Finnish articulated loaders now available in Canada

There are six models in the Avant loader series, as well as more than 190 attachments from which operators can choose. | Robin Booker photo

RED DEER — Small articulated loaders built in Finland are now available to Canadian producers through JAK Equipment in Leduc, Alta.

The Avant series of loaders has more than 190 attachments that focus on farming and construction tasks.

“Options are basically endless for these things when it comes to attachments,” Bob Fedorchuk of Avant Techno Canada said at Agri-Trade in Red Deer.

“They have a telescopic boom that reaches out about two feet. The 600 series will reach up to nine feet, the 700 series will reach up to 10 feet.”

The broom and blade options are used to clean out barns across Europe. Canadian producers will find the snow blower, mower, post hole auger, backhoe, grapple and horse arena harrow attachments useful.

“The biggest unit we have is a 760. It’s a 57-horse(power) turbo that has the capability of running (at)two speed (ranges): one at 13 km-h or the other two speed at 30 km-h, depending on your basic needs on whether you need to go that fast or not,” Fedorchuk said.

The 600 series has a 37 h.p. Kubota engine, and its speed ranges from 13 to 24 km-h.

“The machines do come in a single speed as well so if you don’t need that second speed, you can just stick to the single speed,” Fedorchuk said.

The 700 series weighs approximately 5,000 pounds.

“It will lift up to 3,800 lb. and that’s right from the front of the machine,” Fedorchuk said.

“And as you come up you can extend out and up. It would be great for warehousing, for moving bales around, for moving just about anything around on the farm.”

The 600 series weighs approximately 4,000 lb. and has a lifting capacity of around 2,800 lb.

Fedorchuk said the fuel efficiency on the loaders make them stand out in the market.

With the 700 series loader, “on an eight hour day you are burning just over a litre an hour,” Fedorchuk said.

“Over the course of a year, if you start breaking down your overall costs, just on fuel savings alone you’ve almost paid for the machine.”

The Avant articulated loaders come with differential locks.

“If you’re starting to spin out and you’re losing traction, throw your diff lock on and it throws power to all your wheels,” he said.

“You don’t want to be running that all the time because being an articulated loader, you’re going to scrub off your tires. If you’re on hard surfaces, you just turn that off and save your tires.”

The loader’s boom float is helpful for operators carrying loads across rough terrain.

“If you’re going across your yard with a bale, throw your boom float on and the boom will ride nice and smooth with you,” Fedorchuk said.

The two speed hydraulic pump provides operators another option when working.

“So if you just want to throw the snow or rocks or whatever you’re moving at that time just a short distance, if you want to chuck it really far, put it in pump two and that will speed everything up,” Fedorchuk said.

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