Letters to the editor – June 3, 2021

Agriculture’s image must be protected

My wife and I are beef producers and understand why we brand our livestock.

However, I noticed on page 37 in the May 20 Western Producer a group of pictures taken by Tegan Barr titled “Branding on the colony” that might be quite disturbing to a lot of people, although maybe not many who subscribe to this paper.

The one I might be most concerned about is the one with the hair of the calf on fire.

Then reading further on in the same issue, I noticed on page 67 a story titled, “Quarter of Canadians consider dropping beef,” that said 37 percent of Canadians are concerned of media depictions of animal cruelty and might take out beef in their diet because of that.

I think we as producers in agriculture need to be aware that sometimes what we print may affect us as producers.

Brian Roth

Rosthern, Sask


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