Forward Robotics’ fixed-wing hybrid drone, the U7AG, takes off and lands vertically and has a base station that automatically fills and recharges it, greatly reducing the labour to operate the system.  |  Forward Robotics photo

New drones dealing with spray drift

Vertical takeoff and landing, conventional aerofoil, high capacity UAV unmanned aerial vehicle unique design

Drones designed to spray broad- acre agricultural crops usually use fine droplets with a low water-to-chemical ratio to try and make up for their limited fluid carrying capacity. This greatly limits their use, because extremely low water volumes are off-label and fine droplets are prone to drift, where they might take out a neighbour’s crop. […] Read more

The AXION 900 TT can travel up to 25 miles per hour, and has an adjustable brake assist turn to help it through tight turns. | Robin Booker photo

Video: Claas adds tracked tool to box

Decatur, Ill. — Following the commercial launch of the Axion 900 and 800 series tractors in the United States and Canada this summer, Claas displayed the next big development for this tractor line. “Here is the Axion TT, or the tracked version,” said Drew Fletcher, tractor product manager for Claas of America during the Farm […] Read more

The new RoGator AirMax pneumatic fertilizer spreader is mounted on the RoGator 1300C chassis. | Robin Booker photo

Fast flowing floater feeds fertilizer

Decatur, Ill. — With the capacity to spread more than 850 pounds per acre at 10 m.p.h., the new RoGator AirMax pneumatic fertilizer spreader provides another option for Canadian growers to “send it.” “Before, 500 lb. was maybe the top end of that limit. This has really opened up the capacity of this machine,” said […] Read more

Listening is best medicine in tough times

There is no need to list the curveballs this crop year has thrown at Canadian producers. Farmers know how hard it’s been. Each of the weather and market hurdles have kept thousands of you up at night as you run through scenarios of what might happen next and what you can do to pull through. […] Read more

Adding value to each tool, the granular or small seed delivery Pro-Cast can be used on the Pro-till or harrow.  |  Robin Booker photo

Seeding attachment developed for Pro-Till

Degelman Industries says the unit can control residue, get the crop seeded and allow cover crops to start growing

DECATUR, Ill. — Regina’s Degelman Industries launched a seeding attachment for its Pro-Till at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. “Pro-Cast can be linked in with all of our Pro-Till machines and can be hooked in with all of our Strawmasters as well,” said Paul Degelman of Degelman Industries. He said it was largely […] Read more

Satellite and aerial images are used to create high resolution imagery and data for Pleaides Neo.  |  Airbus photo

Next-gen satellites to boost ag imaging

St. Louis, Mo. — Airbus is no newcomer to agricultural imagery, but with the upcoming launch of its next generation of satellites the company is set to become an even bigger player. “We are one year away from launching our next system, which will be Pleiades Neo,” said Sky Rubin of Airbus Defense and Space […] Read more

The solar energy system EVOLVsolar installed on Joe Wecker’s farm in southern Saskatchewan will produce approximately 130,000 kilowatt hours per year. | photo by EVOLVsolar

Rebates make solar power a ‘no-brainer’

UPDATE: September 23, 2019 – The day this story was posted SaskPower announced it was halting its net metering program. The program is currently “under review.” Joe Wecker spent years looking into a solar power system for his organic farm in southern Saskatchewan, but it didn’t make financial sense until a rebate program was introduced by […] Read more

The Kinze 4700 is a bulk-fill planter with 120 bushels of seed and 600 gallons of fertilizer capacity. | Robin Booker photo

Kinze’s big plans for big planter

Decatur, Ill. — Kinze brought its all-new 4700 planter, a 36-row, 20-inch unit, to the Farm Progress Show in Decatur for growers interested in narrow row spacing. “Kinze has always been in the 3620, the 20-inch market. But what this planter does is it gives us a little bit more versatility than we’ve had in […] Read more