: My husband and I agreed to write to you to see if you could give us a little guidance for dealing with our children. We need help parenting. The problem is that we are seldom together on this thing. I tend to be a little more rigid than he is, and within the family […] Read more

The survey results of Saskatchewan's consultation on trespass laws show the majority want mandatory permission to enter rural property. | File photo

Sask. trespass survey finds support for mandatory permission

The survey results of Saskatchewan’s consultation on trespass laws show the majority want mandatory permission to enter rural property. However, the response numbers were low. Only 1,601 people participated in the consultation held between Aug. 9 and Oct. 2. Two-thirds of the responses, or 1,039, said anyone who wants to enter privately owned rural property […] Read more

Farmers operate a stook loader east of Gem, Alta., in the fall of 1919. The First World War left a lasting impact on western Canadian agriculture.  |  Glenbow Archives NA-2478-6

First World War shaped future of ag

Conscription and a price crash following the war fuelled the anger that sparked the ‘farmers revolt’ of the 1920s

The “war to end all wars” ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 — 100 years ago. It extracted a tremendous toll on Canadians. Nearly 61,000 were killed and another 172,000 were wounded over its four-year duration. It irrevocably changed the direction of the country and the […] Read more

Harold Hathaway was the first Hathaway brother to enlist in the First World War.  |  Hathaway family photo

When the Hathaways went to war

Surviving letters from one of two prairie brothers shed light on the tragic experiences of Canadian soldiers in the First World War

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement, which ended the First World War on Nov. 11, 1918. When it began in 1914, most thought it would be a brief skirmish. “I’ll be home by Christmas” was the phrase used often by volunteers. On their homesteads west of Lloydminster, two […] Read more

Ulf Herde uses horses for almost all of his cattle work.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Ranch uses tight rotations, little machinery

On the Farm: Ulf Herde runs about 400 head on his ranch near Ardmore, Alta., using corn for winter grazing

Ardmore, Alta. — All of Ulf Herde’s cattle are just about ready to return to the home pasture. He has already got one group here, grazing close to the yard, while the other groups forage on nearby land. Once it’s the middle of November, he will manage the animals as one bunch. Weaning will then […] Read more