This new feature will enable operators to stay in the field longer because they will no longer have to disengage the auto steering system and grab the steering wheel to make the headland turns. | Screencap via

Auto turnaround a step toward autonomous operations

Raven Industries has improved its visual guidance system (VSN) with the addition of two new features — full canopy guidance and automatic row turnaround. “Automatic row turnaround is a feature that enables that operator to program in a speed and a geometry in which they want to turn and the system will automatically detect that […] Read more

Researchers clip wild oat panicles sticking out the top of lentil and wheat canopies to see if wild oat clipping can be part of an integrated weed management strategy.  |  Breanne Tidemann photo

Clip the tops over the heads of the crops

Removing weed seeds and stems from standing crop might not impact yields but does affect the seed bank

When you see a wild oat patch sticking up above a crop canopy, you have to wonder if trimming off the tops would reduce the weed pressure in the field. This is what Breanne Tidemann is analyzing, with the first of her trials recently published in Canadian Agronomist. “We’ve had questions from farmers, the idea […] Read more

AGCO Challenger tractors will now be offered in Fendt colours, but the new 16.2 liter MAN engine provides a horsepower bump to the biggest tractors in these lineups. The 1167 Vario MT has 670 h.p., while the biggest Challenger previously had 600 maximum. The tractors also come with a new VarioDrive transmission that makes them the highest h.p. two-track tractors to offer a CVT transmission.  |  Fendt photo

New Fendt tractors receive major upgrades

The 1100 Vario MT is the highest h.p. two-track to offer a CVT transmission and is the company’s largest tractor

The paint, joystick and warranty are all that differentiates the newly branded Fendt 1100 Vario MT and 900 Vario MT tractor lines from the latest Challenger models, but there have been some significant upgrades to the tractors. The 1100 Vario MT is the highest horsepower two-track tractors to offer a CVT transmission and is the […] Read more

Implement sales recover after COVID slump

Canadian combine sales are down 16.8 percent from last year, but equipment dealers saw a 41 percent increase in July

Farm equipment sales tanked in North America when COVID-19 lockdown restrictions came into effect in March, and equipment manufacturers have been digging themselves out of this sales deficit ever since. However, the sales report issued by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has shown strong sales this summer. “In May, June and July it’s been […] Read more

Researchers mounted Garford spray shields and a spraying system with Teejet Even nozzles on a steerable cultivator frame to research inter-row spraying.  |  Eric Johnson photo

Weeding between the rows, finding control of pests

Sprayer systems with the technology to provide mechanical selection between crops and everything else in the field

Spraying a non-selective herbicide between crop rows isn’t a common practice in broad-acre grain and oilseed production, even though there are a few sprayers available in foreign equipment markets that can perform such a pass. “Garford makes one in Australia called the Crop Stalker. They have been around for a few years, but they are […] Read more

An ad-hoc committee of 12 people has been formed, with producer, scientist, extension staff, industry and agronomist representation. They aim to raise awareness of the problem and to identify gaps in research.
 | File photo

Prairie wild oat action committee in action

A request was made to the Canadian Weed Science Society by a few Alberta-based farmers to form a wild oat action committee to focus on the problem of herbicide-resistant wild oats. An ad-hoc committee of 12 people was formed, with producer, scientist, extension staff, industry and agronomist representation. They aim to raise awareness of the […] Read more

Picking the highs and lows and making the field whole

The Climate Corp.’s FieldView has added a crop protection prescription tool farmers can use to create variable-rate scripts for any zone in their fields. “For a fungicide, think about a canola crop or a soybean crop in Eastern Canada where the more biomass we have, the more risk we have for sclertoinioa or white mould,” […] Read more

A mysterious disease is plaguing chickpea crops in southern Sask. again. Blighted and diminished plants are being found.  |  SaskPulse photos

Chickpea mystery back for a second season

The chickpea crop in southern Saskatchewan took another shellacking this summer and no one seems to know why. “It’s a complex issue that’s not one thing so it might be a complex answer, which no one wants to hear but I think that’s where we’re heading,” said Dave Greenshields, director of Research and Development at […] Read more

Fendt now produces the largest combine in the world, with the release of its IDEAL 10 combine that has 100 more horsepower compared to John Deer’s new X9 combine, and 20 percent more harvesting capacity compared to the IDEAL 9. In this picture is the IDEAL 10T, the tracked version. |  Fendt/Andreas Mohr photo

Fendt launches its own monster combine

Not to be outdone by John Deere’s recent release of the X9, Fendt has released two models of its new 790-horsepower class 10 combine platform, the Ideal 10 and Ideal 10T (tracked), which now hold the title as the largest combines in the world. The Ideal 10 and 10T join the line-up of Fendt’s Ideal […] Read more

Clean Seed’s system now relies on a 7605 Bulk Transfer Cart that sends bulk product to the seeder as the row meters call for it. There are individual load cells on each of the five tanks in the cart and there is a total capacity of 760 bushels.  |  Clean Seed photo

New Clean Seed comes from a clean slate

Leading-edge technology remains a focus, but metering and distribution changes for new model’s design and function

Clean Seed Capital group redesigned its Smart Seeder with the help of some blunt farmer feedback, and it plans to have two seeders on the market in the spring of 2021, the Smart Seeder Max and the Smart Seeder Max-S. “There was a tweet where someone said I don’t understand how you can keep throwing […] Read more