A mysterious disease is plaguing chickpea crops in southern Sask. Blighted and diminished plants are being found.  |  SaskPulse photos

Chickpea disease confounds experts

An unusual disease outbreak that swept across wide swaths of the Canadian chickpea crop in July has growers and agronomists scratching their heads. “The issue went across pretty much all of Western Canada and the northern (United States). It seems to be related to some sort of stress that the chickpeas would have been under […] Read more

Microsoft bring investment to agronomy analysis on the farm

An agronomics analytics service already used on more than 26 million acres is moving into the Canadian market, boosted by a recently announced US$3.2 million investment by M12—the corporate venture arm for Microsoft. “What it means is we will be scaling across the Americas,” said Anastasia Volkova, chief executive officer and founder of Australian startup […] Read more

Sony’s MSZ-2100G multi spectral sensing unit is capable of an RGB ground resolution of 4.93 centimeters per pixel at 400 feet, and a NDVI ground resolution of 11.78 centimeters at 400 feet.  | Robin Booker photo

Household name eyes ag imaging

Sony’s system uses a drone-mounted multispectral camera with two sensors to help producers create field maps

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Sony is bringing its digital camera and image processing expertise to the agriculture imaging market. The company’s scouting solution uses a drone-mounted multispectral camera with two sensors that capture 12 megapixel RGB, compressed RAW images and two megapixel, near infrared and red channels for NDVI maps. It also has a built-in […] Read more

Sensoterra’s soil moisture sensors are installed with a mallet and are guaranteed to provide a soil moisture reading once per hour for three years. | Robin Booker photo

Soil moisture sensors piece of cake to install

The sensors update information through a LoRaWAN or cellular network, enabling 
access to data any time farmers want it 

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A rubber mallet and a smartphone are all the tools needed to install Sensoterra’s line of soil moisture sensors. “You stick them in the ground, you whack them real hard until they’re snug to the ground, and they are installed,” said Bas van der Velden of Sensoterra at InfoAg in St. […] Read more

App offered as add-on to existing farm management systems

An image analysis service offers a smartphone app that identifies plant diseases, pests and weeds. “We are not a farm management system, we are a value-add, bolt-on to farm management systems,” said Craig Ganssle, founder and chief executive officer of Farmwave. “We do image analysis from disease and pest identification, diagnosis, severity rating, and we […] Read more

The GFM Discovery Farm is a 640-acre property dedicated to agricultural events and demonstration plots near Langham, Sask.  |  Robin Booker photo

Farm media group builds Discovery Farm

A new concept helps farmers discover agricultural innovations in a hands-on manner. The Glacier Farmmedia Discovery Farm was announced by company president Bob Willcox during the 2019 Ag In Motion innovation ceremonies in Saskatoon. The GFM Discovery Farm is a 640-acre property dedicated to agricultural events and demonstration plots near Langham, Sask., which Willcox said […] Read more

At the Field of Excellence demonstration, seen by producers during the Ag in Motion farm show, 140 acres of canola was seeded, half with a Morris Quantum air seeder and the other half was seeded with a Horsch planter.  |  Michael Raine photo

Plot trials measure value of seed treatments

A planter provides slightly higher canola emergence compared to an air drill but the difference may be erased by a seed treatment, based on initial results of demonstration plot trials near Langham, Sask. The Field of Excellence trial plot is a 380-acre space dedicated to field-scale and small-scale demonstration plots. It is a place where […] Read more

Amazone’s ZG-TS spreader comes in two tank sizes, with 7,500 or 10,000 litre hoppers and an optional steerable axle, to avoid ruts in the headlands.  |  Michael Raine photo

Fertilizer delivery made quickly

Amazone’s trailed spreader gets fertilizer to ground quickly and accurately with variable rate control

REGINA — With a spread width up to 54 metres and operational speeds of up to 30 km-h, the Amazone ZG-TS trailed spreader is capable of quickly getting product to the ground. “The capacity is about 1,700 pounds per minute. That means you can spread a big amount in pounds per acre and still drive […] Read more

The latest in field data stations like this Pessl unit, an iMetos 3.3, benefits from LPWAN communications and has been a hit in Europe.  |  SMA photo

Saving on connections to and in the field

LoRa Alliance is made up of more than 500 member companies working toward large-scale deployment of the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) by promoting the LoraWan open standard. “We have a technology standard so you know that a device you’re working on will work anywhere in the world on any network. It’s based on […] Read more

Alex Thomasson, professor in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University, says the problem with some precision ag products is they don’t actually help growers answer questions and make decisions. | File photo

Precision ag struggling for full acceptance

Many new digital tools are not adopted yet as farmers wait to see a return on investment from technology

The term precision ag has been around for decades, and like other terms ubiquitously used, it can be difficult to know what someone means when they say it. To address this concern the board of the International Society for Precision Agriculture approved a definition of precision ag on June 20, which is as follows: “Precision […] Read more