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The Canadian Trailer Company built this cutaway trailer as a tool to show buyers the differences in the range of good, better and best cargo trailers.  |  Brian Cox photo

Inside cargo trailers —more than meets the eye

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Many people might think that all cargo trailers are alike. After all, they look alike. But that would be an incorrect assumption, according to Brian Cox. Cox has spent 45 years repairing and dissecting trailers and using that knowledge to build new trailers. He’s the founder and owner of the Canadian Trailer […] Read more

Twelve things to think about when buying a cargo trailer

The Leonard Truck and Trailer company located in Ohio has put together 12 issues that a potential trailer buyer should consider: Steel or aluminum —Steel is usually cheaper than aluminum. Although most people think that aluminum has a great weight saving compared to steel, the actual weight saving depends on the manufacturer. As well, aluminum […] Read more

Possible problems with insects this year

WINNIPEG, (MarketsFarm) – How problematic insects could be in 2020 across the Prairies largely depends on the spring weather, according to three provincial insect specialists. Be the insects grasshoppers, flea beetles, cutworms, or a few other types, their potential to cause significant damage to Prairie crops will partly depend on how dry and warm this […] Read more

SoilReader can be mounted on any field implement or used in a separate dedicated operation as shown here. | SoilReader photo

Real-time soil analysis in the field

Don’t bring your soil sample to the lab, take the lab to the field, says the Winnipeg inventor of the SoilReader

It’s a difficult concept to sum up in a few words. A Winnipeg startup will sell you a coulter that reads nine nutrient factors while pulled through soil. As the headline states, SoilReader can give you real-time data, on-the-go, as you pull it through your field. The nine vital constituents are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic […] Read more

|  File photo

Error found in CGC’s canola disappearance number

Grain industry analysts will be pulling out the eraser on their supply/demand balance sheets to correct an error published in the Canadian Grain Commission’s weekly statistical report. The CGC reported 4.86 million tonnes of domestic disappearance of canola as of Jan. 5, 2020. That is a staggering 1.04 million tonnes ahead of the same time […] Read more

Hay Disaster Benefit to pay out $5 million to Manitoba claimants

Winnipeg, (MarketsFarm) – Compensation for poor Manitoba forage crops in 2019 will soon be coming to insured producers as Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) has activated the Hay Disaster Benefit (HDB). The estimated payout for 2019 is in excess of $5 million on approximately 1,500 claims, announced Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and […] Read more

The Canadian Grain Commission reported total domestic disappearance of canola during the crop-year-to-date of just over 4.8 million tonnes, as of Jan. 5, 2020. That's roughly one million tonnes ahead of the domestic disappearance during the first 22 weeks of the previous crop year and well above the 3.7 million tonnes exported to-date. | File photo

Solid crush more than makes up for slow Canadian canola exports

Winnipeg,(MarketsFarm) – Canada’s ongoing diplomatic dispute with China may be slowing canola exports, but the strong pace of the domestic crush is more than making up for any shortfall in international business. The Canadian Grain Commission reported total domestic disappearance of canola during the crop-year-to-date of just over 4.8 million tonnes, as of Jan. 5, […] Read more

After producing hemp mostly for grain, for two decades, Canadian farmers leapt into the hemp CBD business. However, there are signs that grower fascination with CBD may be fading.
 | WP illustration

Hemp CBD bubble may have burst

In North America’s hemp industry, 2019 may be remembered as the year that the CBD craze hit its peak. The obsession with growing hemp for CBD, or cannabidiol, was impossible to miss at farm conferences and hemp trade shows across North America last year. Jeff Kostuik remembers the enthusiasm for CBD at those meetings, particularly […] Read more

Canaryseed has typically been a crop that producers will store until prices improve or cashflow dictates a sale is necessary.  |  File photo

Canaryseed on the rise; more rallies may be to come

This could be the year the canaryseed market fully absorbs the “hidden inventory” that has been weighing down prices for years, say industry officials. Prices have climbed to 30 cents per pound as the inventory dwindles and that appears to be a trigger point for those who have been sitting on the crop. Lucas Sutherland, […] Read more