Weather radar services returning to Sask.

Environment Canada says farmers should benefit from radar upgrades, which include repairs at Bethune and a facelift at Radisson

Saskatchewan’s two weather radars will soon be operational again after being decommissioned for repairs and improvements. The Bethune radar experienced a major radome failure after a windstorm swept through the area in October. The radome is the large white spherical housing protecting the radar equipment inside. It was dented from flying debris, and damage to […] Read more

Navigating the tricky ranch-oil relationship

Producers say communication and collaboration are key to a successful relationship with oil and gas companies

Neil Wilson has learned that nothing talks louder than money. As co-manager for the Antelope Creek Ranch Habitat Development Area near Brooks, Alta., Wilson described how he eventually found a way to communicate his frustrations directly to oil companies in 2006. He said many company vehicles were destroying native prairie grasses as they drove outside […] Read more

Pilot project aims to build rural vet service

Program is designed to attract and retain students by providing opportunities to experience life in rural practices

A new pilot project could help curb the declining number of veterinary services in rural Saskatchewan. The Preceptorship Program has been launched by the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Starting in May, it will run for 14 weeks and employ five third-year […] Read more

Sask. ranch learns from adversity

CORONACH, Sask. — The Elders’ purebred Charolais have garnered their share of slaps and banners in the show ring. “This year at (Canadian Western) Agribition in 2017, we won the Charolais barn and then the president’s classic, which is an all-breed bull calf show,” said Mike Elder. “We were fortunate to be slapped champion. That […] Read more

Recycled greenhouse gas used to make plastics

The new technology could be used to recycle items such as waste grain bags by capturing the carbon dioxide and converting it back to plastic

Researchers have discovered a way to recycle waste greenhouse gases to make plastic. “Our technology takes carbon dioxide and converts it into ethylene, which is the main precursor of plastic,” said Phil De Luna, a PhD student at the University of Toronto. Using the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, De […] Read more

Successful soybeans need attention to seeding

The window of opportunity to seed soybeans is small, but farmers would do well to take it to heart, a researcher involved in a recent study told a people attending Crop Production Week in Saskatoon. Mike Hall of the Essential Research Foundation and Parkland College in Yorkton, Sask., said farmers will likely get their best […] Read more

Inter-row cultivation in lentils controls weeds as well as spray

Producers can effectively keep weeds out of their lentil crops using steel between the rows and mechanical tools

As some weeds gain resistance to Group 2 herbicides, several techniques are being developed to control weeds in lentils without the use of herbicides. To address this, a research study comparing different mechanical weed removal methods in lentil crops is showing promise. Steve Shirtliffe and his team from the University of Saskatchewan analyzed three in-crop […] Read more

Virtual crop scout wins hackathon

The device, which monitors crops while uploading digital imagery, wins a competition that focused on emerging technologyy

The device, which monitors crops while uploading digital imagery, wins a competition that focused on emerging technologyy

A camera on a stick, able to capture time lapse imagery while crops grow, could be available for producers someday soon. CropShot is the name of an inventive tool put forth by one of four teams participating in a recent hackathon, a group meeting and competition to rapidly develop technology ideas. This hackathon was focused […] Read more

Milk replacers can helpboost calf performance

Feeding more milk replacer more frequently in a calf’s early life is a win-win for animal performance and producers’ bottom lines, said a dairy expert. “I think the key for dairy producers is to make sure that they get the sufficient volume into the animals,” said Chris Luby from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine […] Read more

Canaryseed dependent on prairie weather, Argentina

It’s all quiet on the canaryseed front, but a couple of possible issues could trigger an increase in price and production this year, said a market watcher. Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research said growers should keep an eye on the current canaryseed harvest in Argentina and this year’s weather in Western Canada. “The only […] Read more