Ukraine could lose over 500,000 tonnes of grain due to war

KIEV (Reuters) — Ukraine could lose 500,000 to 550,000 tonnes of grain out of a projected 60 million tonne harvest, because of fighting in the country’s east, Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Ihor Shvaika said on Friday.

“Some 500,000 to 550,000 tonnes of grain. That’s the potential loss due to the anti-terrorist campaign,” he told reporters.

Shvaika also said the hostilities had forced producers and traders to change the way of grain supplies for exports.

Ukraine has threshed a total of 20.5 million tonnes as of July 24.

The volume included 14.2 million tonnes of wheat and 5.9 million tonnes of barley.

The ministry has said Ukraine exported 1.3 million tonnes of grain, mostly barley, in the first 23 days of July, the first month of the new 2014-15 season.

Ukraine exported 32.3 million tonnes of grain in 2013-14, including 20.3 million tonnes of corn, 9.2 million tonnes of wheat and 2.4 million tonnes of barley.

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