Letters to the editor – April 2, 2020

Gopher is a noxious animal

Re: Prairie farm groups vow to fight PMRA strychnine ban (WP, March 12).

As a so-called retired farmer, I’ve come to the point where there isn’t much that I can do physically, like manual labour. But over the many years that I’ve fought the gopher, I’ve learned a few things about it.

In the last two years I’ve spent a lot of time trying to win the battle against the gopher. I know that the stories that producers are telling me are true. All my years as a farmer, I’ve heard of noxious weeds and the laws against farmers letting such weeds grow anywhere.

In my opinion noxious animals such as gophers, rats, mice or wild boars should be treated no different. If the government wants to do something useful, make a law against noxious animals or enforce those that they do have.

Peter P. Sehn
Maple Creek, Sask.

Some people still have to work

The COVID-19 virus is creating heart-warming moments of found family time, to walk the dog, to reconnect.

But not everyone is having those moments. The ones who have to do their paid job because they’ll starve otherwise are low paid and high risk.  We deny the poor the option to be with the kids. So it’s us placing kids at risk, home alone, left to their cramped rooms, smart phones, and maybe the lure of vaping, drinking, drugs.

This virus teaches us kids should be a budget priority, not considered a burden or obstacle to work. Priority reassessment.

Beverley Smith
Calgary, Alta.


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