CFIA dismisses injured cow claims

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigation is complete into an August report of an injured dairy cow aboard a livestock transport truck in Ontario.

The agency said it followed up with the parties involved and found that one animal had a surface injury that did not compromise its health and well-being during transport.

No enforcement action was required, the agency said in an emailed response to queries.

The investigation stemmed from a report by a commuter, Amber Jionet, who looked inside the livestock trailer while it had stopped at a rest area near Cambridge, Ont., in late August.

Jionet took photos and video of one cow with blood on its hip or leg and of another cow lying down, as well as photos and video of blood on the trailer.

She posted the video to YouTube and gave the material to the Animal Alliance of Canada. That organization registered complaints with the CFIA.

Liz White of Animal Alliance, who spoke about the matter when it occurred, was not available for comment at press time regarding the outcome of the investigation.


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