Premiums dip with supply of high protein wheat

Too much of a good thing | Hot, dry weather has boosted protein levels in many areas so modest premiums are expected

Prairie grain growers are still waiting for clear signals on whether grain companies will offer premiums this year for high protein wheat. Although the western Canadian wheat harvest is still in its early stages, initial reports suggest that North America will produce abundant supplies of high protein milling wheat this year. The Canadian Grain Commission […] Read more

Wheat research not forgotten

ARDROSSAN, Alta. — Millions of acres of wheat on the Prairies haven’t gone unnoticed at Pioneer DuPont’s new Edmonton Research Center. “Spring wheat is a 25 million acre crop out here, so anytime there’s 25 million acres of crop it attracts interest and attention,” said Ian Grant, Pioneer DuPont president, whose company is only working […] Read more

Russian wheat prospects drying up

Russia’s wheat exports continue to wither along with its drought-stricken crops. In its last World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture lowered Russian exports to 12 million tonnes from 16 million tonnes. The USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service issued a report last week saying that number should be dropped to 11 […] Read more

Buyers fear higher wheat prices

The roaring rally in crop prices has Canadian farmers smiling, but it’s creating a lot of furrowed brows and worried looks on overseas buyers’ faces. They fear they might not be able to get the quality crops they need if frantic competitors snap up corn alternatives such as wheat. “The demand for wheat from Argentina […] Read more

Large wheat harvest could take shine off prices

Global forecast | The International Grains Council pegged 2012-13 wheat production at 676 million tonnes

Prospects of a big North American wheat crop will trump the troubles in Europe and the Black Sea region when it comes to establishing values in 2012-13. “I think it’s possible that there is a little bit of downside room on wheat prices,” said Vince Peterson, vice-president of overseas operations with U.S. Wheat Associates. He […] Read more

Risk of 2012-13 surplus rules against deferral pricing

Farmers holding wheat stocks have an important decision to make in the next two weeks. The sign-up deadline for the Canadian Wheat Board’s Series B contract is March 15. It’s the same deadline for the board’s fixed price contract and its basis price contract for the May and July 2012 futures months. So the question […] Read more

Resistant wheat key to keeping stripe rust at bay

Look for spores | Producers told to be vigilant in scouting fields because ‘it can be like a steamroller once it gets going’

The photograph shown on a screen in the cavernous meeting room depicted a flat green open field. On the horizon was an orangey grey cloud. Those who saw the cloud arrive in 2011 may not have realized the deadly potential it held for southern Alberta cereal crops. It contained stripe rust spores originating in the […] Read more

Canada’s wheat sales on target

Mexico, Colombia big buyers | Wheat a good alternative to high priced corn

North American wheat sales have been strong despite a glut of product in the world market. Canada exported 5.66 million tonnes of the crop through the first five months of the 2011-12 marketing campaign, up 16 percent over the same time last year. “It’s going well,” said Bruce Burnett, the Canadian Wheat Board’s director of […] Read more

U.S. seeks open access for wheat

Trade rumblings | Growers seek solution for unregistered wheat varieties

Canada must take steps to ensure that wheat grown in the United States can move freely and fairly across an open international border, says the American wheat industry. Alan Tracy, president of the United States Wheat Associates, said some critical issues must be addressed to ensure that wheat producers in Canada and the U.S. enjoy […] Read more

Wheat eager to partner up in research

Much uncertainty surrounds the future of wheat breeding in Canada. However, a few things are becoming crystal clear, according to experts who discussed the topic during Crop Production Week in Saskatoon. For starters, private companies will become more involved in developing and marketing new wheat varieties in Canada. In addition, governments, seed companies and producer […] Read more