Wood chips are a key component of Titan Clean Energy Projects’ charcoal program. Here, they are being loaded into the in-feed hopper.  |  William DeKay photo

Charcoal: ages-old practice meets the new age

Saskatchewan company makes charcoal boluses to treat livestock ailments such as scours, coccidiosis and diarrhea

CRAIK, Sask. — What’s old is new again. Charcoal, one of earth’s oldest substances, is being used to improve animal health, enhance soil quality, reduce methane emissions and control odour. It also has a role in personal care and bio-plastics. Since 2008, Titan Clean Energy Projects, a Craik, Sask.,-based company, has been at the forefront […] Read more

“We really believe we’re in a unique space where we’re partnering with producers in primary production, processing, distribution, and then ultimately to get products on the grocery shelves,” said Ron Healey, FCL’s vice-president of ag and consumer business.
 | Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Federated Co-op helps grow Sask. food centre

Pecks of prairie-grown pickles will soon roll off the production line at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon. It’s part of a $500,000 push by Federated Co-op to support the growing food manufacturing industry in the province. The initiative was announced Oct. 2, at the start of Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. “We really […] Read more

Bob Cochran, general manager of Highline Manufacturing, talks up the AccuMix AM 1000s in Vonda, Sask.  |  William DeKay photo

TMR machine built for the Prairies

VONDA, Sask. — Visitors to this summer’s Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon were the first to kick the rugged tires on Highline’s Accumix 1000s, a self-propelled and self-loading feed mixer. The mixer, which is the only one being manufactured in North America, has been built to meet the challenges that farmers face when […] Read more

Stairway to harvest: Herman Kirstein of Raymore, Sask., climbs the ladder on his John Deere 9750 with a 35-foot MacDon header.  |  William DeKay photo

Farmer prepares for 70th harvest

RAYMORE, Sask. — For 85-year-old Herman Kirstein, nothing beats a fried egg sandwich washed down with ice tea while combining late into the night. He’s working his 70th harvest right now — his favourite time of year. “It’s just so enjoyable,” he said Aug. 22 from his favourite chair on the front porch of the […] Read more

Several of the survey’s 45 questions pertain to unintended contact with a glyphosate on the farm, adapting practices to minimize the risk, the percentage of contaminated acres and financial loss incurred. | Screencap via Twitter/@SaskOrganics

Survey asks organic farmers about glyphosate effects

A survey of organic producers is underway to better understand the economic impact glyphosate contamination has on Saskatchewan’s organic sector. “It’s never been done before. In the fall we’ll have a report on the findings in aggregate so that we have some indication of what that dollar figure is,” said Marla Carlson, executive director of […] Read more

Will Robbins never expected to return to the family farm, but when the opportunity presented itself, he said yes.  |  William DeKay photo

Son of farm activists finds his way home

On the Farm: Organic farming comes naturally to this producer, who works with parents Nettie Wiebe and Jim Robbins

LAURA, Sask. — Will Robbins’ head told him he would never farm. His heart knew better. Like the slow drip of a coffee machine, the idea of pursuing an agricultural livelihood percolated for years. “I didn’t think of it as a career or a project that was mine really at the time when I was […] Read more

Rene Mabon, agronomy manager for BrettYoung rototills around their plot of soybeans as some of the bigger equipment arrives at Ag in Motion, July 9.  |  William DeKay photo

A show comes together

Ag in Motion, which is running this week near Saskatoon, requires a lot of preparation. We captured these photos July 9 as set-up for the farm show went into high gear. Photos by William DeKay. Check out all our Ag in Motion 2019 coverage here.    

Madalena Kozachuk, a PhD student in Western University’s department of chemistry and lead author of a scientific paper, is surrounded by a maze of high-tech technology in a hutch, which is an encased room to protect people from exposure to X-ray radiation. She is using a beam line at the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon to conduct cultural heritage experiments. | Canadian Light Source photo

Chemist unveils hidden photographic history

X-ray scans help see through clouded daguerreotypes to discover portraits of people made between 1840 and 1860

The tarnish of time has stolen many 19th century photographic images captured through daguerreotype. Their sepia tones become spotted and the stern faces of those pictured are obscured, closing a window to history. Madalena Kozachuk, a PhD student at Western University’s Department of Chemistry, has devised a way to reopen that window and is using […] Read more

A Westerwolds ryegrass companion crop reduced the stand density of meadow bromegrass and sometimes alfalfa. The presence of the Westerwolds ryegrass increased the forage dry matter yield in the year of establishment from 50 to greater than 100 percent. At both sites and in both years, Westerwolds ryegrass winter-killed between the first and second year of the stands.  |  Bruce Coulman/University of Saskatchewan photo

Companion crops show promise in moist soil

A research study concluded seeding annual ryegrass and festulolium with common perennial forages could be a good choice as a companion crop in moist prairie soils. “The use of annual ryegrass at a very low seeding rate was usually beneficial in the sense that it increased the forage production in the seeding year,” said Bruce […] Read more