The survey is part of a Pulse Canada project that aims to develop a life-cycle assessment for peas and lentils grown in Canada. | File photo

Pulse survey focuses on life-cycle assessment

Growers who fill out a Pulse Canada survey by Feb. 7 have a chance of winning a $1,000 Amazon gift card. “It’s probably one of the better draws in terms of your ability to win something. If we have 300 growers that take the survey, it would be much better odds of winning compared to […] Read more

Winter cereals group struggles for funding

Cash at the Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission is not plentiful. “Our levies are way down, less than half of what they were the previous year,” said Carol Ann Patterson, SWCDC executive director. “We’ve got basically far less winter cereals being either produced, harvested, or sold as winter cereals at the elevators.” During SWCDC’s annual […] Read more

Saskatchewan Agriculture and Agriculture Canada plan to spend slightly less than $11 million to support 47 crop-related research projects. | File photo

Sask., Ottawa commit funding for ag research

Attendees of CropSphere in Saskatoon have come to expect the Saskatchewan government to announce its yearly funding commitments towards the Agriculture Development Fund. “Research is the foundation of all advancements in our agriculture industry. This is why I’m pleased to announce new funding for the crop research here today,” said Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit […] Read more

A briefing note given to Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau suggests billions of dollars worth of Canadian crop exports to the EU are at risk. | Robin Booker photo

The jury is still out on trade deal with EU

The European Union’s move toward a hazard-based approach for pesticide approvals has put billions of dollars worth of Canadian crop exports at risk. A hazard-based approach regulates substances based on their intrinsic properties without accounting for the exposure to the substance, while a risk-based approach factors in exposure. Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau met May […] Read more

The VeriGrain sampler automatically collects grain from the auger’s flow.  |  Verigrain illustration

New sample system runs via bluetooth

Grain sampling systems provide a representative sample, traceability, and enable real-time analysis of grain

The standard scoop on a stick-sampling technique may soon be a thing of the past with VeriGrain’s launch of its 300 series automated sampling and data management system during Crop Production Week in Saskatoon. VeriGrain is a subsidiary of Intellicon. However, Intellicon chief executive officer Ken Jackson said VeriGrain is significant enough to warrant its […] Read more

EU COOL rules can be difficult to sort through

An access to information and privacy request acquired by The Western Producer shows how complicated the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is to sustain. A Nov. 30, 2018, email between Agriculture Canada staff included a background document on Poland’s move to introduce mandatory country-of-origin labelling for fresh potatoes, despite the Canada-European Union trade deal’s tariff […] Read more

An autonomous farming study at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, uses a robotic tractor and drill to seed winter wheat, spring barley, and fababeans. | Photo supplied by James Lowenberg-DeBoer

Robotic farming project focuses on swarms

The Hands Free Hectare project in Britain finds that many small robots may work better than larger, manned machinery

A study of autonomous farming at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, found that swarm farming with many small robots may be more efficient than farming with larger, manned machinery. “The initial economic analysis suggests that robots could cut the cost of producing wheat in the United Kingdom by 10 to 15 percent compared to […] Read more

This Manure Phosphorus Extraction System uses a screw press, a centrifuge, a diatomaceous earth filter and chemical treatment to remove phosphorus from swine and dairy manure. | Photo supplied by Clinton Church

Goodbye, phosphorus

A mobile manure treatment system developed by researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pennsylvania State University removes almost all of the phosphorus and solids from dairy and swine manure. “It uses a combination of liquid solid separation and chemical amendment in order to remove as much as 99 percent of the phosphorus from […] Read more

Redekop’s Seed Control Unit attaches below choppers, taking up to 70 h.p. from a mechanical belt drive.  |  Redekop photo

VIDEO: Canadian cage mill teams up with JD

Customers can order the impact mill as an option on S-Series combines, and more brands will be added for 2021

A Canadian-built cage mill that attaches to combine choppers and destroys weed seeds during harvest is now on the market. Saskatoon-based Redekop held the public launch of its Seed Control Unit in the John Deere booth at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, last November. Redekop owner Trevor Thiessen said the company’s been developing its impact mill […] Read more

Conservatives need a shift on climate change

With Andrew Scheer’s resignation as leader of Conservative Party of Canada, the party has an opportunity to establish a new approach to the climate crisis and promote economic development in rural and agricultural ridings. The Conservative party’s approach to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets large emitters and doesn’t affect farmers. Agriculture is largely exempt […] Read more