A group of Grow Hope Saskatchewan supporters pose with Olympic gold medalist Cindy Klassen, fifth from left, at the Grow Hope Saskatchewan field just outside of Rosthern, Sask.  |  Jana Al-Sagheer photo

Food project connects city to country

The program allows people to sponsor an acre of farmland, which covers the cost of seed, fuel and other inputs

City folks have an opportunity to get in touch with their farmer sides by sponsoring an acre of farmland in Saskatchewan. Grow Hope Saskatchewan is a novel approach aimed at attracting more urban donations to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The project is a partnership between the Saskatoon Catholic Diocese, Mennonite Central Committee and the Canadian […] Read more

Shepherd Sue Michalsky and her assistant Meghan Johnston spend 15 hours a day grazing a flock of 300 sheep at the Northeast Swale conservation area in Saskatoon.  |  William DeKay photo

Sheep eat their way along swale

It’s been six weeks of work for a flock of 300 sheep that are munching their way through the shrubs and non-native grasses that have overtaken natural species in the Northeast Swale conservation area of Saskatoon. The ruminants are part of an effort to enhance the native prairie of this nature preserve and improve the […] Read more

Prescribed burns are part of a five-year research project conducted by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan at the Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area.  |  Nature Conservancy of Canada photo

Controlled fires can prevent wildfires: research

Prescribed burns at a conservation site in Saskatchewan help researchers understand importance of fire on the prairie

Bone-dry conditions have put a damper on further research using fire at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area in southwestern Saskatchewan. A prescribed burn this fall, organized by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and University of Saskatchewan, was cancelled. “We’re not considering a burn right now. It’s just not safe. It’s […] Read more

Culturing gut bacteria in the lab, shown in these test tubes,allows researchers to determine which genes in the genomes of bacteria are activated and discover new enzymes that digest rare substrates such as agarose.  |  Photo courtesy of Wade Abbott

Researchers explore ‘sushi factor’ for livestock

Agriculture Canada studies find that adding seaweed to animal diets results in new nutrition profiles for the meat

Seaweed, rich in micronutrients, could someday make it into the diets of cattle and other prairie-grown livestock. “It’s like an additive approach that can supplement maybe some grains or whatever that will provide nutrients,” said Wade Abbott, research scientist at Agriculture Canada’s Lethbridge Research and Development Centre. “They’re easily digestible, they’re loaded with protein and […] Read more

Premier Scot Moe says the NAFTA agreement is vital for Saskatchewan's economy. | Getty image

NAFTA vital for Sask. economy: Moe

While he would not comment about specifics surrounding the North American Free Trade Agreement after his first minister phone call with Prime Minister Trudeau this morning, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said his government will continue to promote the province’s interests. “With respect to NAFTA, and I won’t get into details with respect to where we […] Read more

Hard boiled eggs are unloaded from a delivery truck at a feeding program location in eSwatini run by a partner church. The truck was donated by Saskatchewan Egg Producers.  |  Saskatchewan Egg Producers photo

Sask. producers help deliver eggs in Africa

The delivery truck bought by Saskatchewan Egg Producers is part of a larger humanitarian project on the continent

The lowly egg, high in vitamins and nutrients, is saving lives in Africa with help from Canadian farmers. Undernourished children in Africa’s smallest country are better fed, thanks to Saskatchewan Egg Producers. “The egg is an immediate source of great protein,” said Cam Broten, executive director for Saskatchewan Egg Producers. “For many it’s a primary […] Read more

Harvest is starting in many parts of the Prairies, but producers have also struggled to put up hay this summer. Here, a grower rakes two thin swaths into one near Kandahar, Sask., July 30. | Robin Booker photo

Harvest underway on Prairies

Combines have started earning their keep again. Pulses and cereals are the first in line to be harvested, say crop specialists. “There’s quite a few pulse fields out there being desiccated and I’ve already seen some combines out in the field as well, mostly on pulse crops, but some of the winter cereals are also […] Read more

Liam Gauthier and Megz Reynolds hang out in the family’s vegetable garden with their children, Thea, 4, and Rynn, 2.  |  William DeKay photo

When mountain meets prairie: a farm is born

On the Farm Megz Reynolds and Liam Gauthier grow crops, raise cattle and run a custom operator business

WHITE BEAR, Sask. — How does a snowboarder and rafter fall for a farmer and prairie way of life? “I ended up at a friend’s surprise birthday party in White Bear at the bar in the middle of harvest and Liam was late coming to the party. He got there at like 10:30 at night […] Read more

Nutrition plays big role in new pasture blend

DUNDURN, Sask. — Determining a grazing and pasture formula is as much art as it is science. “The blend that would be right for one may not be right for the next person,” said Nadia Mori, Saskatchewan Agriculture range management extension specialist based in Watrous, Sask. Producers thinking about establishing an expensive new grazing stand […] Read more

The Grain World crop tour, sponsored by FarmLink Marketing Solutions, sees an average canola yield of 41.9 bushels an acre in the Prairies. | Robin Booker photo

Record canola harvest forecast

Canola could see record production this harvest, said Neil Townsend of FarmLink. The Grain World crop tour, sponsored by FarmLink Marketing Solutions, completed its annual drive through the prairie provinces July 24-26. Market analysts reviewed the information and released their projections in Saskatoon July 26. “We took canola up almost four bushels an acre (38.2 […] Read more