The reality of 100 bushel per acre wheat

Wheat agronomist Phil Needham admits his four primary cornerstones for growing 100 bushel spring wheat in central Saskatchewan seem basic, but they work. Needham makes as many as 80 presentations a year outlining his four principles of growing big wheat crops, usually with a handful of those workshops on the Canadian Prairies, where he has […] Read more

Wheat protein levels down

Mean protein levels in Western Canada’s 2013 spring wheat crop could be as much as a percentage point below last year’s crop. Spring wheat samples submitted to the Canadian Grain Commission’s Harvest Sample Program show preliminary protein levels in No. 1 CWRS wheat ranging from 12.4 percent in northern Alberta to 13.2 percent in southwestern […] Read more

Fusarium season arrives

Fusarium head blight risk has been shifting in its severity throughout the province of Manitoba. Wheat crops are starting to flower in the Red River Valley and central western part of the province. This, combined with warm temperatures, heavy dews and overall high humidity are starting to put cereal crops at risk of FHB infection. […] Read more

U.S. wheat exports threatened

GM wheat As importers suspend purchases of U.S. wheat, will Canada pick up some of the slack?

The appearance of Roundup Ready wheat volunteers in an Oregon field could temporarily send more business Canada’s way but it will likely cause more harm than good, says an industry analyst. “In the short-run it might mean that countries like Japan and the European Union will demand some more testing for American wheat and maybe […] Read more

Weather keeps wheat class spreads in flux

Farmers will have to wait at least one more year to determine the “normal” spreads between prairie hard red spring wheat and the other wheat classes they are able to grow. Analysts say the spreads between hard red spring and hard red winter, as well as between other classes and divisions within each class, 
will […] Read more

Industry to collaborate on wheat research

Program details coming | Sask. gov’t supports project to boost wheat production in the province

The National Research Council will soon announce details of a multi-faceted research initiative aimed at boosting wheat production and profitability in Canada. The Canadian Wheat Flagship Strategic Alliance is expected to involve plant scientists from the NRC, the University of Saskatchewan and Agriculture Canada. Details of the program have not been released, but sources at […] Read more

Growers preserve the past in loaves of bread

Red Fife, Marquis varieties | Organic growers face a variety of challenges in bringing their old variety grain to market

STRATHMORE, Alta. — An early summer hailstorm beat the daylights out of the wheat crop at the Heritage Harvest farm, but the three owners persisted. Their crops of heritage wheat such as Red Fife and Marquis fetch too high a premium in the organic market to abandon. Mark Gibreau, Henry Winnicki and Ray Lefebvre of […] Read more

Manitoba happy
 with yield, quality of wheat crop

Solid performance | Sask., Alta. harvests haven’t progressed enough for adequate reading

Spring wheat is shaping up to be the king of crops in Manitoba this year. However, a complete picture of spring wheat yields and quality has yet to emerge in Saskatchewan and Alberta, where significant acres are still in the field. In Manitoba, where the spring wheat harvest is all but complete, reports suggest that […] Read more

Premiums dip with supply of high protein wheat 

Too much of a good thing | Hot, dry weather has boosted protein levels in many areas so modest premiums are expected

Prairie grain growers are still waiting for clear signals on whether grain companies will offer premiums this year for high protein wheat. Although the western Canadian wheat harvest is still in its early stages, initial reports suggest that North America will produce abundant supplies of high protein milling wheat this year. The Canadian Grain Commission […] Read more

Wheat research not forgotten

ARDROSSAN, Alta. — Millions of acres of wheat on the Prairies haven’t gone unnoticed at Pioneer DuPont’s new Edmonton Research Center. “Spring wheat is a 25 million acre crop out here, so anytime there’s 25 million acres of crop it attracts interest and attention,” said Ian Grant, Pioneer DuPont president, whose company is only working […] Read more