Sask. ag exports hit new record

Saskatchewan agricultural exports set another record in 2015 with total sales of $15.1 billion.

That is the fifth consecutive record year and surpasses the target of $15 billion by 2020 set out in the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth.

It is also eight percent higher than 2014.

The top three destinations of 145 countries that bought Saskatchewan products were the United States, China and India. Sales of at least $200 million were made to 15 countries.

Agriculture minister Lyle Stewart said the sector is the foundation of the province and remains an economic driver.

“We were confident the industry would meet our Growth Plan target by 2020, but our farmers, ranchers and agri-businesses have once again exceeded our expectations and reached the target five years ahead of schedule,” he said.


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  • ed

    2013 was the biggest crop the west has ever seen by a wide margin. Because of the logistics nightmare on transportation due to disorderly marketing in the wake of the CWB theft, much of that crop was held over and sold with the 2014 crop during the 2015 sales period. That makes perfect sense that sales volumes were high. Dollars values per unit were not good but who cares about that, right. They are not where they think they are as far as the targets go but telling the truth would not meet their political propaganda targets so it was all or nothing here, and it works.

  • Harold

    Curious. How much of the wealth of 15.1 billion trickled down to the Farmer’s who created it? Seems to me that Canadians own the Farms and the Workers and their Product and not the Government, Boards, Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, Dow, and their subsidiaries. I’m sure the check to farmers reflects this; doesn’t it? Last time I sat up and noticed, it was the farmers who ran to the Banks……. for a loan. Then again, perhaps its only the small scale Farmer I’m thinking of.


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