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The year started with uncertainty as India, Canada's largest pulse customer, had just started to place import tariffs on pulse crops into the country. | File photo

2018 a challenging year for Canadian pulse industry

It’s been a year of challenges for the Canadian pulse industry, while it struggled to survive after its largest customer became almost non-existent overnight. However, it has started to grow in new ways. “It was challenging for farmers who saw a real shift in pulse prices, challenging for processors and farmers alike who saw the […] Read more

Cadman of Courtland, Ont., debuted its Contineous Manure Applicator in Hannover last month. The unit holds 800 metres of line, allowing for long runs of application.  |  Chris McCullough photo

New livestock technology unveiled

EuroTier, the big German livestock show, once again delivered some of the most innovative ideas in animal agriculture

The future of farming will be based on automation, robotics and farming by your phone, according to exhibitors at the latest EuroTier show in Germany. About 155,000 farmers attended EuroTier 2018 in Hannover, Germany, this year, classed as the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, organized by the German Agricultural Society, DLG. This time […] Read more

The bean weevil larvae bore into a pod and keep eating until there’s nothing left but a hollow shell. The adults then emerge to find another free bean meal.  |  File photo

Stop Evil Kn-weevil dead in his tracks

The bean weevil is an evil little insect that bores into bean pods to devour the meal, thus leaving a hollow shell. It’s happy eating any type of bean seed. The larvae bore into the pods and continue feeding until coming out as adults to infect more seeds. They impact beans in the field and […] Read more

The LevAlert is a simple low-tech non-electronic way of monitoring grain levels while keeping both feet solidly on the ground. Grain pushes against the white canvas tongue on the inside wall. This in turn forces a rod to rotate the bright yellow indicator on the outside wall.   |  LevAlert photo

Latest bin level monitor opts for simplicity in design

The third version of the LevAlert E-Z Eye indicator helps farmers keep both feet solidly on the ground when checking levels in grain bins

FARGO, N.D. — Climbing grain bins to check levels is a nasty and dangerous business, especially at this time of year. Even a secure circular stairway can get icy and lead to accidents. Simple non-digital bin level indicators have been on the market for at least 30 years, but their acceptance by Canadian prairie farmers […] Read more

The wildcard in the pulse market is what transpires over the winter and spring in India, the world's top producer and consumer of pulses. | File photo

What happens in India to determine pulse market

When it comes to Canadian pulse crops David Newman of Commodious Trading in North Saanich, B.C. said producers, speculators and processors are long and that has been of great concern to him. “You have everybody wanting to sell and you better hope that there’s someone there to take all of it,” he said. The wildcard […] Read more

Canola crush margins have shown some improvement over the past few months, which should be bringing in good demand from processors. | File photo

Canola crush margins improving

Canola crush margins have shown some improvement over the past few months, which should be bringing in good demand from processors. As of Dec. 11, 2018, the Canola Board Crush Margin calculated by ICE Futures U.S. was about C$63 above the January contract, which was up by C$20 over the past month. That compares with […] Read more

Rye production was up in Quebec in 2018 and one reason was producers have been supplying hybrid rye for feed to the province's hog industry. | File photo

Quebec rye production on the rise

Rye production was up in Quebec in 2018 and one reason was producers have been supplying hybrid rye for feed to the province’s hog industry. “Feed was coming from out west, but now we’re starting to produce the seed itself here,” said André Lussier, who farms near St. Hyacinthe, Que. and is a director with […] Read more

Mycorrhizae are fungi that live either on or in plant roots, extending the reach of root hairs into the soil to increase uptake of water and nutrients. Mycorrhizae also produce plant hormones and antibiotics to protect the plant.  |  Agricultural Solutions photo

Humus can control climate change

Crops will always experience drought, flood, frost, extreme heat, disease, insects and weeds. Healthier crops have better odds of surviving these attacks, while simultaneously slowing the effects of climate change. That may sound good, but how do you go about raising healthier crops? According to plant health guru Graeme Sait, your crop has better odds […] Read more

The new Wheelman autosteer is a no-frills GPS guidance system on the market now at a price of US$3,995. The electric steering hub fits on the steering shaft under the steering wheel.  |  AgJunction photo

Economical hands-off autosteer back again

This $4,000 option doesn’t create pretty pictures, but it will 
keep farmers on the straight and narrow

A marketplace void always attracts an entrepreneur to plug it. For example, until recently there was no low-cost low-tech GPS autosteer for farmers who don’t need or want big time, high tech RTK. That void is currently being filled by a US$3,995 system called Wheelman, developed by an Arizona company called AgJunction. It is an […] Read more

Some plants have evolved to generate hairs that will resist crawling insects. This brassica napus is expressing these genes, and typically has been bred out of canola genetics in favour of enhanced yields. Producers are asking that research look at introducing the trait for flea beetles and diamondback moths.  |  Agriculture Canada photo

Growers want quicker action on hairy canola

Variety may be needed by producers to control flea beetles if the federal government bans neonic seed treatments

Gene editing may be the hottest technology in plant science. With it, plant breeders can edit the genome of a commercial crop and achieve a desired trait more precisely and rapidly than old techniques such as mutagenesis. Given that such technology exists, Paul Gregory is puzzled by the lack of progress on hairy canola. “We […] Read more