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Hydraulic shop doors make closure simple

The simplicity and ease of maintenance have made hydraulic shop doors increasingly popular for Canadian farmers. “The whole concept behind the Powerlift Hydraulic Door, or any hydraulic lift door, is to get away from moving parts,” said Mike Aleman of Powerlift Hydraulic Doors in southern Alberta. “So there are no cables, no rollers, springs, none […] Read more

Steel containers provide simple storage space

Steel storage containers that can be moved in sections and easily assembled offer a quick solution for farmers who need extra storage space. Safeco containers resemble shipping containers when assembled but fold down to 12 inch flat-packs that can be easily transported and moved. “I can walk them through something as small as a man […] Read more

Outlook-area soybean practices mostly in line with Manitoba’s

As Saskatchewan soybean acres increase, local experts have been examining best management practices to see if they need to be revised. “As we move northward and westward, practices have refined. And I would argue that the most important aspects of agronomy that we need to look at is seedling establishment. If we cannot get that […] Read more

Balanced nutrients help soil microbes

Starved organic soils erode soil organic matter

Organic grain farms rely on micro-organisms to cycle soil nutrients into plant-available forms, but nutrient imbalances in organic soils can hamper this process. “In organic systems, you don’t have inorganic fertilizers bringing in primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, but each year, you have grain being harvested so you are exporting those nutrients off the system,” said […] Read more

Wheat midge risk low in Sask.

The Saskatchewan wheat midge population took a shellacking from the dry weather last summer, and there’s now a low risk from the pest in much of the province this year. “The drier weather took care of the midge in a lot of areas,” said Wes Woods of SeCan. “They need about 25 millimetres of precipitation […] Read more

Soil amendments should be chosen carefully

After her presentation, Bobbi Helgason, researcher with Agriculture Canada, was asked if adding amendments such as compost teas or sugar to soils can improve the health of microbial communities in agriculture land. In terms of adding compost teas for an inoculum source, “my knee jerk reaction would be that soil microbial communities are already abundant […] Read more

VIDEO: Barn burner

What goes up....

It was a resilient old barn that withstood the brutal lashings of prairie weather for decades. It was erected by John and Wilma Belcher north of Bield, Manitoba, along the south boundary of the Duck Mountain provincial park, and was the centre of the farm’s livestock operations. The first half of the barn was built […] Read more

Technology targets spray control

A dealer network is being established in Canada to install, sell and support a spraying system that senses and sprays individual weeds on a broad-acre scale. Andries Mellema said he holds the exclusive rights in Canada to the WEEDit system through Tramontana Agro Technologies. “We are focused first on the market in Western Canada…,” he […] Read more

VIDEO: Farmers gain access to improved soil information

Information on Saskatchewan soils collected throughout the 20th century by the provincial soil survey is readily available through a new online platform. The Saskatchewan Soil Information System (SKSIS) was launched during the University of Saskatchewan’s Soils and Crops meeting in Saskatoon by Angela Bedard-Haughn, head of the department of soil science at the U of […] Read more

Farmer develops tractor control

An Alberta farmer has developed open source software capable of driving tractors autonomously with the use of their existing GPS. AgOpenGPS is a free program farmers can download onto a tablet, which users then plug into a port located on the back of most GPS systems. The tablet also needs to connect to an arduino, […] Read more