24 Hour Startup AgTech is coming to Canada’s Farm Show in Regina, which will be held virtually June 16-17. | Screencap via cultivator.ca

Event looks for next big ag technology start-up

Farmers have the chance to pitch the next great ag-tech start-up and help solve everyday challenges in the agriculture industry. 24 Hour Startup AgTech is coming to Canada’s Farm Show in Regina, which will be held virtually June 16-17. “24 Hour Startup AgTech is a virtual event designed to bring together individuals from the agriculture […] Read more

The GreenFeed Emission Monitoring System was used to measure methane from cattle during a two-year, large-scale trial in Alberta beef cattle studying a feed additive called 3-NOP. | Supplied photo

Feed additive may reduce methane emissions

Agriculture Canada and Alberta Cattle Feeders Association participated in a two-year trial that studied the technology

A novel feed ingredient may soon provide a breath of fresh air to livestock producers and the environment. A two-year, large-scale trial in Alberta beef cattle has demonstrated that a feed additive called 3-NOP, added to commercial feedlot diets, can reduce methane emissions by up to 80 percent without negative impacts on animal health, performance […] Read more

British Columbia’s Small-Scale Meat Producers Association was recently informed of new regulations designed to help producers by opening up more slaughter options and marketing opportunities. | File photo

B.C. gov’t expands opportunities for on-farm slaughter

Province proposes strengthening and simplifying the licensing categories and increasing the number of inspections

Years of lost market opportunity has British Columbia’s Small-Scale Meat Producers Association cautiously optimistic about new policies and regulations coming this summer. In a meeting with Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries staff on March 25, the group was informed of new regulations designed to help producers by opening up more slaughter options and marketing […] Read more

The 350-kilogram solar-powered scale comes as a fixed unit that can be set up in the barn or field and is able to accommodate normal animal traffic. | Hencol photo

Automatic weigh station open 24-7

Manufacturer says allowing animals to weigh themselves reduces their stress as well as farmers’ workloads and injury risk

Like the milking robot that revolutionized the dairy industry, a Swedish company is betting its new autonomous weigh scale will transform the beef sector. Hencol, based in Grebbestad, Sweden, is targeting the global beef market with its unmanned weigh scale that provides continuous data. “The dairy business is far ahead of the beef business due […] Read more

The Clean Seed Capital Group plans to build its Smart Seeder Max-S in Saskatoon. This model was photographed seeding winter wheat in central Alberta. | Clean Seed photo

Seeders to be built in Sask.

Saskatoon is the best location to produce the new Smart Seeder Max-S, said company officials of Clean Seed Capital Group. “It’s a great place to be. It’s central in Western Canada. I’m here, my executive team is here, supply chain is here, and then from a financial and investment perspective, it was a much better […] Read more

Allison Squires uses an OMAX 40X-2500X LED digital trinocular compound microscope to check a sample of vermicompost to make sure it has a high diversity of biology before she uses it to make the compost tea with which she will coat seeds this spring. | Cody Straza photo

Microscope becomes key tool for farmers

Organic producer uses instrument to assess soil health and identify the good and bad micro-organisms that are present

The microscope is becoming an essential tool to brew up a good batch of compost tea. But composting or not, it should be part of every farmer’s tool kit, said Allison Squires of Upland Organics near Wood Mountain, Sask. “I have found the microscope to be one of my most useful tools that we use […] Read more

A University of Saskatchewan study is comparing different field management practices that may lower pesticide use and wetland contamination while enhancing farmland biodiversity. | File photo

Study looks for marginal cropland solutions

University of Saskatchewan professor hopes farmers will work with her as she researches wetlands and marginal areas

Working with farmers, a University of Saskatchewan study is looking for ways to better manage unproductive land in the province and improve the environment. “We’re looking to recruit 10 more grain producers for the study this year that have marginal cropland or wetlands,” said Christy Morrissey, professor in biology at the University of Saskatchewan who […] Read more

Races at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon’s Prairieland Park will be cancelled for the second year in a row and permanently replaced by professional soccer. The move is in sharp contrast to happier time at the track in Alberta and Manitoba. | Supplied photo

Thoroughbred racing doing well in Alta., Man., despite pandemic

The industry managed to save its season last year in Alberta and Manitoba, but Saskatchewan was not as fortunate

The 2021 Thoroughbred racing season is headed for the starting gate. Last year, the pandemic forced prairie horse racing to change its gait, but most venues stayed on track and some exceeded their financial expectations. “We had our best (betting) handle year in many years and we raced right through until the first week of […] Read more

Canada has led the way in bison conservation, but the domestic herd remains at less than two percent of its historic population today. | File photo

Project aims to boost bison’s genetic diversity

U of S researchers will develop tools so that they can detect bison that have been hybridized between Plains and Wood

The world’s first bison genome biobank is being developed at the University of Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence. The university was recently awarded $6.76 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to help revive the bison population and strengthen the cattle industry. It’s part of a Canada-led effort to conserve bison and other […] Read more

Suzanne, Cooper, Tyler and Scarlet Smyth on their farm near Cantuar, Sask. | Supplied photo

Farm family lives where they work — literally

On the Farm: The Smyths have set up their home in the operation’s shop/barn as a way to ease the costs of developing a new farmyard

What do you get when you cross a shop with a house? A “shouse,” of course. That’s the nickname Tyler and Suzanne Smyth have applied to their workplace and family home. The building is actually a pole shed they bought a few years ago, along with two quarters of land at Cantuar, Sask. The property […] Read more