Sask. wants federal funds to clean up oil wells

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has asked the federal government for $156 million in funding for an accelerated well cleanup program.

The idea is to stimulate employment in the oil and gas support sector by cleaning up old wells that are no longer producing.

The province estimates that the program would accelerate the decommissioning and reclamation of 1,000 wells in the next two years and generate 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.

Dan Cugnet, chair of Valleyview Petroleums Ltd., an exploration and production company in Weyburn, said aside from jobs, the program would eliminate fugitive emissions from non-productive wells.

The program would include environmental site assessment, safe removal and disposal of old equipment, remediation of oil and salt water spills, and restoration of agricultural land and critical habitat.


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  • Richard Michelson

    Really? After all Brad Wall’s rants about “I like capitalism”, now he wants socialism when he can’t pull the rabbit out of the hat, being the legal obligation and due diligence on his part, to ensure a trust was in place funded by bid bonds of the ‘perpetrators’. Unemployed you say? This same Brad Wall, on CBC radio’s ‘The House’ stated that the reason Ontario lost its manufacturing base was not because the Conservatives allowed it to move offshore, but because Ontario wasn’t “productive”. Well Brad, now it’s your turn. How does it feel? And what is your excuse for not being “productive”?

    And when Caterpillar, with a profit of over $5 billion, took over Electromotive diesel (EMD) based in London, Ontario. It was a unionized manufacturing plant but Caterpillar prides itself in not allowing unions. It’s offer to the workforce was to accept cutting wages 50% or it would move manufacturing to Muncie, Indiana where ‘right to work’ legislation was passed and many jobs were at minimum wage. They moved the operations but found the labour skill levels in Muncie inadequate so they cut green cards for instructors and technicians to move to Muncie to bail them out leaving the majority of the workforce in London, unemployed. What was Steven Harper’s response? Absolutely nothing. But the unemployed in northern regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta as a result of an illegal cartel caving in, quick, find them welfare jobs and extend their UI benefits above the what Canadians get.


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