Producers looking to take their crops’ soil environments beyond what is offered by the basic nutrient packages are finding more options each year.  |  Michael Raine photo

Big growth expected for biologicals

Farmers are showing increased interest in input products made from naturally occurring chemicals or live organisms

Biologicals are slowly making inroads into the crop protection market. “They’re growing by double digits, but it’s still a very small portion of the overall crop protection market,” said Pierre Petelle, president of CropLife Canada. “The latest number I heard was around four or five percent.” However, there is no doubt interest is growing in […] Read more

USDA Agricultural Research Service student interns Alison Coomer and Marco Gutierrez examine wheat plants in the greenhouse at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus where scientists are looking at bio-fortifying wheat and other crops.  |  USDA/Bob Garybosch photo

Bio-fortification could make crops more nutritious: researcher

What the heck is ferrous sulfate? Clean labels were a massive trend in 2017 and may be the new norm in North American’s food industry. Many consumers want to buy food with ingredients that they recognize and trust, so if they see words like “ferrous sulfate” on a label, they don’t want it, even if […] Read more

After their first year of UTV ownership, most farmers go back to their dealer for rubber tracks, which naturally leads to a snow plow, bucket or snow blower. Nobody expects to do heavy duty snow removal with their UTV, but these small machines are mobile and efficient working around buildings and in the yard.  |  CAMSO/Kimpex photo

Take your UTV from horse to mule

The Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) is no longer viewed as a farm toy. It performs a multitude of farm tasks and does real work. Little Brother ATV is still a handy get-around vehicle and more of a recreational machine, but Big Brother UTV is the one farmers rely on as a miniature pickup truck. Extracting […] Read more

Morris introduced its new Quantum drill at Ag In Motion, billing it as a seeding machine with a possible double-duty future as a cultivator.  The morning demo featured the cultivator component.  The afternoon demo featured the drill component.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Driller and tiller: seeder has heavy-duty ideas

LANGHAM, Sask. — The new dual purpose Morris Quantum was demonstrated at this summer’s Ag In Motion farm show as both a seed drill and an experimental cultivator. In the 11 a.m. cultivation demonstration on each day of the show, an experimental version of the Quantum did a pass outfitted with 16-inch sweeps and a […] Read more

Digvir Jayas, vice president of research at the University of Manitoba and a grain storage expert, shows off a jar of flour loaded with red flour beetles. Jayas recently introduced some new science surrounding computer vision and teaching computers how to recognize insects within grain bins. | Robert Arnason photo

Deep learning methods guide computers to insect identification

Three-year olds are known for a long list of bad habits: biting other kids, throwing toys at their mom and answering every question with “no.” Despite those irrational behaviours, they are also smart. Show a three-year-old girl a van, a truck and a car, and she will quickly learn to identify the three types of […] Read more

Alvan Blanch’s continuous double flow dryer in use on a farm in Manning, Alta.  |  Al Ross photo

U.K. grain dryer makes strides on the Prairies

To better preserve grain quality and start harvest earlier, some farmers, especially those in wetter regions, have begun using what they feel like is a more robust drying system. Unlike some dryers, the continuous double-flow dryer can dry any type of grain and run all day with little supervision. The technology was made by Alvan […] Read more

As bins get bigger the ability to keep air flowing through them becomes more of a challenge.  |  Michael Raine photo

Bigger grain bins mean bigger management issues for farmers

Farmers can increase storage capacity by moving to bigger grain bins, but those who do need to know more about bin management because bigger bins mean a greater risk of costly damage to the grain, says Joy Agnew, agricultural research services project manager at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute. “We’re getting a few hints and […] Read more

The Renn 1218 incorporates the bag wrapper into the extractor. The double re-wind system keeps the bag off the ground so it’s clean for the re-cycling process.  |  Renn photo

Grain bags: Rolling and recycling

Waste agricultural plastic, including grain bags, is attracting the evil eye of media outlets and the public. It’s easy to criticize massive piles of useless, used plastic. That’s why farmers and industry must jointly find a solution to the problem, a public relations dilemma and an environmental issue, says Rob Wierenga. The co-owner of Neeralta […] Read more

While vacationing in Holland, Siegert Wenning managed to save 13,000 bushels of IP canola that was binned 4,000 miles away on his Yorkton farm. He detected heating with his hand-held OPI Blue monitor. At the time, his canola was sold at $12 per bushel.  |  Laura Laing photo

Bin monitor makes money

If you save a 13,000 bushel bin of $12 canola, worth $156,000, you have more than paid for the price of a good monitoring system. That’s the conclusion Yorkton farmer Siegert Wenning arrived at last winter while vacationing in his homeland of Holland. Wenning grows 4,500 acres of canola, peas and oats annually. While in […] Read more

Producers are felling the pinch of higher steel prices  |  File photo

Steel prices hit bin makers and farmers hard

Grain bin manufacturers are getting crushed under the weight of rising steel prices and a recent development will only make matters worse.  Curtis Epp, operations manager with Darmani, a bin manufacturer in Fiske, Sask., said costs are up 25 to 50 percent year-over-year, depending on the type of steel.  That represents a significant escalation in […] Read more