Excellent quality sends malting barley price down

Ample supplies of malt barley have led to soft prices and the only hope for turning things around hinges on a poor Australian harvest. Rod Green, a barley broker with Central Ag Marketing Ltd. in Airdrie, Alta., said the condition of Canada’s crop couldn’t be more different compared to last year, when there were a […] Read more

Farmer checkoff to support malt barley research

The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre in Winnipeg has reached a new funding agreement that will provide stable, long-term support for operations that benefit Canada’s malting barley value chain. The centre announced Sept 6 that it will continue to receive funding from Alberta Barley, the Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Association and the Saskatchewan Barley […] Read more

Researcher weighs risks of glyphosate for malt barley dry-down

It’s fine to hit malting barley with glyphosate, at least theoretically. But the challenge of doing it in the field in true farming conditions was highlighted by long-time barley researcher John O’Donovan at the Canadian Barley Symposium. “If the farmer does everything right — correct stage, uniform dry-down is achieved — the residue levels will […] Read more

Feed barley down, malt demand up

REGINA — Canadian barley production has dropped 35 percent over the past 10 years as livestock operators switched to feed wheat, distillers dried grain and corn. Canada’s barley exports have suffered from robust international competition. For instance, Japan used to import 300,000 tonnes of Canadian feed barley a year, but now is willing to buy […] Read more

Craft brewers spark new markets, new challenges for breeders

Barley breeders at the University of Saskatchewan are hoping to develop a long-term relationship with a new player in the North American brewing industry — the craft brewer. Aaron Beattie, head of oat and barley breeding at the university’s Crop Development Centre, said North American craft brewers represent a significant opportunity for barley breeders and […] Read more

Feed barley exports spark rally

Sellers are benefitting from the competition between grain companies and feedlot owners

Cattle feeders are chasing a western Canadian feed grains market that has been stolen away from them, say brokers and analysts. The assumption that feeders had all of the Prairies’ barley to choose from has turned out to be wrong now that offshore export buyers have stepped in. “Some of the feeders are having trouble […] Read more

Canadian cattle heading south not good for packers, barley growers

Dry cows sold for as much as $100 per hundredweight in central Alberta Feb. 13. However, even with these record prices, the Canadian beef industry is on an uphill drive in low gear. Drought, BSE and a revised country-of-origin labelling law in the United States have battered the Canadian industry since 2002. The legislation, which […] Read more

Time, price might be right for more barley acres

Time, price might be right for more barley acres

Is this the year when barley gets its big bounce back? Farmers and the weather will answer that question in the next six weeks. “If we get into June (and there is still much seeding to do), you’ll see more barley and oats, and we expect that,” said Derek Squair, an adviser with Agri-Trend Marketing. […] Read more

Malt premium shrinks as feed prices increase

Maltsters have good supply | Future malting prices depend on crops in Australia and Argentina

Barley growers are not pleased with the spread between malt and feed prices. “That has probably been one of the most frustrating parts for my clients,” said Ron Frost, marketing consultant for Frost Forecast Consulting in Calgary. “I’ve had a number of producers saying, ‘Look, for a 10 or 25 cent (per bushel) premium to […] Read more