Letters to the editor – May 21, 2020

Local firefighters need protection

I have to draw the line at backing up a plan to tell firefighters they have to physical distance while fighting active fires and thinking that is good enough and all we have to do for them to be safe.

They have enough going on avoiding immediate painful death or injury to be left hanging with a protocol like that. We cannot send half crews out; we have to do better than that.

We owe all our first responders every stitch of PPE they may need to go in confidence. We owe all our first responders, volunteer or paid, the respect to test them all in a regularly scheduled COVID-19 protocol. Send healthy people in who can do what has to be done without burdening them with harming each other unknowingly.

First responders as a rule are first to a scene that is potentially life threatening. Yes, it is possible to test and miss the virus starting in the system. But yes, you can test a perfectly healthy-looking person and they are positive. Then if that person is able or needed, there needs to be a protocol for that. Take temperatures throughout. Give them every tool possible to get in there clear of anything else to think about. Take better care of them.

Saskatchewan has the virus, so we all have the virus. That was a way to get people inside at first. Now with the mix of Trump-like thinking and science and conspiracy theorists, the public out here is very confused.

It’s not going as smooth as it looks. We need to drill into the public — ourselves, each other — a new home COVID-19 fire safety plan. What do we do to help the firefighters to be safe and save us? If we are viral, the fire hall should know that before going out to help us. The public has a big responsibility here.

But convincing some that COVID-19 is even a real thing in Saskatchewan is another trick all together. I’m not able to solve that one. It would be a sad day if they all get convinced the hard way after all.

Fiarra Nixon
Major, Sask.

PM partly to blame for COVID problems

There was a story going around in 1952 from the Lemberg, Sask., area that a visitor from Germany had brought in the foot-and-mouth disease, but nobody ever proved it.

Jimmy Gardiner was the federal agriculture minister and word was that he phoned his hired help and told them to take all the cattle on the farm to a sale ahead of FMD being announced. Again, this might be another story. These events are prone to them.

At Lemberg, a big pit was dug and I don’t know if livestock in the area were tested first or just hauled to the pit from miles around where the case was found. The police shot the stock and it was confined to a small area.

FMD was controlled by confining the disease to small areas.

People born in 1952 and after do not know anything about FMD. There are a few older farmers that knew it well. People today don’t know about it because they did what had to be done to control it then.

China should have stopped all planes travelling in and out of the country and people from travelling out of Wuhan. Now the whole world is locked down as a result.

Trudeau said COVID-19 was not a big deal when China announced it had the disease. That was Jan. 20, but it has been a big coverup. People knew about this in December and were talking about it on the internet.

Now Trudeau says he is not pointing fingers at one country. That is because he is to blame for a lot of the (COVID-19) problems we have in Canada.

Nick Bobyk
Kamsack, Sask.


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