Letters to the editor – April 4, 2019

Why import hogs from Poland, China?

Re: “Feds must be guard dog protecting against hog disease,” column by D’Arce McMillan, March 21.

Good work. Please bring more related information to people’s attention.

Myself and many other hog producers that I know are very concerned about pork being imported from Poland and even China.

This should be as big a concern as individual travellers trying to bring pork back to Canada. For most countries in the world, it is common practice to close the border when it comes to importing pork from other countries that have one or more cases of African swine fever.

Canada has chosen not to do this. This is a very big concern. Even representatives from Alberta Pork and Canadian Pork don’t see a need to do this.

The question is: why not? 

One of the answers is in the other article of WP March 21 (Canada imports pork from Poland, despite African swine fever), where it says “…if African swine fever was detected in Ontario, for example, Canada could still export pork from Western Canada.”

Really, who can guarantee that? Nobody, of course. It is plain nonsense to believe that will happen.

This is a huge concern, especially if our organizations that represent us don’t take it seriously.

Martin van de Velde
Lacombe County, Alta

Columnist wrong on Liberals’ actions

Re: “Canada: constitutional confusion,” column by Michael Raine, (WP March 21).

I must take issue with a number of points Michael Raine makes in his Editorial Notebook.

The first point: “… it would be very difficult to take issue with the success of the economy.…”

Adding to the economy by borrowing and spending $20 billion a year does not give a clear picture of the economy.

Then Raine says: “Even the current SNC-Lavalin scandal is related to swaying government support for a business.”

Support for business? Ask businesses in Alberta.

Let’s take a closer look at support for business. Quebec’s pension fund is the largest shareholder in SNC-Lavalin. Saudi Arabia is the biggest customer of SNC-Lavalin. Quebec gets its oil from Saudi Arabia. Quebec is totally against an eastern pipeline. SNC-Lavalin is a huge Liberal supporter. Get the picture? Helping western farmers?

The present trade dispute with China will cost western farmers dearly. The dispute was caused solely by the actions of the Trudeau government. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Buying a pipeline for one and a half times its worth while allowing foreign money to fund pipeline protesters does nothing for getting oil to the coast.

The feds have no clear plan to expand the pipeline. If they had exercised their authority when protests began, the pipeline would have been built without taxpayer money.

Also, B.C.’s carbon tax policy is a real sore point. It has added about $1,000 to my yearly cost of living. The tax costs me more than the gas to heat my home, and so far has done zero to reduce emissions. Emissions have increased every year since the tax was imposed. The carbon tax is nothing but a money grab.

Raine’s view of equalization is difficult to understand. He says it’s federal money and provinces don’t really pay. Where does he think the feds get their money? Does he think that equalization money just falls from the sky?

I ask Raine, when one province continually sends $20 billion more to feds than is returned, where does the money go? 

Roger Brandl
Fort St. John, B.C.


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