CGC set to debut new wheat classin August

The Canadian Grain Commission is moving ahead with plans to create a new class of milling wheat: Canada Northern Hard Red.

The new CNHR class will come into effect Aug. 1, along with another new class, Canada Western Special Purpose (CWSP).

The changes are an effort to modernize Canada’s wheat classification system and ensure that the wheat classes are well suited to Canada’s wheat marketing efforts.

The CNHR class will include recently registered American milling wheat varieties such as Elgin, Prosper and Faller.

As well, an additional 25 wheat varieties now in the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat class and four varieties in the Canada Prairie Spring (CPSR) class will be reclassified as CNHR varieties in August 2018.

The changes are meant to narrow the quality parameters in the CWRS class and ensure that those varieties consistently meet the expectations of foreign buyers of Canadian wheat and end users, including millers and bakers.

Varieties in the CNHR class will offer slightly lower gluten strength than top quality CWRS varieties and slightly lower protein.

The commission will continue to assess the quality parameters of additional wheat varieties to determine if they should be reclassified.

  • takes effect Aug. 1, 2016
  • basic milling quality parameters
  • lower gluten strength than CWRS
  •  requires quality data for varietal registration
  •  will include U.S. varieties Faller, Elgin and Proper effective August 2016
  • will include 25 existing CWRS varieties, including Unity, Lillian and Harvest, effective August 2018
  • takes effect Aug.1, 2016
  • will replace three existing wheat classes: Canada Western Feed (CWF), Canada Western General Purpose (CWGP) and Canada Western Interim Wheat (CWIW)
  • will include all varieties now contained in CWF, CWGP and CWIW classes effective August 2016
  • will have no quality parameters and will include registered wheat varieties for which no quality data has been submitted.

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