Letters to the editor – June 3, 2021

Agriculture’s image must be protected My wife and I are beef producers and understand why we brand our livestock. However, I noticed on page 37 in the May 20 Western Producer a group of pictures taken by Tegan Barr titled “Branding on the colony” that might be quite disturbing to a lot of people, although […] Read more

Letters to the editor – May 27, 2021

Misinformation undermines science While COVID-19 continues to severely impact our lives, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Mass vaccination is the most successful strategy for long-term control of the pandemic. However, achieving high uptake of vaccines will be a challenge and is being impeded by the widespread distribution of misinformation, […] Read more

Letters to the editor – May 20, 2021

Federal agriculture minister sells out Canada’s farmers To federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. The announcement of $6.9 billion support for Air Canada, and your support of it, proves that you are an illogical politician, unworthy of being minister of agriculture for Canada. This support allows the twisted, immoral values of the prime minister and deputy […] Read more

Letters to the editor – May 13, 2021

Farmers be wary of gene editing The WP editorial, Canadian gene editing rule deserves farmer support, in the April 8 issue is entirely focused on the wrong issue. The central issue for farmers is, “will customers purchase food produced (or) created using gene editing?” It would seem our customers in Canada, Europe, South Asia and […] Read more

Letters to the editor – May 6, 2021

Outward inspection must stay with CGC In the April 22 Western Producer on page 14, the Alberta Wheat Commission and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers espoused a very pro-industry/anti-farmer policy. They want the Canadian Grain Commission to oversee inspection, but not actually inspect, grain being loaded on ships at port. The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, the […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 29, 2021

Oldman basin allocations not watered down In southern Alberta, years of drought and a dry climate mean that access to water for all of its purposes is front-of-mind for many. Southern Alberta communities are rightfully interested in making sure that they have enough water to meet their needs. Alberta has a strong system for allocating […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 22, 2021

China tensions cost prairie farmers According to a recently released report from the Canola Council of Canada, worsened relations with China since the December 2018 arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou have cost prairie farmers a billion or more dollars. During the period March 6, 2019, to July 31, 2020, the losses to […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 15, 2021

AgriInstability or AgriInsanity? When AgriStability first started, I joined and participated annually. Because of a health issue in 2016 I dropped my rented land and rented out a portion of my own farmland. That resulted in an over 50 percent reduction in land that I operated. In doing so, that also hit my income by […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 8, 2021

Dodo connection requires explanation Today is March 29, 2021, and, as I sit here looking out at high winds, spruce trees swaying, snow blowing at -15 C, I contemplate the plight of the dodo bird and climate change. Perhaps your cartoonist could explain the connection between the two (Page 10, March 25 Western Producer). The […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 1, 2021

Carbon offset can’t Ignore past practices This letter is written to Saskatchewan farm groups and provincial and federal politicians from concerned farmers with regards to recent announcements on the federal carbon offset system. It requires farmers to show “quantifiable results above and beyond what is currently being done.” The federal government just sidelined 90 percent […] Read more