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Put your hand up if you’re sick of talking about China all the time. Yup, as I suspected, there are lots of hands up out there in Readerland. How about this: If you’re sick of talking about China and you know it, clap your hands! Knew it. Lots of clapping out there. Heck, I’m sick […] Read more

Minister Bibeau's government increases cash advances for farmers and extends program deadlines.  |  Ed White photo

Feds hike cash advances, extend AgriStability deadline

Ottawa has increased to $1 million the cash available to farmers under the Advance Payment Program and extended the deadline to participate in AgriStability as a result of the ongoing trade dispute with China. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and International Trade Minister Jim Carr announced the measures this morning. While all farmers are eligible for […] Read more

Canola is big news – not in the way growers would hope

Canadian canola made it into the national news as the Canadian Crops Convention got underway in Montreal Tuesday, but it wasn’t for reasons anybody growing or selling Canadian canola would have wanted. News that China appears to have blocked canola imports from Richardson International sent tremors of anxiety through the farmers, processors, exporters and marketers […] Read more

Canola is by far the most important Canadian export to China, with total value of exports (seed, oil and meal) at $3.6 billion in 2017. Canola seed imports into China have grown significantly from 2.9 million tonnes in 2013 to 4.5 million tonnes in 2017, according to the Canola Council of Canada website. | Robin Booker photo.

BLOG: Getting into China’s favour is a long row to hoe

The Canada-China dispute is unfortunate, especially if you’re a Canadian farmer. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government took power, strengthening the Chinese-Canadian trade relationship was a priority, demonstrated by many visits to China by high-level officials as well as multiple rounds of face to face free trade agreement exploratory discussions between the countries. In Canada, […] Read more

Canadian farmers harvested larger crops than expected this autumn, reaping record-large canola output and surprisingly big wheat and durum crops. | Michael Raine photo

Statistics Canada sees surprisingly big canola, wheat harvests

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/OTTAWA, Dec 6 – Canadian farmers harvested larger crops than expected this autumn, reaping record-large canola output and surprisingly big wheat and durum crops, a Statistics Canada report showed on Wednesday. Dry weather in some areas in the summer and a late harvest in Western Canada made the size of crops in the world’s […] Read more

PAMI employees sift a sample of straw and canola seed at the research site in Portage la Prairie, Man. A sample of canola seed is collected during trials on swathing and straight cutting, including different desiccants, to determine if harvest methods change seed physiology and affect storage of canola seed.  |  PAMI photo

Straight-cut canola’s storage impact studied

Straight cutting of canola has gone from a fringe activity to a common practice on the Prairies over the last five years. Agronomists and growers have many theories on swathing versus straight cutting and how the harvest methods affect things like seed size, yield and oil content. Another factor to consider is storage. Does straight […] Read more

Based on samples submitted to the CGC, just 34 percent of the canola harvested this spring was graded No. 1. | File photo

CGC report looks at quality of spring harvested canola

Western Canadian canola growers who were unable to harvest their crops before winter last year now have a more accurate picture of how their spring harvested acres fared in terms of quality and grade. According to the Canadian Grain Commission, western Canadian growers planted nearly 20.3 million acres of canola in 2016 and harvested just […] Read more

Clubroot causes galls that restrict water and nutrient flow to the stem and leaves. | File photo

Clubroot makes debut in Peace Region canola

Clubroot has now climbed into the Peace region — and its recent discovery will change the way canola farmers operate in the area’s southeastern corner. Alberta Canola announced Aug. 23 that one case of the serious soil-borne disease was found in a canola crop in Big Lakes County, which surrounds much of Lesser Slave Lake. […] Read more

Swaths like these near Turtleford, Sask., might be a thing of the past in the near future as producers opt to avoid swathing their canola crops when possible.  |  File photo

Canola research focuses on harvest issues

Little benefit was seen in tests on pod sealants, while glyphosate trials showed it is an effective crop dry-down aid

INDIAN HEAD, Sask. — A Saskatchewan research organization is looking at how to reduce the risks of straight-combining canola now that the practice has become more commonplace. “Ten years ago there was only a smattering of farmers straight-cutting canola, but today it’s an accepted harvest method,” Chris Holzapfel, research manager at the Indian Head Agricultural […] Read more

Analysts are becoming increasingly bullish about canola for a variety of reasons. | File photo

Prospects look bright for canola prices

Analysts are becoming increasingly bullish about canola for a variety of reasons. “We think the canola market has every reason to be volatile,” said Dan Basse, president of AgResource Company. Looming tightness in canola supplies due to dry conditions in Canada and Australia are what is behind his optimism. He is forecasting 18.2 million tonnes […] Read more