A sculpture adorns Smithfield Foods’ hog slaughterhouse in Smithfield, Virginia.  |  REUTERS/Tom Polansek

China brings home the bacon at U.S. plant

Global meat industry adapting to profit from African swine fever, which has killed up to half of China’s hogs

SMITHFIELD, Virginia, (Reuters) — Smithfield Foods’ slaughterhouse in Virginia used to carve up pork for American sandwiches and holiday dinners. But workers now box up pig carcasses to ship to China, according to employees, local officials and industry sources. The transformation at the Smithfield, Virginia, plant shows how the global meat industry is adapting to […] Read more

At issue is a proposal unveiled this month by the EPA that would increase the amount of corn-based ethanol some oil refineries must blend next year to make up for volumes the agency expects to waive under its Small Refinery Exemption program.
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Critics unload on Trump administration biofuel proposal

(Reuters) — Representatives of both the oil and corn industries unleashed criticism of the United States administration’s proposed biofuels plan for next year during a public hearing hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The hearing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, marks the second public meeting on the topic in as many days, airing the grievances […] Read more

China approves new Argentine slaughterhouses to handle beef exports

BUENOS AIRES, (Reuters) – China has approved six new Argentine slaughterhouses and processing plants to handle the increasing amount of beef being shipped from the South American farming powerhouse to the commodities-hungry Asian country, an official said on Friday. China, the world’s top pork producer, has seen its hog herd shrink by a third since […] Read more

Brazil says Saudi Arabia approved eight new beef exporting plants

SAO PAULO, (Reuters) – The Brazilian government said in a statement on Monday that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority has approved eight Brazilian beef exporting plants, as the two countries seek to boost business ties. The approvals come on the heels of an official visit to Saudi Arabia by President Jair Bolsonaro last month. […] Read more

Brazil gets approval for 13 meatpacking plants for China exports

SÃO PAULO, (Reuters) – Chinese authorities approved new Brazilian meat exporting plants on Tuesday, according to the Brazilian agriculture ministry, a highly anticipated move as the two nations continue to strengthen trade ties. The approvals come as China seeks to increase meat imports to compensate for the death of around half of its pig herd […] Read more

Paraguay approves drought-resistant soybean variety

SANTIAGO, (Reuters) – Argentine biotechnology company Bioceres SA said on Tuesday that Paraguay, the fourth largest exporter of soy, had approved a soybean seed resistant to drought and “HB4” herbicides, adding the South American nation to a growing list of countries authorizing it. The variety, developed by Bioceres and U.S.-based Arcadia Biosciences Inc through joint […] Read more

The ban itself doesn’t extend to agricultural products, but farmers are also calling for Thailand to ban all imports of crops from countries where the chemicals are used.
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Thailand plans glyphosate ban

BANGKOK (Reuters) — Thailand’s ban on glyphosate, which its government deemed hazardous, could threaten imports of American agricultural products into Thailand, the U.S. government says. The country’s National Hazardous Substances Committee voted Oct. 22 to ban the use of three “hazardous chemicals,” including paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos. The ban, which will take effect Dec. 1, […] Read more

Brazil says China approves seven plants for exports of pork innards

SAO PAULO, (Reuters) – The Brazilian government said on this week that China has approved seven meatpacking plants in the state of Santa Catarina for the export of pork innards. Exports can begin immediately, Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias said on Twitter, adding that the approvals came as a result of talks held during President […] Read more