Intentional livestock shootings in Sask. prompt reward

A reward has been offered for information about the intentional shootings of livestock in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to a conviction.

At least four animals, including cattle and horses, have been killed and others have been injured. There was also a spate of shootings last year.

Photographs appeared on social media recently showing a cow shot several times in the head by a low calibre gun.

SSGA general manager Chad MacPherson said how and when the animals were shot, as well as what type of gun was used, indicates the shootings are deliberate. Some were shot when hunting season wasn’t open.

“A lot of them were shot with a low-calibre .22,” he said, which injures them.

Darrell Crabbe, executive director of the SWF, said these are criminals, not hunters.

“Hunting with a .22 is illegal right off the bat,” he said.

He said last year’s incidents were all in one spot in southeastern Saskatchewan, but this year seem spread out. Reports have come in from the Senlac, Goodsoil, and Saskatoon areas, as well as the southeast.

“So you know it’s a couple of bad actors,” Crabbe said. “We never consider these people to be hunters.”

He said SWF members carry insurance, so if one was to accidentally shoot a domestic animal they should own up to it because there is coverage.

Crabbe also said legitimate hunters have standardized training. He said hunters who see anything suspicious should report it.

The two organizations have partnered with SaskTip (Turn in Poachers) to offer the reward. Anyone with information can call the Tip line at 800-667-7561. Callers can remain anonymous, but may be eligible for the cash reward.

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