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Healing grows along with vegetables

Healing grows along with vegetables

Market garden offers Yazidi families who have resettled in Winnipeg an opportunity to plant and harvest their own crops

Onions, potatoes, garlic, pumpkins, squash, beans, peas, carrots and other vegetables were planted in mid-May on a nine-acre plot of land next to the Assiniboine River in St. Francois Xavier, Man. It marks the start of the third growing season at the Healing Farm Project. The Healing Farm Project’s mandate is providing food security for […] Read more

Pork tenderloin is one of the leanest cuts and is equivalent in fat to skinless chicken breasts. Pork pairs well with berries such as these haskaps. | Sarah Galvin photo

Cooks have many options when preparing pork at home

Here are a few fun facts about pork. It is the world’s most widely consumed meat. So many cultures eat pork, including tacos in Mexico, souvlaki in Greece, salami and porchetta in Italy, jamon Iberico in Spain, satays in Indonesia, tourtiere in Canada and stir-fries in China. Each market hog represents 371 servings of pork. […] Read more

The Keddys employ about 80 people on their Nova Scotia farm with most coming from Jamaica and Mexico. | Supplied photo

Nova Scotia producers try sweet potatoes

On the Farm: Family’s first years growing the sub-tropical crop were closer to disaster than success but they persevered

The Keddys seem to prefer to do things the hard way, like farming. The young couple lives in a fertile, warm, rich farming area that can grow all sorts of crops with good yields and returns. Instead of growing one of those proven winners, Katie and Phil decided to embrace something nobody else was growing, […] Read more

Shale Creek Bison Ranch is home to approximately 60 head. | Danielle Moran photo

First generation rancher thrives raising bison

Doing custom work for a bison producer was all it took to convince
this grain farmer from Manitoba to switch career paths 25 years ago

Jamie Moran started his agricultural career in grain farming, but it didn’t last. Not after he did custom work for a bison rancher and found his calling. “There was just something about them,” he said. “I watched this other guy for 10 years. I custom worked with them for years and years and I just […] Read more

Cheryl Wozny fills the nesting boxes with straw while Angela Balgobin and her children, Annabelle and Nathaniel, look on. | Mary MacArthur photo

Want a chicken? Why not kick its tires first

Alberta company rents laying hens for the summer to those interested in backyard chickens but would like a trial run first

RED DEER — Scared of a commitment to chickens? In Alberta, you can now rent a chicken and see if you’re ready for full-time chicken ownership. Angela Balgobin and her family are renting chickens for the summer to see if they want chickens full-time. “It was as easy as ordering a pizza,” said Balgobin. She […] Read more

Landon Friesen, a Manitoba farmer, was quick to get onboard with Rob Stone's

Farmer turns rain into fundraiser

A simple tweet raised tens of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations thanks to recent rain. Rob Stone, who farms at Davidson, Sask., posted a “rainy day challenge” on Twitter May 14. He pledged to donate $1,000 to a charity if it rained a half-inch or more at his farm by May 25. “Join me […] Read more

Andrew Button started Mashup Lab in 2014 to unleash the rural potential he saw in maritime communities. | Supplied photo

Business incubator takes rural focus

Mashup Lab, which began in Nova Scotia as a way to help rural entrepreneurs, recently offered a course on the Prairies

It worked in Nova Scotia, so why not try it on the Prairies? That’s the idea behind a business crash course from a Nova Scotia entrepreneur who has helped harness the power of rural innovators across the Maritimes. “A lot of people have great ideas, but they just get overwhelmed by the process of having […] Read more

These chilaquiles may not be totally traditional, but they are tasty and easy to make. A cast iron skillet is your best friend when roughing it — perfect for breakfast. | Sarah Galvin photo

Great outdoors not the same without campfire cooking

We are more than ready for relaxing outdoors this summer. Canadians are fortunate to have wide open spaces to safely spend a pandemic summer. With luck, this will be our last pandemic summer for some time. Starry nights, campfires, sleeping out and nature walks are calling. Complement this with nice food and we are happy […] Read more