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The program is an annual North America-wide operation conducted by agencies that belong to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in Canada, the United States and Mexico. | File photo

Roadcheck 2021 begins in Alberta

Alberta’s Sheriff Highway Patrol is stepping up its inspections May 4-6 during Roadcheck 2021, a three-day campaign focusing on commercial vehicle safety. Officers will conduct hundreds of additional inspections throughout the province to ensure commercial vehicle drivers are operating safely. The program is an annual North America-wide operation conducted by agencies that belong to the […] Read more

The last standing grain elevator in Pense, Sask. was toppled today. | Karen Briere photo

Last elevator in Pense falls

The last remaining elevator in Pense, Sask. was demolished May 3 by Adair’s Demolition. It was owned by Viterra, officially closed in 2001 and then used for storage until last year. At one time the community had six elevators, beginning with the first built in 1892. This one had actually been moved down the track […] Read more

The bill, if passed, would allow sentencing to include

MP’s bill targets rural crime with harsher sentences

A Conservative MP is trying to tackle rural crime by introducing a law that would punish more severely those accused of targeting remote and vulnerable people or property. Red Deer-Lacombe MP Blaine Calkins brought his proposed law to parliamentarians on April 20. “Rural Canadians too often don’t feel safe in their own homes. Many have […] Read more

SaskPower announced its annual “Look up and Live” campaign, reminding farmers to take an extra minute or two when operating machinery around power lines. | File photo

Night work called a factor in farm accidents

A Saskatchewan farmer says an increase in fieldwork being done in the dark is to blame for more power line contacts

Two years ago, Lionel Ector was harvesting a crop near his farm in Elbow, Sask. It was night-time and he was operating a new combine, a demo machine, from a dealer in Saskatoon. He steered the combine around a power pole and then continued on his way. “I straightened out, to go as normal, and […] Read more

The Alberta government says fees collected for random camping on public lands on the province’s Eastern Slopes will be used to promote public safety, support conservation and upgrade infrastructure, but critics argue it will discourage outdoor activities during the pandemic. | Getty Images

Alarm raised over Alta. camping fees

Province plans to charge for random camping on public lands in the Eastern Slopes from Grande Prairie to Waterton

Plans by the provincial government to charge fees to randomly camp on public crown lands in the Eastern Slopes are sparking concerns it will discourage some Albertans from a source of safe outdoor activities during the pandemic. People age 18 and older would be required to pay $30 per person for an annual pass as […] Read more

Serve this Mediterranean bean salad with a hearty whole grain bread for a complete protein meal. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Complementary combinations create complete protein

The combination of wheat or rice with beans or lentils is referred to as complementary because they create a nutritionally complete protein. To explain this, consider that proteins are an essential part of every cell, tissue and fluid in our bodies. Proteins are made from amino acids, which can be thought of as building blocks. […] Read more

Many families see their way through preadolescence with few, if any, disruptions. | Getty Images

Preadolescence does not have to lead to universal chaos

Q: Our family is about to engage in preadolescence and pick up on whatever all of that involves. Our oldest daughter turns 11 a week from tomorrow. So far, all has been well within the family, but from what I have heard, including what I have read and studied when I was a student at […] Read more

Bob Buskas has fledged thousands of purple martins on his farm with his specially designed purple martin houses. In his own North Star design, the compartments can be removed easily for cleaning and checking the young. Special entrance holes also deter owls, starlings and sparrows. | Mary MacArthur photo

Farm opens door for purple martins

Alberta producer kicks off a building boom in condominium-style bird houses that sees the species’ population explode

WETASKIWIN, Alta. — Over the next few weeks, Bob Buskas’ eyes will be on his fields as he begins to seed. He also has an eye to the sky as he waits for the purple martins to return to his farm. It takes about two to three weeks for the birds to fly from their […] Read more

Neighbours, family and friends dropped by to gaze at the blossoms and whiff in the fragrance; for a short season, it was the most blossomy yard around. | Getty Images

Multi-fruit bearing crabapple tree was a wonder to behold

Grafting allowed one tree to produce four varieties — the original Nerchinsk as well as Goodland, Kerr and Garland

Every spring, the crabapple tree in my backyard sent forth sensory blessings to the neighborhood —white blooms with a fragrant aroma, a sort of “the white way of delight” as Anne in the story Anne of Green Gables labelled it. Neighbours, family and friends dropped by to gaze at the blossoms and whiff in the […] Read more

Albertans will be able to share their environmental concerns as part of upcoming public consultations over a new coal policy for the province, said Energy Minister Sonya Savage. | Mike Sturk photo

Alta. halts Category 2 coal exploration; keeps input terms

The Alberta government has halted coal exploration on Category 2 lands in the Eastern Slopes region of the Rocky Mountains in response to extensive public feedback, said Energy Minister Sonya Savage. It includes a three-week online survey by the government ending April 19 that attracted nearly 25,000 respondents, she said during a news conference April […] Read more