The new mid-sized carat is available as a tow-behind or a tow-between. Bigger carts like the C850 are typically only tow-betweeners.  |  John Deere photo

New mid-size air seeding cart from Deere

Big brother C850 passed a lot of hot technology to C650 design, including tank scales, at-side display

Deere’s new air cart took the leading-edge technology developed for big brother C850 and incorporated it into the mid-size C650. The 650-bushel cart can be towed between the tractor and seeder. A prominent C850 feature now on the C650 is the digital cart-side display, which puts the operator safely on the ground instead of running […] Read more

The lineup of Precision Air 5 carts has been expanded to include two three-tank models for fertilizer application or broad-acre seeding.  |  Case IH/Tim Peluso photo

Upgrade Precision Air 5 carts now available

Case upgrades 2021 air carts with cart-side display and fill controls, now has turn compensation, from 350 to 950 bu.

Case’s Precision Air 5 lineup has been expanded to include a pair of three-tank models for fertilizer application or broad-acre seeding. The Precision Air 3725 and 3915 are both tow-behinds. The new curve compensation feature helps ensure proper plant population across the drill in tight turns and corners, according to Case. AFS AccuSection modular metering […] Read more

When working to automate the greenhouse industry Prospera Technologies developed algorithms that can detect specific diseases. The company has now expanded into broad acre irrigation and even dry land farming.  |  Prospera Technologies photo

Automated irrigation pivots watch over fields

The system lets producers know what’s happening in their fields and then makes recommendations on what to do next

Prospera Technologies has deployed the algorithms it developed for the greenhouse sector to turn irrigation pivots into robots that can manage crops autonomously. Prospera started operations in 2014 with a team of computer scientists who wanted to use computer vision and artificial intelligence to help farmers make in-season decisions. It now helps to manage more […] Read more

Kristina Polziehn visits an irrigated cotton field in Australia on her Nuffield tour.  In this photo she is with husband  Glenn Wormald who is also a Nuffield Scholar from Australia in 2017.  |  Nuffield photo

Full-value or half-value from precision ag efforts?

Producers collecting multiple layers of field data complain they aren’t milking the data for all it’s worth. “I’m not even getting half the value out of these images.” Kristina Polziehn hears the similar complaints. She says there definitely is an obstacle to applying the data and images in real-world precision agriculture practices. That obstacle is […] Read more

This FluroSat platform is set to indicate areas on a field that have been tilled or farmed using no-till.  |  FluroSat photo

Keeping a high eye on farm sustainability

It’s expensive and tedious to verify production practices in sustainable agriculture programs, so an Australian-based company is developing tools based on satellite imagery and farm production data that can automatically check if protocols have been followed. FluroSat’s core business uses remote sensing, agricultural science, machine learning and artificial intelligence on any relevant data set to […] Read more

The FarmTRX display relies on existing tablet computers, rather than dedicated displays.  |  FarmTRX photo

Wasting time waiting for monitor to wake up?

Farmers are often the best inventors of farm equipment, often surpassing the major manufacturers on items ranging from better openers to complex digital devices like yield monitors with GPS mapping capacity. The FarmTRX yield monitor is just such a success story. With a list price of C$1,850, there’s no doubt that FarmTRX is the low-cost […] Read more

FFarmTRX is the brainchild of Perry Casson, founding partner of Troo Corp. Here he is installing a system on a customer’s Deere 9610 combine. Troo specializes in aerospace GPS tracking, fleet performance analytics and monitoring helicopters on the other side of the Earth.  |  FarmTRX photo

Monitoring yield on 40 percent side slopes

A yield monitor that measures paddle heap works fine for most flatland farmers, but farming in places like Idaho and Oregon, where they farm up the sides of mountains, requires a different approach. However, the challenges of worn rubber paddles and side slopes can be overcome. When it comes to paddles, the obvious fix is […] Read more

Producers must monitor grain bins as temperature warms

A large temperature difference between stored grain and the ambient temperature can cause problems for stored grain, but growers need to be careful how they equalize it. When the temperature warms in the spring and summer, growers with temperature cables in their bins should be monitoring them weekly or biweekly. When temperature differences along the […] Read more

Keeping the lid on grain drying temperatures is critical

Growers should play it safe and not surpass recommended drying temperatures because it can be difficult to tell if grain has been damaged from overheating. “If you have too high a temperature and the grain is exposed to it for too long you will not necessarily see it. The only way you will pick that […] Read more

The Danuser MegaMixer handles grain and a lot more, including gravel and bedding.  |  Danuser photo

Feeding with a bucket takes on a new meaning

Adding a hydraulic auger to a front end loader bucket design was a start, adding variable rates and gates finished it

Small cattle operators and growers who need to mix soil for smaller vegetable beds may be interested in the some of the updates Danuser made to its material handling bucket. The Mega Mixer was designed to scoop, mix and dispense material from livestock feed grain to concrete. Mike Willis of Danuser said the company sells […] Read more