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Soybeans at at the 40 percent flower-stage, on average in the U.S. this week. Typically these are 66 percent at time of the year. Cool, wet conditions slowed growth this year and resulted in some unseeded acreage.  |  Michael Raine

Canola maintains, soy loses

Despite soybean’s retreat, canola remained in positive territory. The bigger oilseed has remained in surplus as the Sino-American trade frictions wear on. Monday’s USDA crop condition report put half the American crop in good-to-excellent range, 35 percent in fair and 12 percent in poor-to-very-poor condition. The American soybean crop has seen significant weather delays. USDA […] Read more

Heat in the U.S. and Europe cause buyers and traders to take another look at their positions on ag commodities for the end of the week.  |  Michael Raine photo

Heat, shorts and covering raises crops

Canola rose on American soybean trades as the market in Chicago appeared to be busy covering short positions on the big oilseed. Combined with hot and dry weather in the region and the coming forecasts for the Midwest soybeans were up 20.25 US cents per bushel for August, September and November contracts. Soybeans finished the […] Read more

Amazone’s ZG-TS spreader comes in two tank sizes, with 7,500 or 10,000 litre hoppers and an optional steerable axle, to avoid ruts in the headlands.  |  Michael Raine photo

Fertilizer delivery made quickly

Amazone’s trailed spreader gets fertilizer to ground quickly and accurately with variable rate control

REGINA — With a spread width up to 54 metres and operational speeds of up to 30 km-h, the Amazone ZG-TS trailed spreader is capable of quickly getting product to the ground. “The capacity is about 1,700 pounds per minute. That means you can spread a big amount in pounds per acre and still drive […] Read more

Foxtail barley remains a serious pest, but unlike many weeds, it is a native to North America. |  Barb Glen photo

New villains appear on Alberta’s most-wanted weed list

LACOMBE, Alta. — Carpets of chickweed and clumps of canola are among the top weeds showing up in Alberta fields. The 2017 weed survey conducted in cultivated fields in Alberta showed weed densities in 2010 and 2017 were the lowest recorded. Chickweed was ranked No. 1 on a list of 25 weeds for the first […] Read more

Volunteer canola can be a problem in prairie fields. It is vulnerable to many broadleaf herbicides, but when using glyphosate for a spring burn-off, ensure your volunteers are vulnerable to it or this aggressive weed will become a problem member of the field in a hurry.  |  Michael Raine photo

Monitor combine to control canola volunteers

The war on these plants starts by reducing harvest losses and then taking steps to exterminate the ones that get away

LACOMBE, Alta. — Volunteer canola plants rear their little, yellow heads every year. The unwanted plants trace back to seed losses at harvest time. Once they hit the ground they can persist for at least four years, said researcher Rob Gulden of the University of Manitoba. “A lot of the research goes back to understanding […] Read more

The latest in field data stations like this Pessl unit, an iMetos 3.3, benefits from LPWAN communications and has been a hit in Europe.  |  SMA photo

Saving on connections to and in the field

LoRa Alliance is made up of more than 500 member companies working toward large-scale deployment of the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) by promoting the LoraWan open standard. “We have a technology standard so you know that a device you’re working on will work anywhere in the world on any network. It’s based on […] Read more

Manitoba potato growers seeded 6,000 more acres than 2018 and Alberta acres are up 5,500 acres compared to last year, based on data from a July 17 United Potato Growers of Canada report. | File photo

Potato growers increase acres in Man., Alta.

Potato acres are up in Manitoba and Alberta this year as more spuds are needed to supply new and expanded processing plants on the Prairies. Manitoba potato growers seeded 6,000 more acres than 2018 and Alberta acres are up 5,500 acres compared to last year, based on data from a July 17 United Potato Growers […] Read more

Ag in Motion runs through Thursday July 18 northwest of Saskatoon, near Langham, Sask. | Paul Yanko photo

LIVE BLOG: Ag in Motion 2019

Ag in Motion is underway for its fifth consecutive year. The show, located northwest of Saskatoon near Langham, Sask., runs through Thursday July 18th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Western Producer reporters are on the ground at the show and will be posting stories, photos and videos throughout the duration of the show. […] Read more

Central banks chained to the Promethean rock

Gun-shy governments have put too much responsibility onto central banks, and they're reaching the end of their strength

If Canada faces a combination of increasing prices and faltering economic growth, the Bank of Canada can’t do much to fix that killer combo. “In that moment you have a tradeoff between a slowing economy (and) rising unemployment, and rising inflation at the same time. Obviously monetary policy can’t buffer both of those,” said Stephen […] Read more

El Nino's end might allow a normal summer and an earlier fall than in recent years for the American Midwest. An average fall frost season will not be welcomed by American farmers with their later than average crops.  |  Michael Raine photo

El Nino dies and births higher prices

Weather is running the markets. With the WASDE out of the way for July, a hotter, drier forecast for the American Midwest send grain traders into a bullish stance, and prices rose for the end of the week. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared El Nino dead this morning. Their Australian counterparts […] Read more