Merlis Wiebe and Daryl Bueckert unload and stack the first truckload of hay that arrived in Saskatchewan last week as part of Hay West. The hay was received at Wiebe’s farm near Osler, Sask., Sept. 10 as part of an effort to deliver hay from Ontario to drought-affected farmers in Saskatchewan. | William DeKay photo

Eastern hay arrives in the West

A light sprinkle of rain fell as the first two truckloads of alfalfa-timothy hay from Ontario arrived at Merlis Wiebe’s farm northeast of Osler, Sask., on Sept. 10. They are part of Hay West, a new program from Mennonite Disaster Service to help drought-affected farmers in Saskatchewan. The initiative is a repeat of 2012 Hay […] Read more

Hybrid corn varieties designed for grazing are bred to grow the biggest plants and cobs rather than just the biggest cobs. | File photo

Corn grazing needs the right variety

A seed company says 90 to 95 percent of corn hybrids are bred to be combined rather than used as silage or grazing

Is your corn bred for the herd or the combine? That’s the question Tyler Russell of NorthStar Genetics asked during Ag in Motion’s Livestock Days, held at the Discovery Farm site near Langham, Sask., Aug. 20-21. “We find there’s a lot of corn bred for a combine or for a grain versus corn bred for […] Read more

Tanya and Dwight Odelein of Quill Lake, Sask., stook freshly harvested barley straw using an old square baler. |  William DeKay photo

Farm family downsized to be more efficient

On the Farm: Couple say their imminent debt-free status and anticipated extra income will allow for creative thinking

QUILL LAKE, Sask. — It was a choice of getting bigger or getting more efficient. Dwight and Tanya Odelein decided the latter in 2012 by downsizing from 3,300 acres to 2,400 so they could manage all the labour on their grain farm by themselves. “It wasn’t easy to find hired men and Dad was starting […] Read more

“They’re not your grandfather’s rye,” said Herman Wehrle, director of commercialization for FP Genetics in Regina. | File photo

Hybrid rye varieties may offer new feeding opportunities

New hybrid fall ryes on the market are outshining older varieties in every way, says the director of commercialization for FP Genetics in Regina. “They’re not your grandfather’s rye,” said Herman Wehrle. “The exciting thing about this is the new technology that’s bringing in higher yields and improved quality, which is definitely a game changer […] Read more

Producers are advised to select cattle based on the environment in which they are kept in terms of forage availability and grazing 
situations. | Jeannette Greaves photo

Genetics, feed help build top cows

Nutritional developments in the beef sector have evolved in step with producers’ genetic and mating decisions

Cows and race cars have something in common — their build and their inputs are part of a winning formula and optimum performance. “Making modifications to your car is like making genetic improvements to your cow. Make sure you are also putting in the right kind of fuel (nutrition),” said Kajal Devani, director of breed […] Read more

Producers attend plot tours at the Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm near Langham, Sask., before a general meeting of the Saskatchewan Forage Council last month.  |  GFM photo

Make the most of all your acres

There’s nothing like drought to hammer home a point. Quit wasting money growing annual crops in marginal areas, advises Lyle Cowell, Nutrien’s manager of agronomy services. Instead, farmers should focus resources on the best acres and use marginal land to grow forages. “It’s a simple concept, but I don’t hear too many people talking about […] Read more

Stuart and Mary Houston were observed in 2012 releasing slate-coloured juncos, which they netted, banded, measured and weighed. Mary died in 2019.  |  William DeKay photo

Doctor had lifelong love of birds

Stuart Houston loved to band birds. With more than seven decades of banding a bevy of feathered friends, Houston always thought retirement was for the birds, as he once said in a media interview. The medical doctor and long-time bird enthusiast died in July at age 95. Houston was born in North Dakota where his […] Read more

The cattle show in Perdue, Sask., saw the number of exhibitors and animals double this year after it became a qualifying event for Canadian Western Agribition.  |  Supplied photo

Small-town show hits the big time

Perdue, Sask., show becomes Agribition’s only qualifying event in Saskatchewan this summer amid COVID cancellations

The cattle show in Perdue, Sask., stepped up and out this year. For the first time in its 64-year history, the July 23-24 show was designated a Beef Supreme qualifying show for this year’s Western Canadian Agribition, the only qualifying show in Saskatchewan this summer. “It’s exciting for a little ag society to get this […] Read more

Mary Culbertson, treaty commissioner of Saskatchewan, left, helps install the first sign for the TreatyLand Sharing Network, along with Brad Desjarlais, Mary Smillie and Ian McCreary. | William DeKay photo

Farmers embrace treaty land sharing process

Network aims to foster understanding between producers and Indigenous people by welcoming them to use farmland

A seed of hope was planted on a small mixed farm near Bladworth, Sask., earlier this month as the first sign for the Treaty Land Sharing Network was unveiled. Farmers, ranchers and Indigenous land users gathered at the McCreary family farm to witness the launch of a grassroots movement dedicated to share land as treaties […] Read more

A cattle feeding operation from Alberta says it uses technology to track calves from birth until their meat ends up on grocery store shelves. | File photo

Tech called a game-changer for ag

Food companies are using technology to push boundaries and make production more sustainable, reliable and secure

Compared to cattle, crickets punch far above their weight as a source of protein. “There’s a biological organism that is arguably the most ancient source of protein that humans have ever consumed in recorded history that has the most efficient feed-to-protein conversion and that is insects,” said Muhammad Ashour, co-founder and chief executive officer of […] Read more