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The feed grain market in Western Canada is starting to firm up as a lack of farmers selling has supplies tightening. | File photo

Prairie feed grain market inching higher

The feed grain market in Western Canada is starting to firm up as a lack of farmers selling has supplies tightening. “It seems like we’re kind of moving higher here at the moment. Markets have a firmer tone to them for now. Barley and feed wheat have been moving higher, no doubt about it,” said […] Read more

Alberta Beef Producers warns that future budgets will be smaller because of a shortfall in funding. Above, a rancher feeds the herd near High River, Alta.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Check-off vote disappoints leaders

Heads of Alberta’s two main beef groups wish mandatory levy was approved, but call new relationships a silver lining

The leaders of Alberta’s two largest beef organizations have decided it is time to build positive relationships for the betterment of the industry. A decision on whether to keep a $2 checkoff refundable upon request was narrowly approved in a producer vote this fall. Of the more than 18,000 eligible producers who had six weeks […] Read more

A requirement to supply lambs year round could be challenging for many producers.  | File photo

Lamb expansion plan concerns producers

The North American Lamb Co. says producers who supply it with animals will have to meet strict quality standards

LEDUC, Alta. — Prairie lamb producers may soon find themselves at a crossroads, thanks to an industry shakeup by a dominant new player in the market. Farmers have been wrestling with the idea of change ever since the North American Lamb Co. entered the picture. It has offered them an opportunity that comes with both […] Read more

Research at the Prairie Swine Centre suggests that changing the enrichment every few days introduces a novelty factor that seems to stimulate the sows’ interest.  |  File photo

Stimulation can help keep pigs healthy

The Prairie Swine Centre is identifying object enrichments for sows and comparing the types of presentation methods

A healthy pig is a happy pig. Studies have shown that animals that have enrichment and stimulation do better and produce better. “So you’re looking at healthier and happier pigs,” said Murray Pettitt, chief executive officer of the Prairie Swine Centre, who presented its latest research findings during the Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium in Saskatoon […] Read more

Former and current chief executive officers of the Prairie Swine Centre attended the recent Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium: John Patience, left, the first CEO from 1991 to 2008; Lee Whittington, who stepped down in May; and his replacement, Murray Pettitt, who began in June.  |  William DeKay photo

New trailer design tested for hogs

Efforts to maintain good health in pigs during transport has the Prairie Swine Centre testing a new trailer design. Murray Pettitt, the centre’s chief executive officer, summarized several projects underway at the research facility during the Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium held in Saskatoon Nov. 14-15. One key study is development of an air filter transport […] Read more

If a horse is going to develop a tumour, by far the most likely is a skin tumour known as a sarcoid.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Sarcoids remain the most common cancer in horses

When it comes to animal health care, cancer is much more frequent in pet dogs and cats than it is in horses. However, cancer can occur in horses, particularly older ones. Tumours can arise from any cell type in the body ranging from those that make up the skin to the cells that line the […] Read more

Crossbreeding quick way for producers to improve herd

There’s a quick way to improve certain characteristics in a commercial cattle herd: switch up the bull breed. “The main advantage of crossbreeding is that it is a really quick and cost effective way of improving some really economically important traits that are virtually impossible to improve by genetic selection,” said Dr. Reynold Bergen, science […] Read more

Researchers explore nutrition-animal health link

Research in swine nutrition and health is a continued focus at the Prairie Swine Centre, said its new chief executive officer. Murray Pettitt, who took over from former CEO Lee Whittington in June, outlined what’s new at the research facility during the Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium held in Saskatoon Nov. 14-15. One project is looking […] Read more

Sustainable projects require more beef

Buyers who want to source sustainably raised beef have trouble finding enough supply to meet their needs

When it comes to sustainability, McDonald’s might ask, where is the beef? Companies like McDonald’s need millions of pounds of sustainably sourced beef but supplies are limited, said Calgary-area rancher Cherie Copithorne-Barnes. She is past-chair of the Canadian Round Table for Sustainable Beef. “There is a lineup of these retailers and food-service companies that would […] Read more

CFIA begins testing for bovine TB in B.C.

The investigation is expected to spread to Alberta because the British Columbia farm bought cattle from that province

Testing has begun on the herd mates of a British Columbia cow determined to have bovine tuberculosis. The animal came from a ranch in the province’s southern interior with a herd of about 500 animals. Since the case was announced Nov. 19, three more herds in the region have been placed under quarantine as part […] Read more