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BASF recently conducted a survey of lentil fields in Saskatchewan. It found many fields had anthracnose that was resistant to Group 11 fungicides. | File photo

Fungicide-resistance found in lentils

A couple of years ago, a Saskatchewan farmer applied a fungicide to a lentil crop to control anthracnose — a common disease in the pulse crop. After waiting for a period of time, he checked the lentils and noticed the fungicide wasn’t all that effective. He told the fungicide manufacturer, BASF, about the problem. The […] Read more

Red Leaf Pulp Ltd. has land on the west side of Regina and will begin construction in early 2022. | Screencap via

Proposed pulp mill in Sask. would use straw

Producers remind company that straw residue plays an important nutritional role in fields and that supply may be limited

Red Leaf Pulp Ltd. has announced the first of what could be four wheat straw pulp mills in Saskatchewan. Construction of a $350-million facility is expected to begin next year in Regina with operation to begin in the second half of 2023. It will produce about 182,000 tonnes of pulp each year for sale into […] Read more

Agriculture minister says the object is to get the best bang for the buck so government investment has real impact. | File photo

Ottawa ties grain dryer funding to emissions reduction

Agriculture minister says the object is to get the best bang for the buck so government investment has real impact

Farmers who hope to get money from Ottawa’s $50 million program for more efficient grain dryers will have to demonstrate that they will cut greenhouse gas emissions. The money was announced in the most recent federal budget as part of the $165.7-million Agricultural Clean Technology Program. Agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau provided more details at an […] Read more

At up to 76 feet wide with up to a 1300 bushel commodity tank, Bourgaults is now offering a monster one-pass planting setup that can be used with either a coulter or hoe style drill, that can also be quickly switched back to use the air cart’s volumetric metering system. | Bourgault photo

Prairie planting precisely takes tools

Canola seed is susceptible to being chewed up by a poorly set air seeder. It isn’t surprising multiple equipment manufacturers have developed seeding systems that can both singulate canola seeds and still keep up to the logistical demands of broad-acre oilseed production. Some air seeders used to seed canola are lucky to reach a 70 […] Read more

Stored sugar beets that aren’t sufficiently ventilated can be vulnerable to freezing and drying cycles from temperature swings due to extreme weather, which can damage the beets and cause them to start to rot and lose sugar. | Photo courtesy of Chandra Singh

Remote sensors may help make it safer to store sugar beets

Alta. researchers hope to develop an aeration system that can automatically respond to temperature changes in the pile during winter

Wireless sensors and automation will play a part in research efforts to reduce sugar beet storage losses in southern Alberta. Freshly harvested beets are stored outside during winter in piles of up to 50,000 tonnes until they can be processed, said scientist Chandra Singh of Lethbridge College. If they aren’t sufficiently ventilated, they can be […] Read more

The Canadian Plant Health Council was created in 2018. It has a mandate of protecting forests, agricultural crops and other plants from pests, diseases and other risks. | File photo

Survey focuses on plant biosecurity

Most livestock producers in Canada are vigilant about bio-security, especially hog and poultry producers, who must keep diseases like African swine fever and avian influenza out of their barns. But what are Canada’s grain farmers doing to ward off plant diseases like clubroot? What practices are they using to limit the spread of problematic weeds […] Read more

The Emerald Seed Products facility is located near Avonlea, Sask. | Emerald Seed Products photo

Fenugreek firm plans expansion

Pulse fits into a crop rotation, spreads market risk, creates value-added opportunity and not susceptible to Aphanomyces

It’s a crop that grows well in southern Saskatchewan, yields products for three major markets and might have much growth in its future. But as Nathan Sudom sees his fenugreek processing and marketing company undergo a major expansion, he knows his infant industry will continue to need diligent development. “We have a lot of irons […] Read more

The world’s population relies mostly on the food from five plants. Despite having less starvation in the world and longer lifespans, there are greater incidences of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. As well, the world lives with vitamin deficiencies. Corn rivals sugarcane for volume, but is larger than wheat and rice. Victor Walch of Raymond, Illinois harvests a 200-plus bushel corn crop. | Mike Raine photo

Big solutions recommended for Canada’s food system

The Canadian Agri-food Policy Institute recently hosted the Big Solutions Forum, an event where private industry, producers, and government officials discuss Canada’s food system. A theme throughout the dialogue was that a systemic approach will be necessary to achieve any meaningful impact. This prompted me to try to further understand the purpose of a food […] Read more

Krone said the design allows the machine to have three different densities for a single bale. | Screencap via

Round crown gets belted build

Chains and slats were standard in round balers decades ago, but most manufacturers shifted to continuous belts. Germany’s Krone held out against that move, citing the reliability of chain systems to form a bale under nearly any forage harvesting conditions and the reliability of the all-metal design. The company will continue to offer its chain […] Read more

Bin-top exhaust fans help expel hot, moist air before it cools and causes grain-spoiling condensation. | Blaine Krahn/Corr Grain Systems photo

Exhaust fan use rises along with drying trend

Ed Radcliffe is witnessing a bit of a new trend in grain storage in Western Canada. “We’re starting to see a lot of roof exhaust fans being put in so we can pull moisture out of the top of the bin if need be,” said the manager of grain conditioning and dryers with CORR Grain […] Read more