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Corn is the top feedstock for China’s ethanol sector, followed by rice, cassava and wheat. The country’s production plants are expected to consume 4.07 million tonnes of corn in 2021. | Reuters photo

China backs away from ethanol commitment

China’s ethanol consumption continues to fall well short of the government’s 10 percent blend mandate. The blend rate in 2021 is forecast at 2.1 percent, according to a recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. China declared in 2017 that it was moving to a nationwide E10 ethanol mandate by […] Read more

The 86-page document answers questions like: what are wireworms, what types of wireworms exist on the Prairies and what damage do they cause? | Screencap via

Got wireworms? There’s a guide for that

Wireworms have been an agricultural pest on the Prairies for more than 100 years, but they remain a bit of a mystery. Growers and agronomists in Western Canada know that wireworms are a problem, but they don’t understand the size of the problem or the economic impacts of wireworms. Wireworms are also difficult to find […] Read more

The Agerris Digital Farmhand is an autonomous field platform that uses the OpenWeedLocator to find green on brown and take them down. The robot performs two-meter wide spot spraying at the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute in Narrabri, NSW, Australia |  University of Sydney photo

Do it yourself green on brown spotting

Open source weed detection for sprayers or precision tillage is based on camera sensors identifying the targets

The design for a green on brown weed locator is now available to anyone who wants to build their own site-specific weed management tool. The OpenWeedLocator (OWL) is an open-source, low-cost image-based approach for fallow weed detection. Guy Coleman from the University of Sydney, Australia, is working on the project. He said the OWL is […] Read more

Summer heat takes a toll on canola flowering, with blossoms aborting in the damaging weather conditions.  |  Canola Council of Canada photo

Beating the heat by insuring the yield

How it works

There’s an old saying that goes: You can’t change the weather, but you sure can change the sails. Corteva heard that message and decided that if they can’t prevent heat blast, they can sure insure against it. Corteva has so much confidence in their Nexera canola that they’re willing to share the heat blast risk […] Read more

Agronomists with IN10T work with farmers and inputs companies to ensure that products can be tested at field scale.  |  IN10T photo

Farmer network puts the truth on the ground

Large-scale field trial locations are often tricky for companies looking to put their products to the test of scale

Access to data from large-scale field trials is a stumbling block many companies face when moving toward the end of the research and development stage of new cropping products. This is the space IN10T (pronounced “intent”) has targeted in the Canadian market, so that its clients can better understand both the user experience of their […] Read more

The Hydra-clamp covering claw from Werk-Brau is managed by a helical actuator that provides up to 54,000 foot pounds torque at 3,000 pounds per square inch.  |  Werk-Brau photo

Clamp down on rolling stones

In regions with rocky soil, headland rock piles are drawing more attention. There’s valuable cropland lying under those stones. In much of the Parkland region, some of the best soil is infested with stones. Stone piles should be moved efficiently and equipment on a typical prairie farm lacks the capability to deal with a major […] Read more

AgJunction's Wheelman systems work with new and used vehicles, and are positioned as a low-cost answer for farmers who need to add more steering systems. | Screencap via

Affordable autosteer adds direction to older gear

Expanding farmers need to add seeding tractors, high clearance sprayers, swathers and combines. And, as a matter of efficiency, all these new machines need some sort of reliable autosteer system. For the seeding tractor, accuracy down to 1.6 inches pass-to pass might be required. But for the sprayer, swather and combine, accuracy down in the […] Read more

One industry official says not only is North American barley production way down but there are serious quality issues as well. | File photo

Maltsters watch barley quality

Maltsters are facing a double whammy in terms of supply constraints this year, says an industry official. Not only is North American barley production way down, but there are serious quality issues as well. “It’s going to be a tough year all around for producers and the malting industry alike,” said Peter Watts, managing director […] Read more

Siberia, the biggest producer of spring wheat in Russia, is harvesting its wheat crop with yields up 18 percent year on year, Sovecon said in a note. | Getty Images

Sovecon raises forecast for Russia’s 2021 wheat crop

MOSCOW, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Russian agriculture consultancy Sovecon said on Tuesday it had raised its forecast for Russia’s 2021 wheat crop by 200,000 tonnes to 75.6 million tonnes due to good yields in Siberia. Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter, supplying it mainly to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Its crop, dominated […] Read more