The Saskatchewan government last week ordered a full inspection of the Rural Municipality of McKillop after receiving numerous complaints from taxpayers.
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Sask. gov’t to put RM under the microscope

A dispute has developed in the Rural Municipality of McKillop between agricultural landowners and cottage owners

The Saskatchewan government last week ordered a full inspection of the Rural Municipality of McKillop after receiving numerous complaints from taxpayers. The latest was an unexpected tax hike in mid-August after the RM discovered it was short about $1 million. That news came after the administrator assured council earlier in the year that a tax […] Read more

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit is settling into his new job.  |  Karen Briere photo

Dry weather top of mind for new Sask. ag minister

David Marit is focused on tax deferrals for drought-induced cattle sales, the proposed neonic ban and grain transportation

Saskatchewan’s new agriculture minister is happy to fill the role, but not so happy about how the job came to be his. David Marit, well known as the former president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and most recently as highways minister, has taken over from Lyle Stewart because of the latter’s cancer diagnosis. […] Read more

Red sunsets have been common this summer because of the smoke from B.C. fires.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Smoky skies may save dry crops

The smoke and haze from fires that have blanketed much of the Prairies recently is actually helping crops survive a much bigger problem — drought. University of Saskatchewan professor Rosalind Bueckert, who studies crop responses to environmental factors, said the smoke lowers temperatures and allows less solar radiation to reach the crop. Earlier in the […] Read more

Animal scientists aren’t sure why beef cattle don’t like eating the 4010 variety of field peas.  |  File photo

Beef cattle eschew popular forage pea

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. — A study of poly-crop mixtures to extend grazing has been hampered by dry weather, but researchers have observed one thing: beef cattle don’t seem to like the 4010 variety of field peas. Dr. Alan Iwaasa, an animal scientist at the Swift Current Research and Development Centre, said the two-year study began […] Read more

Organic farmers urged to focus on soil health

Sask. producer emphasizes five principles, including minimized soil disturbance and keeping soil covered

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask — Cody Straza encourages organic growers to use five soil health principles to improve their systems. Trying to implement all five is a challenge, he told a recent organic and low-input field day in Swift Current, but it can be done. Straza and his family operate Upland Organics on 2,100 acres near […] Read more

Garret Glasrud helps with branding at the family ranch near Shaunavon, Sask. | Photo supplied by Garrett Glasrud

Sask. rancher leaves the range for gridiron

The connection between farm kids and sport is strong and well-documented, although on the Prairies that often means rodeo or hockey players making it to the National Hockey League. Garret Glasrud’s game is football, and he recently had to choose between the ranch he loves and the game he loves. Football won — for now. […] Read more

Gas emissions on irrigated soil overestimated

OUTLOOK, Sask. — Canada’s national inventory of greenhouse gases overestimates how much irrigated crops are emitting from prairie soil. But that’s not a surprise to Dr. Reynald Lemke, who was involved in setting inventory levels in the first place. He said emissions were based on general moisture regimes in certain regions. For the brown soil […] Read more

Domestic trade review requested

VANCOUVER — Canadian farmers would welcome streamlined regulations that allow easier interprovincial trade and keep them competitive in global markets. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture and other industry leaders told the country’s agriculture ministers during a recent roundtable that cumbersome regulations on trade within the country can cause bottlenecks. President Ron Bonnett said in some […] Read more

Poor hay crops in many parts of the Prairies have ranchers concerned about winter feed supplies. This thin crop was being taken off near Hughenden, Alta., July 21.  |  Sterling Cuthbert photo

Livestock producers face feed crisis

Eastern Man. is in particularly bad shape, Sask. faces a below average hay crop and Alta. has had a second dry year

Cattle producers across the Prairies are dealing with poor hay crops, crispy pastures and dwindling feed supplies. A combination of late spring feeding, heat and dry conditions have put next winter’s feed supply in jeopardy in many parts of the region. Carryover has largely been used up, and little growth has occurred. “The eastern part […] Read more

Malt barley yields closing in on feed varieties

Irrigation Crop Diversification Corp. researchers in Sask. are also looking for the best time to spray durum for fusarium

OUTLOOK, Sask. — Higher-yielding malting barley varieties could lead farmers to grow them even if they aren’t guaranteed malt quality. Agronomy research underway at several sites in Saskatchewan is comparing newer malt varieties that promise higher yields with feed varieties that do yield higher. Garry Hnatowich, research director at the Irrigation Crop Diversification Corp. in […] Read more