Letters to the editor – May 3, 2018

Organic farming helps restore land

Re: 40,000 farm goes organic (WP, March 22)

Sensational organic article, so much so that you had to print the flax price two inches high.

Instead of this type of journalism, why not devote a page to organic news that gives the prices on a regular basis. Print some articles on how organic producers work to restore the land to function as soil that sustains growth after years of salt fertilizer and chemical destruction as advertised on every second page of your publication.

Breaking up pasture and seeding flax is easy. Let’s see how the weed control and fertility are managed after five years.

Do follow this huge corporate farm from Alberta, as we have seen so many come and go in the past years. Just noticed another south of Regina selling out.

Organic, it looks so easy, but is it?

Don Blahey,
organic producer
Melville, Sask.

Bill C-49 amendmentsshould be adopted

This past winter, declines in railway service saw performance numbers drop dramatically resulting in the worst backlog in years. This backlog has put contracts in jeopardy, caused mounting demurrage costs and damaged Canada’s reputation as a reliable grain exporter.

As some $500 million in grain remains stranded in the Prairies, stakeholders have called for the railways to cover demurrage fees caused by their admitted poor rail service. In February, when we saw the poorest service levels, wheat and canola exports plunged by 40 percent.

The Senate has adopted reasonable amendments to Bill C-49 that are supported by shippers, farmers and agriculture groups across Canada. These proposed improvements aim to bring further accountability and competition with hopes of dissolving the current imbalance between shipper and railway, as all involved parties work towards preventing another future grain backlog.

Each week, farm groups, stakeholders and shippers have been urging the government to accept the Senate revisions and recognize the urgency of implementation prior to the House rising for summer and before the next grain shipping season.

As the official opposition party, under the strong leadership of Andrew Scheer, we will continue to stand up for Canadian shippers and farmers to have access to a logistics system that gets their products to market in a predictable and timely way.

It is the responsibility of the minister of agriculture to defend the rights and interests of farmers in Bill C-49 and ensure their pleas are heard at the Liberal cabinet table.

Luc Berthold
Conservative MP for Mégantic-L’Érable
Shadow Minister for Agriculture

John Barlow
Conservative MP for Foothills
Shadow Minister for Agriculture


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