PEDv strikes Manitoba hog barns

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus has infected 10 southeastern Manitoba hog operations since April 29 and producers of the estimated 45 other operations within five kilometres of those barns are on high alert.

Dr. Glen Duizer of the Manitoba chief veterinary office, said June 2 that six infected farms, two of them farrow operations and four that are finishers, are in the area that had a PED outbreak last year. Three other infected operations comprising two farrow and one finisher, are in a second area that experienced outbreaks in both 2014 and 2016.

The 10th case is outside both those areas but had contact via animal movement with the second infected area, he said.

“All of the infected sites are under biocontainment and control procedures. They are at various stages of cleanup and moving forward with taking infected animals off those sites,” said Duizer.

“In the cases of the finisher operations, the vast majority of those animals are being moved to the U.S. for slaughter to avoid contaminating our packing plants here in Manitoba.”

Cull sows from farrowing operations are also being moved directly to U.S. packing plants and are not going through Manitoba assembly yards.


Investigations on how the virus arrived or reoccurred and how it was spread from farm to farm are ongoing.

Hog supplies to Manitoba processing plants run by Maple Leaf Foods and HyLife remain adequate, Andrew Dickson, general manager of Manitoba Pork, told Reuters

Manitoba ships large volumes of young pigs, called feeders, to the United States. Canada has exported 1.8 million feeder pigs to the United States in 2017 as of May 20, up two percent from a year earlier, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.

Canada is the world’s biggest swine exporter, mostly to the United States.

Manitoba’s neighbouring province of Ontario has confirmed three PED cases this year, down from 14 in all of 2016, government spokesperson Kristy Denette said.


  • John Fefchak

    Manitoba hog industry nervous as newest PED cases confirmed.
    Ten cases reported in the past four weeks.
    Is this just the beginning of a grim situation that will lead into far more serious events for these animals that are being raised in corporate factory barns?
    The warning bells are being sounded….will Pallister government officials and the Manitoba pork council pay attention?
    It’s all about proper animal stewardship.

  • Denise

    Hard times ahead for the hog industry in Manitoba.
    What they have failed to comprend ,all along, is that you can’t treat animals like widgets made in a factory.
    Hogs (pigs), like all living creatures in this world, need clean air to breathe, sunshine to sustain health and prevent diseases from taking hold and morphing into new, more virulent strains ,nutrient-rich appropriate,uncontaminated feed,a pain-free, stress- free (no ractopamine) and an uncrowded environment to live in. Given these requirements they will flourish, most of the time. Is Mother Nature trying to make a point here with these guys? My bet is “yes” and she will always win when agri-practices are NOT sustainable and balanced with nature.
    The intensive livestock operators have painted themselves into a corner. With PEDv running rampant ,in southeastern Manitoba, which is highly over-populated with hog barns, they are hitting their heads against the wall by doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
    By the way, please don’t decide to over-populate southwestern Manitoba with hog barns, as an escape plan from the overpopulated SE region. We have enough, already.
    As I read the article, I sited below, I thought of Manitoba’s hog industry and wondered why we have to put up with “loosening of regulations” while, on the other side of the world, they are quickly changing their ways of raising hogs, to respect their people, save the environment,and,last but not least, protect the animals. to-adopt-new-method.
    The conservative (neoliberal) government , in Manitoba, finds it easier to bend to the wishes of the hog industry than to stand up and do what is right for ordinary Manitobans. This will end badly on all accounts.

    • John Fefchak

      Thank you Denise.
      “The significant problems that have evolved with the hog industries PEDv situation cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which they were created.” an excerpt…… from A. Einstein.

  • richard

    God said……”be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth….and subdue it….and have dominion over all the fish in the sea…..the birds in the sky…..and all living things that move on earth” Genisis 1:28 ESV……….There are no less than a dozen biblical interpretations on this verse….and not one of them infers that humans should live in harmony with their natural world…. only dominate it. The war on nature sometimes referred to as agriculture is the final vain attempt by a weak and broken species to defy natural law through subjugation of species….. We are in the midst of the “Sixth mass extinction”……and I think we all know for whom the final bell tolls…..

    • Harold

      The first sentence in our Canadian constitution is: Whereas Canada is founded upon principals that recognize the SUPREMACY of GOD and the rule of law: …

      This understanding is first and then all remaining words follow thereafter.

      You have pointed out only a few of the recognitions of the supremacy of GOD.
      Even the Queen in her coronation swears an oath to the supreme-being God and placing her hand on the bible as is presented by the Church of Scotland before she can become the Queen. The phrase “so help me God” after swearing an oath did not evolve from a meaningless nothing. Throughout the stupidity of the preaching in the churches, the ministers of those church’s have yet to realize that they are preaching out of a patented legal document of case laws usable in a Court of Law: Supreme to the opinions of a Judge – who also swears an oath of office “so help me God”.(supremacy recognition) Instead indoctrinated Preachers spread their messages of condemnation and sell their stairways and tickets into heaven. If you look at the first few pages in the bible you will often see a Patent Number and a Royal Seal and that it is printed by the Queen’s Printer. You may further notice the word KING in King James. You may just now reflect back upon the King’s Coronation. When you want a copy of an existing law you will notice that it has a Patent Number and a Royal Seal, and it is printed by the Queen’s Printer. (Provincial seals are empowered by a Royal Seal – they are the same) Through the foolishness of preaching, God is dead in the courtrooms, is dead with political Law makers and is dead to the public at large; what lives is Religion. Because God is not dead and through decades we have become mentally dead, the case law for this is in the bible and can be found in Revelations. Revelations have already occurred in the past and they are about to happen again. The previous scriptures are about avoidance Law to the eventuality of Revelation law. The supremacy of this law is the same as “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” Law, and if we were to rely upon the superior thinking of religion, or Monsanto, we would still be waiting for the creation of DNA. Supreme law created DNA and so forth and science is the witnessing, and not the explanation of god in action. The energy behind all that there is does not have to be labeled God to exist. It exists in spite of us so anyone can label it as they wish. The word god is term used to bring minds together instantaneously to an event and the term God would be meaningless if Genesis didn’t disciple the term, in the same way as the Sun does not need its label, scientific study, or opinion, to be what it is or do what it does. The Sun is not science based; the word sun is.

  • Denise

    It’s hard to ignore the fact that many countries,outside Canada and the USA, are more progressive in their thinking and moving in a postive direction to treat their hogs with respect and better care. Their public wants this and the government and industry are listening and taking appropriate action.
    Meanwhile, back here, in North America, the attitude is make a buck at any cost to the animals or the people who have to live in the midst of this misguided venture.
    Sure,lots of pigs can be raised in Manitoba but there is a “right way” and a “wrong way”.
    As we are finding out,doing it the “wrong way”( the cheap way, the inconsiderate way and inhumane way) leads to all sorts of major problems.