The AgXeed robot tractor doesn’t have any on-board decision making capability. It instead uses RTK GPS to guide it through pre-planned routes including headland turns and it will alert operators if it runs into problems.  |  |  AgXeed photo

Autonomous tractor captures imagination

Small machinery putting in big hours with little supervision offers farmers productivity opportunities

Dutch start-up AgXeed is developing crop production technologies that will enable farmers to perform real-world tasks through an online portal similar to a video game. Philipp Kamps, marketing manager of AgXeed said the company is creating a system that uses a digital twin of a farm where missions for autonomous equipment are created. A digital […] Read more

Land O’Lakes sustainability business, Truterra, launched its TruCarbon program that will pay farmers US$20 per ton to sequester carbon in their soils, beginning this summer. | Screencap via

Co-op creates grower’s carbon compensation plan

Land O’Lakes aspires to bring soil sequestration program to Canada, initially rolls it out 
in the U.S.

One of America’s largest farmer-owned co-operatives launched a new carbon sequestration program that enables farmers to generate and sell carbon credits to private sector buyers. Land O’Lakes sustainability business, Truterra, launched its TruCarbon program that will pay farmers US$20 per ton to sequester carbon in their soils, beginning this summer. Jason Weller is the vice-president […] Read more

Don’t forget to inspect the rubber track itself. Look for any loose or missing internal guide lugs and external treads and pay special attention to any cuts or rips in the rubber that expose the inner steel cords.  Once the cording has been exposed, but not visibly damaged, it’s important to have the track repaired as quickly as possible before the damage impacts the structural integrity of the track itself. If the track’s structure has not been compromised, check with your dealer or manufacturer for repair options.  These repairs can entail replacement of the inner guide lugs and exterior lugs or fixing cuts tears or rips in the tread itself. Consult the machine’s manual to confirm the exact steps required when making adjustments to your track system. Track maintenance should not be considered a daunting task.  |  Soucy photo

Maintaining the tracks improves life and performance for the long haul

There is a common misconception that track systems increase maintenance time and costs, companies say no

Track systems built for agriculture applications have come a long way during the past decade, but as with anything, they require maintenance. There used to be a larger variety of styles of tracked machines equipment manufacturers sold to farmers and they each had different maintenance demands. Now though, most track systems are similar. “Most of […] Read more

The TireGrabber allows producers to safely handle both small and large farm tires.  |  TireGrabber photo

Grabbing the big stuff safely and securely

Handling tires on the farm has always been a bit risky, but today’s rubber is awkward at best, dangerous at worst

For the second year in a row the TireGrabber won first place for farm safety in the Manitoba Ag Days awards. The 2021 award was for the company’s updated product, the TireGrabber Reversible, that fits more tire sizes and types. Darcy Goossen, owner of TireGrabber, said he was asked by prospective customers for the ability […] Read more

Solectrac 40 h.p. utility electric tractor.  |  Solectrac photo

Small and mighty, these electrics spark imagination

Electric farm machinery is finding its way into a few special fields, but the broadacre future might be full of them

Electric-powered farm equipment is inevitable for many agricultural applications, especially those with many stop-and-start duty cycles. Significant advancements in electrification are needed before diesel tanks can be removed from machines like combines and high-horsepower tractors that typically run at a set duty cycle all day long. However, the technology is already available for compact electric […] Read more

Built on a Harvest International toolbar, the Laser row units are on 15-inch centres for canola and beans, with second-row lockups for 30-inch corn and sunflower. Precision Planting Delta Force hydraulic down force manages them after Yetter units clear the way. Precision also looks after metering out three liquid products. Camso tracks keep it off the ground.  |  Travis Messer photo

Planting canola by the numbers, one seed at a time

North Dakota farmer had a new planting tool custom built so the farm can seed canola to corn in a single pass with speed and precision

Travis Messer first built a planter that could handle his North Dakota farm’s canola crop in 2015. “Our farm had been in canola for a number of years and we just knew what planters, with good depth control and precise placement, would be a way to save on some seed costs,” Messer said. He said […] Read more

Clark Brenzil is a weed specialist with the province of Saskatchewan and says soil type matters along with moisture conditions for carryover.  | Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food photo

Herbicide carryover called major risk for pulses this year

There’s a high risk of herbicide carryover across southern and central Saskatchewan, and some areas have an extreme risk. Many crops are vulnerable to herbicide carryover, but pulse crops are particularly sensitive to groups 2 and 4 and potentially group 27 chemistries, which can cause crop damage for up to two years after application in […] Read more

Chief executive officer Nadir Ali said the nanoLOC chip can be used to track equipment and livestock, as well as monitor the health of livestock. | Screencap via

Agriculture puts radio chips to work by tracking cattle in dairy barns

Inpixon’s Nanotron Technologies has stepped into the agriculture ring with its nanoLOC transceiver chip, which has been used for real-time location system (RTLS) asset tracking by the industrial and mining industries for years. Nanotron is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Inpixon. Chief executive officer Nadir Ali said the nanoLOC chip can be used to track equipment […] Read more

The Amity Technology Crop Chaser is a grain and silage cart designed for soft soils and/or low compaction.  Rather than auger it into the truck, dump it. | Amity Technology photo

Don’t bother lifting it up with the auger, take it over the top

Fargo, North Dakota’s Amity Technology is selling a high-lift, side-dump cart that can be used with silage, grain and specialty crops like sugar beets. There are two models in the Crop Chaser lineup: the CC1000 single-tank and CC2000 double-tank. The 1000 single-tank model has independent front and rear live wall chains and four hydraulic remotes […] Read more

X-Steam-inator generates high temperature steam for non-selective weed control.  |  X-Steam-inator photo

X-Steam-inator makes sweet deal with Honeybee

X-Steam-inator Agricultural Products signed a memorandum of understanding with Honey Bee Manufacturing to build an implement that uses steam to kill weeds. Kevin Hursh works with X-Steam-inator and he said it made sense to align with a Saskatchewan-based manufacturer instead of setting up a new plant. “It’s actually a lot of component parts that need […] Read more