Wheat research program hopes to build on momentum

An unprecedented wheat research program that will spend close to $100 million to improve knowledge and develop new plant breeding technologies is about to begin bearing fruit. The Canadian Wheat Alliance, launched in 2013, was initially billed as a five-year, $97 million research project involving scientists from Agriculture Canada, the National Research Council, the University […] Read more

Growing U.S. stocks pose wheat market’s biggest problem

Canada will likely export more wheat than the United States for the second consecutive year. That is just one development in a depressed wheat market fixated on large supplies. However, the supply, while large, is not necessarily as overwhelming as it appears on first glance. The difference between ample supply and shortage is fairly small, […] Read more

Tale of two wheat crops in Western Canada

WINNIPEG — Western Canadian farmers are in the final stages of harvesting the 2015 wheat crop, and while yields continue to beat earlier expectations, there is a distinct quality difference between the crops harvested early and those harvested late. “In our country, all of the grain was top grade, but anything that was left out […] Read more

Branding wheat may expand markets

What do customers want when they buy Canadian wheat? Cereals Canada and the Canadian International Grains Institute recently commissioned market research firm LMC International to answer this question. Farmers should care about the answer because it will impact their future bottom line, and their check-off dollars may be going to go to support the industry’s […] Read more

Russia may nix wheat export tax

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) — Russia’s agriculture ministry may review its wheat export tax once it receives export data for February, says agriculture minister Nikolai Fyodorov. The government has been trying to cool domestic wheat prices with informal curbs on exports since December, to which it added an export tax from Feb. 1. Domestic wheat prices […] Read more

Basis confusing but tells story

Wacky wheat bids at prairie elevators will likely stick around, say two crop marketers who deal daily with multiple elevators. However, farmers shouldn’t get frustrated about basis levels that seem bizarre. Instead, they should learn to stand back and read the submerged but important signals. These signals vary company to company and don’t relate well […] Read more

Big stocks offset acreage cut

American winter wheat acres down five percent, but exports sluggish

U.S. farmers planted less winter wheat than expected, but it didn’t lift wheat futures. Producers seeded 40.45 million acres of the crop, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey of more than 83,000 farmers in December. It is well below the average trade estimate of 42.57 million acres and last year’s crop of 42.4 […] Read more

Midge, fusarium control all about timing

SCOTT, Sask. — Farmers who are still spraying fungicides on wheat to control fusarium head blight should be paying close attention to crop staging to ensure the best results. Lyndon Hicks, a regional crop specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says early flowering is the perfect time for fusarium control in wheat. “Flowering will begin in the […] Read more

Customers praise CIGI on wheat gluten research

Better wheat, better bread | The grain institute is studying the influence of weather, moisture, herbicides and fungicides

The nation’s grain industry has made huge progress and responded effectively to concerns regarding the gluten strength of Canadian wheat, said Earl Geddes, Canadian International Grains Institute chief executive officer. COFCO, China’s state-owned agricultural trading company, complained about the inconsistency and baking properties of Canadian wheat in the spring of 2013. Geddes said Canada’s wheat […] Read more

AC Harvest top choice for wheat growers

Canada Western Red Spring wheat | More than 1.5 million acres of AC Harvest were seeded in 2013

A new wheat king has been crowned in Western Canada. According to provincial crop insurance data, AC Harvest was the most popular Canada Western Red Spring wheat variety last year. It was planted on more than 1.5 million acres, or 12 percent of total CWRS plantings. The Agriculture Canada variety was especially popular among Alberta […] Read more