Deere’s precision tillage grows: more models added to green line

Over the past two years major equipment companies have begun using the term precision when talking about tillage. It’s not so much about being in the right place; it’s more about doing the right things in the right place. Agco has added its version of precision control over the Sunflower machines, and now Deere has […] Read more

Big planter gets best features of small sister

DECATUR, Ill. — Bigger usually has some downsides, especially in planters and seeders. Transport sizes create risk and stress, while weight and its distribution add costs and agronomic issues. U.S. manufacturer Kinze recently responded with a 60 foot machine. It’s still a prototype, but Mike Gryp of Kinze said farmer feedback at the Farm Progress […] Read more

Sectional control breathes new life into old air carts

First it was Seedhawk, and then one by one, air seeder cart builders began offering sectional control as an option for producers. And given the option, most have chosen it, dealers say. It’s the solution to that frustrating feeling of driving a mile down a field, doubling up on the seed and fertilizer for half […] Read more

Higher power = greater efficiency

There are active farmers who can remember a time when a 200 horsepower tractor was considered big. When it comes to planting a crop today, most broad-acre growers are sitting on machines that have two or three times that amount of power. As farms added acres over the past decades, the pressure to cover more […] Read more

Twin tracks brought tracks back to ag

Caterpillar pioneered tracked farm implements with its Challenger tractor in 1989; the industry was never the same after that

Caterpillar started selling a tracked offering of its Challenger tractor in 1987, and this first tracked tractor on the market proved to be a game changer. Never before were producers able to get that much power to the ground and maintain traction, forcing other tractor manufacturers to the drawing table to draft a response to […] Read more

Deere’s RX fulfills requests for tracks

Few brands inspire the loyalty that John Deere does. Even in the face of fierce competition from rivals with solid equipment lineups, it would be blasphemous on some multi-generational farms to park anything other than a green machine in the yard. “The quality of our machines is what our customers have come to love and […] Read more

DeltaTrack takes the Versatile reputation even further

Versatile tractors are known to be straightforward and easy to work on, and many 1970s-era machines are still in the field covering acres. “We have a tractor that is easy to service, easy to operate and durable,” said Del Fast of Versatile. “If you look in at some of the older tractors in the field, […] Read more

Book chronicles development of high-horsepower four-wheel-drive tractors

A new book by publishing house Octane Press chronicles the development of high-horsepower four-wheel drive tractors from International Harvester, Steiger, J.I. Case and Case IH. Lee Klancher, lead author of Red 4WD Tractors and owner of Octane Press, said the book describes how four-wheel drive tractors evolve from three very different perspectives. “You have International […] Read more

Handling farm chores from morning til dusk

The all-terrain vehicle market has come a long way since Honda’s Big Red three-wheeler started showing up on Canadian farms in the 1970s. There are now many distributors and offerings of ATVs, as well as countless options and attachments that have changed dramatically how work is done on many farms. The most common use of […] Read more

Company introduces UTV to handle lifting chores

FARGO, N.D. — Hustler Turf Equipment is best known for its line of zero-turn mowing equipment, but the company’s new MDV Levelift utility task vehicle (UTV) may soon change that. The box of the MDV LeveLift can be lowered to the ground by the company’s patented lifting mechanism. “It goes all the way down to […] Read more