Grasshoppers pose threat

Drought, plague, fire and pestilence. It seems like hard-luck farmers in Western Canada have seen a little bit of everything this year. Now, you can add grasshopper damage to the growing list of concerns that has drought-stricken growers shaking their heads in disbelief. According to the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN), adult grasshopper numbers are […] Read more

New map tracks fusarium spread in Alberta

The fusarium infection surveillance project has put the province’s growers in a better place than they were a few years ago

Alberta Seed Processors has developed a new map and report to help producers and pedigreed seed growers control the spread of fusarium graminearum. Earlier this month, the group released a report and map that shows which areas of Alberta were most heavily impacted by fusarium graminearum, the pathogen that causes fusarium headblight in wheat and […] Read more

Grain Growers of Canada’s new podcast, Canada’s Trains and Moving Grains, will include a different conversation each week with a prominent player in the grain handling and transportation system. | File photo

Farm group starts grain shipping conversation

Grain Growers of Canada has developed a podcast and hotline in effort to answer questions about grain handling sector

An organization that bills itself as the national voice of Canadian grain farmers is launching a new campaign aimed at answering important questions about the country’s grain handling and transportation system. Grain Growers of Canada announced last week that it plans to launch a new podcast and hotline that delves into grain-shipping issues and answers […] Read more

Topsoil moisture for Saskatchewan's cropland was rated as eight percent adequate, 39 percent short and 53 percent very short, the province's latest crop report said. | Government of Saskatchewan map

Sask. soil moisture levels come up short

More than nine out of every 10 acres of cropland, pasture and hayland in Saskatchewan are either “short” or “very short” on topsoil moisture, according to the province’s latest provincial crop report released earlier today. In the crop report for the week ending July 19, Saskatchewan Agriculture said the province’s crops remain “extremely stressed from […] Read more

 Cereals east of Saskatoon were short and stunted last week with yield potential in the single digits or less. | Brian Cross photo

Writing on the wall for prairie crops

Crunch, crunch, crunch — that is the sound of parched prairie crops burning to a crisp under an intense summer heat wave that continued to bake western Canadian crops this week. It might also describe the financial situation that some farmers will face this year as yield and income prospects dwindle quickly and the full […] Read more

Canadian farmers says receiving more timely data on export sales would help level the playing field with producers in the United States, where such reporting is mandatory. | File photo

Farmers renew call for more comprehensive market data

Federal government asked to establish an Export Sales Reporting Program to improve market transparency for producers

Farm groups in Saskatchewan have renewed calls for better grain markets and export information. Last week, a coalition of farmer-directed organizations including the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SaskWheat), the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission, SaskCanola, SaskFlax, SaskOats, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, and the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) called on the federal government to establish an […] Read more

Fababean fractionation plant to produce protein in Alta.

Fababean growers in Western Canada will soon gain access to another domestic market for their crop. Faba Canada recently announced that it has acquired a milling facility near Legal, Alta., north of Edmonton. The facility will fractionate fababeans and produce a high-quality protein concentrate. The mill is the former Mountain Meadows Pea Butter facility. Brad […] Read more

Some western Canadian farmers said during the consultation process that they think a voluntary code of practice will lead to unnecessary and potentially restrictive regulations. | Mike Sturk photo

Roundtable revises grain code of practice

An amended second version should be complete later this year and will be the subject of another round of consultations

Work aimed at developing a Responsible Grain Code of Practice for grain farmers will continue throughout the summer but it could be months before a second draft is available for review. Late last year, the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC) developed a first draft of the code. It contains voluntary guidelines aimed at encouraging […] Read more

Yongfeng Ai is the lead researcher on a University of Saskatchewan project that looks for novel uses for pulse starches. | Gord Waldner photo

On the hunt for new ways to use pulse starch

University of Saskatchewan researchers want to improve how pulse crops are processed into novel food ingredients

Pulse crops grown in Saskatchewan, including peas, fababeans, chickpeas and lentils, have long been recognized as a safe and nutritious food source. Now, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking at novel uses for pulse starches that could result in the creation of new environmentally friendly products such as bioplastics, biofilms and plant-based biomedical […] Read more

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and Alberta Barley plan to launch consultations this summer to solicit farmer views on a potential amalgamation. | Screencap via

Alta. commissions seek farmers’ merger input

Consultations will be held this summer into a proposed amalgamation of Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley

Provincial wheat and barley commissions in Alberta are asking farmers for their thoughts on formally merging the two commissions. The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and Alberta Barley plan to launch consultations this summer to solicit farmer views on a potential amalgamation. The two commissions have been operating with one management team since 2018 but they […] Read more