Feeding with a bucket takes on a new meaning

The Danuser MegaMixer handles grain and a lot more, including gravel and bedding.  |  Danuser photo

Adding a hydraulic auger to a front end loader bucket design was a start, adding variable rates and gates finished it

Small cattle operators and growers who need to mix soil for smaller vegetable beds may be interested in the some of the updates Danuser made to its material handling bucket.

The Mega Mixer was designed to scoop, mix and dispense material from livestock feed grain to concrete.

Mike Willis of Danuser said the company sells the mixing bucket to cow-calf operators with 40 to 60 head.

“A good way for us to feed whether it’s some sort of corn blend or it’s just corn, range cubes, or a total mixed ration, is they can put that in their Mega Mixer,” Willis said.

“With the new discharge end, we’ve added the ability to latch it into the open position. I can drive down the trough and I can control my auxiliary hydraulics to determine how fast the auger is auguring out material, and I can control my ground speed. So those two factors are going to determine what is laying in your trough in front of each cow or whatever it is you’re feeding.”

The mixer bucket has a standard three-quarter yard capacity, but a hyper extension is optional that bumps the buckets capacity up to a full yard.

“We also see a lot of people who do rural lifestyle. They may have a U-pick strawberry bed or something of that nature. So they can take that same mega mixture and they can do soil amendment. They can develop a peat compost mixture, or a dry topsoil mixture and go through and amend their beds or garden,” Willis said.

Owners can also use the Mega Mixer to mix concrete instead of ordering concrete trucks in for smaller farm construction projects.

The biggest updates to the Mega Mixer are an eight-inch diameter steel auger with eight-inch pitch for faster mixing and dispensing, a 22.8 cubic inch motor capable of dispensing three-quarters of a yard of material in 26 seconds, and the new discharge end.

There are also 24-inch and 36-inch chutes available for the Mega Mixer.

The discharge end can be left in the open position, or a person outside the vehicle can precisely control material discharge.

The larger flighting spacing will allow material to feed more easily, so operators can go back and forth between grain or silage or haylage.

However, Willis said growers should try the mixing bucket with the material they want to use it for before they commit to it, to make sure it feeds properly through the trough and augers.

The Mega Mixer weighs 815 pounds and three quarters of a yard of concrete weighs about 3,000 pounds when wet, so operators need to make sure the machine they install it on can handle this weight.

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