Property rights protection supported

Maxime Bernier wants to stand up for rural residents and stop what he calls the harassment of law-abiding gun owners.

He said Canada’s firearms laws are broken and need to be replaced with effective legislation that protects property rights and cracks down on dangerous criminals.

As leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Bernier suggested a balance between self-defence and the legal ability to bear arms.

“When a citizen wants to defend themselves they must have the right, but using the appropriate forces, as you know, it’s part of the Criminal Code,” he said during a meeting in Saskatoon with The Western Producer editorial board.

He does not want to change the Criminal Code, but thinks it’s important that victim’s rights receive more attention from the RCMP.

“Why somebody will have to be in court when they’re defending themselves and at the end, you know, the process was fair and I agree … that person was not guilty,” he said.

He said he is in favour of spending more money for more police resources in rural communities and does not want a gun registry.

However, Bernier said he needs more time to decide to what extent citizens can legally go to defend their property.

“I’m not ready to answer your question right now because I want to study and look at the case law and read the case law in detail, and if I have a position on that it will be strong based on the case law and on some decision from the court,” he said.

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