CNH Industrial bets on strong market to counter worst supply chain situation

MILAN, July 30 (Reuters) – Italian-American vehicle maker CNH Industrial on Friday raised its revenue and free cash flow forecasts for this year, confident an industry cyclical upturn would help it offset a severe impact from supply chain constraints. “It’s the worst supply chain situation I’ve seen in my career,” Chief Executive Scott Wine told […] Read more

Caterpillar earnings soar as global recovery boosts equipment demand

July 30 (Reuters) – Caterpillar Inc on Friday reported higher quarterly earnings as a recovery in global economic activity from pandemic lows drove up sales across all regions and businesses. However, the Illinois-based manufacturer of heavy machinery did not provide an earnings forecast for this year. It also warned that operating profit margin would moderate […] Read more

Shares of Deere, known for its trademark green tractors and harvesting combines, fell as much as 6% to $137.18, as slump in demand for big agricultural machines has forced the company to cut production by 20 percent at two of its large factories in North America. | File photo

Deere blames escalating trade war for worsening outlook

(Reuters) – Deere & Co on Friday missed quarterly profit estimates for the fifth-straight quarter and cut its full-year outlook, as an escalating U.S.-China trade war threatens to further hit farm incomes and demand for the company’s equipment. Shares of Deere, known for its trademark green tractors and harvesting combines, fell as much as 6% […] Read more

James Buttle, left, inventor of the EMAR Chaff Deck and Peter Broley of Primary Industries, the manufacturer and distributor of the unit attend Canada’s Farm Progress Show.  |  Michael Raine photo

What the heck is a chaff deck? Clue: it goes down under

REGINA — Australia’s history with herbicide resistant weeds has lead that nation to develop unique tools and practices to manage weed seeds. Canadian farmers have toyed with chaff control in the past, using carts to collect it for later feeding or burning. However, Australian producers, facing significant yield losses to the point of devaluing badly […] Read more

Farmer Eric Johnson of Nokomis, Sask., said the idea to build his 5,000 bu. transfer cart hit him right “out of the blue”18 years ago. To the best of our knowledge he built the world’s first one in 2000.  |  Michael Raine photo

Transfer bin; the next step in harvest efficiency?

BRANDON — From the days of scythe and hand-tied grain stooks, hurry and haste at harvest has always been critical. Gather that crop before weather and wild beasts get it. Urgency at harvest is just as strong today, even though we have a long list of new tools such as desiccants, Class 9 combines, speedy […] Read more

The area highlighted in green indicates the liquid lubricant that prevents the wet seal from running dry or being contaminated by chemicals.  The wet seal is now standard on all Pentair Hypro 9306 and 9303 pumps.  |  Hypro image

Wet seal technology for spray pumps

BRANDON — Wet seals, employed in aircraft and industry for decades, are finally finding their way into agricultural spray pumps built by Pentair Hypro. The big benefit is in situations when the pump runs dry, Pentair fluid specialist Brian Henderson said during Manitoba Ag Days at the end of last month, where he debuted three […] Read more

The ProSpread 315 from Radium Engineering has tandem wheels coupled to the chassis by leaf springs that allow the machine’s weight to be evenly distributed over all four wheels. | Robin Booker photo

South African fertilizer spreaders come to Canada

RED DEER — Schulte Industries has signed a distribution deal with Radium Engineering to sell South African designed fertilizer spreaders in Canada. Radium Engineering has produced its own fertilizer spreaders since the 1990s, and its distribution network reaches most agricultural areas around the globe. Clayton Rosaasen of Schulte Industries said the spreaders will fit comfortably […] Read more

The new Technotill Version 2.0 is a dual sideband device that eliminates the tendency of the original Version 1.0 packers to pull sideways.  |  Technotill illustration

New Technotill packer does dual side band

The Technotill packer plate introduced by Walter and Betty Schoenhofer in 1996 has been re-developed with assistance from Saskatchewan farmers and a 3D printer. TNT Version 2 will be available for spring seeding. Where the original TNT had a fertilizer port on only one side, Version 2 is symmetrical with dual band ports. The previous […] Read more

When it was time for Kevin Horner to buy a new drill last spring, he picked a 62-foot New Holland ST830 cultivator with Technotill packers.  He says there’s excellent trash clearance and no moving parts and the Technotill plates do a better job than a packing wheel.  |  Betty Schoenhofer photo

Back to basics with seeders

Expensive, heavy, complicated seeding machines are being challenged by lower-cost, high-speed compact-disc machines and good old-fashioned shank cultivators with narrow knife openers. Over the past two decades, one of the devices that’s become popular among farmers with simple seeding systems is the Technotill (TNT) packer. Although the original Version 1 TNT functions well and continues […] Read more

Research and development into the soil-working tools continues, even though the frames might not vary much. The new Kuhn Excelerator 8005 uses a self-sharpening blade with a scalloped circumference and 32 flutes. It can work at 10 m.p.h. in rough conditions.  |  Kuhn photo

VIDEO: In-ground steel continues to evolve

FARGO, N.D. — Within the overall realm of cultivation and seed and fertilizer placement equipment, the in-ground working tool is the one singular component that continues to evolve rapidly. Every farm show seems to feature new soil-working steel. Money is a chief reason for the on-going focus on developing new soil-working tools. When dealing with […] Read more