Emerson Tabelon and his family entered a contest and won a visit to a working egg farm. Here, he poses with flats of eggs collected at the Brant Hutterite Colony egg operation. | Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Egg farm welcomes contest-winning visitor

The Tabelon family said they were impressed by what they saw while visiting the Brant Hutterite Colony in Alberta

BRANT, Alta. — Nole Tabelon was impressed by the 15,500 chickens he saw Aug. 23. That’s how many are housed in a free-run system at the Brant Hutterite Colony, which he and his family visited after winning a contest organized by Egg Farmers of Alberta. “It was pretty interesting. I didn’t expect there to be […] Read more

A bale is loaded into the Maximizer. Inventor Emil Gulbranson of Vanderhoof, B.C., says it costs about $3 per bale to dry it down to acceptable levels, plus the cost of loader and operator.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: New hay dryer saves leaves and bales

The British Columbia-built machine can dry 18-24 bales an hour, allowing producers to harvst hay when quality is best

NOBLEFORD, Alta. — In the Vanderhoof, B.C., region, 2016 was a bad year for hay. There was lots of rain and not enough time between showers for the swaths to adequately dry for baling. Emil Gulbranson and his son, Chandler, were frustrated by the weather, so they sought hay-drying solutions. They looked around Canada and […] Read more

Workers move young pigs out of stalls at a hog farm in China’s Guangxi province earlier this year. African swine fever has become a problem for the country’s hog sector since the outbreak began.  |   REUTERS/Dominique Patton photo

African swine fever poses threat

China’s current battle against an outbreak of African swine fever is taking place half a world away from Canada, but distance is no guarantee against the deadly virus’s ability to come here. “Certainly there’s a possibility it could spread here. It’s spreading around the world,” said Canadian Pork Council executive director John Ross. “The usual […] Read more

Wild pigs a reservoir of disease

African swine fever virus is hard to kill. It can survive in feces and urine for days, travel on various surfaces and survive in pork even if the meat is cured or cooked to temperatures below 70 C. It has been reported in at least seven European Union countries at various times, and wild pigs […] Read more

Disease can be tricky to diagnose, but vets say up to the task

Dr. Egan Brockhoff is likely one of the few swine veterinarians in Canada who has seen African swine fever first-hand in pigs. The veterinarian consultant with the Canadian Pork Council travels extensively in his work as an expert in swine illnesses and has seen the ravages imposed by the virus on pigs in other countries. […] Read more

The Canadian cattle herd is now at its lowest point since 1988, dropping 26.3 percent to 12.4 million head on farms from a peak number recorded in 2005. | File photo

Canadian cattle herd continues to shrink

It’s now at its lowest point since 1988, dropping 26.3 percent to 12.4 million head on farms from a peak number recorded in 2005

The Canadian cattle herd continues to shrink and is at the lowest July 1 number since 1988, Statistics Canada reported in its July 1, 2018, inventory report. Breeding stock numbers are also down and many in the industry say it is unlikely to improve, at least in Western Canada, because drought and resulting feed shortages […] Read more

Kevin Boon, general manager of the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association, said rain and cooler temperatures on the weekend likely helped the fire situation but the toll taken on B.C. ranchers continues and their effects won’t be tallied until much later. | Twitter/@BCGovNews photo

B.C. ranchers suffer as fires persist

British Columbia remains in a state of emergency, first declared on Aug. 15, as 542 fires continue to burn. About 58 fires are either highly visible or pose a potential threat public safety. This year has officially become the second largest fire season on record for the province. The number and extent of fires is […] Read more

Hundreds of people showed up at Perry Produce near Chin, Alta., Aug. 18 to pick freshly dug potatoes that were free for the asking. Chris Perry, one of the farm’s owners, said it was a chance for people to see how potatoes are grown and dug and establish a connection with their food. That idea is the focus of Alberta’s Open Farm Days, held Aug. 18-19 across the province.  |  Barb Glen photo

Urban meets rural at Open Farm Days

Attendance for the annual event in Alberta is expected to exceed last year’s 20,000 visitors; 117 farms participated

Alberta Open Farm Days participants in the Chin and Coaldale areas are dealing with a lot of potatoes this week. They were able to pick their own free spuds from a field owned by Perry Produce, one of 117 farms across the province that opened their doors in some fashion Aug. 18, Aug. 19 or […] Read more

Julia Palmer listens to grazing consultant Jim Gerrish discuss proper stocking rates for this pasture while getting a close look at the foliage. She was among the participants in a three-day grazing school held Aug. 15-17.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Overgrazing starts with a ‘fear of wasting grass’

Grazing consultant says management can ensure the best possible use of grass, whether it is being grazed, hayed or rested

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — It wasn’t exactly a meeting of Overgrazers Anonymous, though grazing consultant Jim Gerrish called it that, tongue in cheek. In fact, those enrolled in a three-day grazing school are probably least likely to overgraze grassland and pasture by virtue of their attendance and what they learned. Gerrish had participants take what […] Read more

Ranchers request permanent tax deferral

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association says it has obtained national support among cattle groups to work toward a permanent tax deferral system in times of disaster. SCA chair Rick Toney said the option to defer income taxes on sale of breeding stock to another year would give cattle producers another risk management tool. The federal government […] Read more