Gerry Ritz, left, Ted Serhienko, Adele Buettner and Jack Hay are among the industry leaders who will be inducted into the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame later this year.  |  William DeKay photo

Sask. Ag Hall of Fame announces new members

Six agricultural leaders with experience in all facets of the industry will officially join the hall of fame in April

Depth is how Reed Andrew describes the six agricultural leaders that will be inducted into the Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame April 18. “It’s a really strong group. A lot of Saskatchewan agriculture to the core this year,” said Andrew, president of the hall of fame. “The thing I noticed is pretty well every one […] Read more

Margie Comaling adds lids to jars of raspberry jam at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon.  |  William DeKay photo

Prairie growers focus on year-round products

Small-scale producers selling locally grown produce are starting to compete side-by-side with California vegetables on store shelves throughout the cold prairie winters. The Prairies are famous for shipping massive amounts of food and food ingredients around the world, but many prairie residents are used to importing fresh fruits and vegetables to get through winter. Now, […] Read more

Producers warned to get their costs in line

A financial adviser says farmers must learn to adjust to the leaner times ahead, particularly how to handle cash

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked, said Shannon Lueke, quoting Warren Buffett. That scenario applies to farming today, which after a decade of good years has seen markets tumble and total costs per acre increase. “There is no hiding place when growing conditions, market prices and interest […] Read more

While 91 percent of Canadians said they knew little to nothing about modern farming practices, this year’s survey also showed that 60 percent, or three in five Canadians, want to know more about agriculture and how their food is produced. | Screencap via

One-third of public has faith in food system

Survey finds 91 percent of Canadians believe they know little about agriculture, but 60 percent want to learn more

Canadian consumers now care more than ever about their food, but most say they know little to nothing about modern farming practices. John Jamieson, president of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, said this shouldn’t be surprising, considering that only two to four percent of them live on farms and are actively engaged in food […] Read more

Alexis Epp, left, of Saskatoon and Elaina Guilmette, a teacher at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre in Kenaston, Sask., collaborated to help develop the school’s new Mental Wellness 30 course, which was launched in September. Guilmette will teach the online course while Epp has been hired and trained as a peer supporter for students enrolled in the course.  |  Sun West Distance Learning Centre photo

Mental wellness goes to school

A new course in Saskatchewan teaches high school and university students how to manage mental health challenges

Alexis Epp has turned a negative situation positive. Her years of battling mental illness are now being directed to helping other young people who might experience similar issues. As a teenager she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as a medical system that did not seem able to help her. Eventually, she got […] Read more

FCL cracks into new egg program

Federated Co-op Limited has adapted an egg quality program designed to further consumers’ trust in products. In a partnership with Egg Farmers of Canada, FCL will put the Egg Quality Assurance certification mark on select egg cartons in co-op food stores in Western Canada this month. Featuring a red Canadian maple leaf inside an egg, […] Read more

Karn Manhas’s company, Terramera, develops natural alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  |  Supplied photo

Competition finds innovation

The finalists in the US$1 million growth-stage category:

All the pieces fell into place for a young ag innovator to win US$1 million. “It’s been an incredible process and the timing couldn’t be more perfect,” said Karn Manhas, founder and chief executive officer of Terramera, which emerged victorious Oct. 2 in the first ever Nutrien-Radicle Challenge Canada. The Vancouver company develops high-performance natural […] Read more

Animal abuse: the tip of the iceberg

There is an understanding that domestic violence, animal 
abuse, child abuse and elder abuse are interrelated

It is a troubling story that Leanne Sillars, animal safekeeping co-ordinator with the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, vividly recalls. A woman subject to domestic abuse sought a way to leave the farm along with her children, their pets, their horses and the cow herd. She had seen how cruelly the […] Read more

Members of the Witzaney family include Valerie Witzaney, left, with daughters Thea, 13, Emma, 9, and TaraLee, 11, and husband, David.  |  William DeKay photo

Family strives for healthier food

DENZIL, Sask. — The Witzaneys love to grow food for local customers. That’s the niche market they have moved into after starting New Life Organic Foods to market their homegrown produce, which includes beef, sheep, pork, poultry, eggs and milled grains. “We really found that connection to growing food for families when we actually started […] Read more

Wood chips are a key component of Titan Clean Energy Projects’ charcoal program. Here, they are being loaded into the in-feed hopper.  |  William DeKay photo

Charcoal: ages-old practice meets the new age

Saskatchewan company makes charcoal boluses to treat livestock ailments such as scours, coccidiosis and diarrhea

CRAIK, Sask. — What’s old is new again. Charcoal, one of earth’s oldest substances, is being used to improve animal health, enhance soil quality, reduce methane emissions and control odour. It also has a role in personal care and bio-plastics. Since 2008, Titan Clean Energy Projects, a Craik, Sask.,-based company, has been at the forefront […] Read more