Bourgault’s new Paralink hoe drills, the 3330SE and the 3335QDA, have a new dual knife opener option that is part of a system that allows growers to place granular fertilizer in three locations for each seed run. The 3335QDA series can be equipped with AccuSet that allows operators to adjust seeding depth on-the-go from the tractor cab.  |   Bourgault photo

Bourgault offers new precision drills

With three opener options including a new one, Bourgault’s third generation Paralink hoe drills have many options for product placement, especially when combined with the company’s Trimax airflow system available on the new 9000 series air carts.  Two series of Paralink hoe drills are available: the 3330SE and the 3335 Quick Depth Adjust. Both drills […] Read more

At up to 76 feet wide with up to a 1300 bushel commodity tank, Bourgaults is now offering a monster one-pass planting setup that can be used with either a coulter or hoe style drill, that can also be quickly switched back to use the air carts volumetric metering system. | Bourgault photo

Bourgault launches air planter system

Bourgault moved into the planter market with the launch of its Air Planter system that can be used with the company’s PLR opener on the new 3820 coulter drill, as well as the PLS, PLX and PLD openers on its 3330SE and 3335QDA hoe drills. “I don’t think there are too many other players on […] Read more

The Lexion 6900 and 6800 straw walker combines were designed for small grains and they are most comfortable in wheat, canola, and grass seed crops. The 6000 series offers a 25 percent capacity gain over the combine they replace, the Lexion 760. |  Claas photo

Claas debuts walkers for small grains

With the help of an additional separator drum, the new Lexion 6000 series of straw walker combines are designed to be more efficient than their predecessor, the Lexion 760. The Lexion 760 earned a following with western Canadian growers because of its fuel efficiency and precision in crops like wheat, canola and grass seed. The […] Read more

In May, provided an update on crop protection products of concern for the 2020 growing year. | Screencap via

Doing it right, doing it right, doing it right

What happens on the farm matters in international markets, so the President of Cereals Canada wants to make sure that growers pay attention to labels. Cam Dahl said producers should follow label instructions on crop protection products and do everything they can to stay ahead of fusarium head blight. “Whether it comes to pesticide residues […] Read more

Faster starting and tighter lines for Trimble RTK upgrade

Trimble expanded its CenterPoint RTX Fast subscription service into southern Canada and can now provide users two centimetres of accuracy with less than two minutes of initialization time. Michael Bruno of Trimble said the service takes the benefits of satellite-based services, (no need for additional hardware like a base station), and also provides the accuracy […] Read more

The Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ is presently the only fixed-wing drone available to fit with the MicaSense10-band sensor system. The 10 lenses of the sensor system can be seen on the bottom of the drone. It retails for US$20,000, including post-processed kinematic (PPK) and iBase. |  Quantum-Systems photo

Multi-band imaging system offers more

An imaging system for drones that offers 10 spectral bands has recently been released by MicaSense, a Seattle-based developer of multispectral imaging hardware. The company sells a five spectral band camera with five separate lenses called RedEdge-MX, as well as its higher-resolution Altum multispectral camera that captures five bands but also captures a radiometric thermal […] Read more

Malformed flowers and pods are the most obvious symptoms of aster yellows in canola. In infected canola plants flowers are replaced by sterile, green leaf-like structures, and pods are replaced by oval and hollow structures. | Photo supplied by Tyler Wist

Pandemic sets back disease discovery

Aster yellows disease forecasting for western Canadian field crops is difficult in a normal spring, but this year it presents a whole new level of issues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agriculture Canada laboratories in Saskatoon are usually well into testing leafhoppers for aster yellows by June, but this year they are yet to test […] Read more

Telematics allows diverse data collection

Farmers Edge’s CanPlug device takes harvested crop data on the go, system combines it with other farm information

There are a few companies that use weight measurements from the grain carts to increase the accuracy of yield maps. However, Farmers Edge takes it a step further by combining yield results with other production data, including fertilizer inputs and crop varieties, and also provides benchmark analysis of a crop compared to other producers in […] Read more

GrainSense offers handheld convenience and the ability to make decisions in the field.  | GrainSense photo

Measurements made easier thanks to on-farm testers

Getting protein levels on your grain used to be cumbersome. It involved a trip to the local grain elevator or sometimes weeks of waiting for results after sending samples into the laboratory. This was far too slow, especially for growers who need these specs immediately to help them with storage and crop segregation decisions during […] Read more

Kochia is a difficult weed to control in many crops. The rise of Group 2 resistance in the weed has resulted in few herbicide choices for producers.  |  Michael Raine photo

Miss pre-seed burn off? What are the options now?

Cool spring weather meant many growers couldn’t wait for a nice flush of weeds before laying down a pre-seed burn down for their pulse crops, which means timing their in-crop applications is even more critical than usual this year. “We’re hearing that a few fellows are stuck where their crop is coming up and they […] Read more