Farmers in northeastern Saskatchewan should stay alert for fusarium head blight, according to the province's forecast map. | Map via /

Fusarium alarm sounded in Sask.

Farmers in northeastern Saskatchewan should stay alert for fusarium head blight, according to the province’s forecast map. “There are some other areas over by Hudson Bay and around the Melfort area that are high and that’s because they were wetter last year,” said Sherri Roberts, Saskatchewan Agriculture cropping management specialist for the southeastern region. View […] Read more

A farmer was spraying his crop last week near Viscount, Sask. Recent rain has helped the crop over much of the Prairies, although dry regions remain.  |  Robin Booker photo

Prairie crop in good shape

Prairie fields are showing a mix of above-average crops and pastures, along with areas of below-average development so far this year. But overall, conditions are generally looking good thanks to recent rain, said provincial crop report spokespeople. “We do have varying stages of development in every field, so that’s causing some issues for us, but […] Read more

The fourth annual expo scheduled to be held near Langham, Sask., on July 17-19 has doubled its acres from last year and encompasses a full section of land.
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Ag in Motion outdoor show doubles its acres

Five companies are working together to grow a crop of wheat on the newly purchased land to showcase their programs

The Ag in Motion outdoor farm show continues its record-setting growth. The fourth annual expo scheduled to be held near Langham, Sask., on July 17-19 has doubled its acres from last year and encompasses a full section of land. “We expanded the property we own by another half section,” said Rob O’Connor, show director. “We’re […] Read more

New test identifies bovine tuberculosis in six hours

A new technology to detect tuberculosis in livestock and wild animals could soon be on the market in Western Canada. The test can detect live bacteria in the blood or milk of livestock as well as in elk and more exotic species in six hours, which will allow affected cattle to be quickly identified. PBD […] Read more

Politicians urged to be realistic with climate change

Rex Murphy said emerging policies with too intense adherence to climate change doctrine is having a negative impact on other Canadian industries. “I’m concerned about the impact that the more fervent, and in many cases professional opposition, to industrial development, particularly oil and gas industry of Canada, has on the politics of Canada,” he said […] Read more

Jay Famiglietti is the incoming executive director of the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory senior water scientist has also been recruited to the University of Saskatchewan Canada 150 Research Chair in Hydrology and Remote Sensing.  |  Steve Anderson Photography

Water management called major challenge for world

The most productive agricultural regions around the world are working to improve yields in the face of changing climate and disappearing groundwater, said a world-leading American water scientist. “We use more water (annually) than is available to us in many parts of the world. So, we’re making up the difference from groundwater,” said Jay Famiglietti, […] Read more

Battlefords RCMP officers held a town hall meeting in Denholm, Sask., June 6.  |  William DeKay photo

Town hall meetings designed to promote involvement

DENHOLM, Sask. — Keeping the public informed of police initiatives is a key way to reduce rural crime, said RCMP. “We want to get out there and share with the public the resources that we have and what they can do to help us in a rural environment in terms of being our eyes and […] Read more

Mark Abt, senior radar technologist with Environment Canada, controls a parabolic radar antenna, which is 9.15 metres in diameter. It rotates once every 10 seconds and scans 17 elevations in six minutes. This larger dish provides more accurate and higher quality weather information compared to older techology of the previous Radisson, Sask., weather radar. |  William DeKay photo

A look inside a radar station

Photo Essay | The newly constructed, fully automated Radisson Radar, located near Radisson, Sask., provides critical weather information as part of Environment Canada’s reporting network. | William DeKay photos

A panel that discussed public trust in agriculture at a meeting organized by Ag-West Bio in Saskatoon comprised Sara Shymko of Ag in the Classroom, left, Debbie Bailey from Agriculture More Than Ever at Farm Credit Canada, Kim McConnell of AdFarm and Clinton Monchuk of Farm and Food Care.  |  William DeKay photo

Co-operation key to building trust

Farmers are urged to share their authentic stories and participate in Canada’s annual agriculture day

Building public trust is key to modern agriculture and the industry must work together to achieve that trust, said Saskatchewan advocacy groups. “It’s up to everyone in the industry to do something,” said Debbie Bailey, with the organization Agriculture More Than Ever at Farm Credit Canada. “I used to wonder why somebody didn’t do something. […] Read more

Saskatoon joins trade network

Shared climate and agricultural-based economies have the two World Trade Centre cities of Saskatoon and Harbin, China, focused on building a trading partnership. World Trade Centre Saskatoon recently signed a global agreement that will see agricultural co-operation with the WTC global network. The agreement included more than three dozen cities, which signed a memorandum of […] Read more