Syngenta enters Canadian canola market with SY branded seed

Syngenta Canada is joining the hybrid canola market with its own seed.

SY4135 will be the first canola that the company offers but it won’t be the last, says Duane Johnson, the company’s head of operations for Western Canada.

Johnson said Syngenta obtained the genetics from outside breeders, selecting the best genetics in the marketplace.

“We wouldn’t be starting out in this market with anything but the best product we could get,” he said.

Syngenta is best known In Western Canada for it pesticide products, but in Eastern Canada its NK brand soybeans, corn and sunflowers are major players.

More recently, the company has offered wheat varieties: as the new SY985, which will be available next year, is a Canada Prairie Spring red milling wheat, while WR859 CL, an imidazolinone tolerant hard red spring, has been marketed through Richardson International for two seasons.

The company has also marketed a few of its wheat varieties through Viterra under that company’s Proven brand.

As well, it sells 16 wheat varieties in the U.S. Great Plains.

Johnson said the Swiss company offers oil-rape in other parts of the world, which is a canola quality rapeseed.

“We will be adding to the list (of seed products) for Western Canada as time goes on,” he said.

The new canola fits into Syngenta’s vertical products strategy, which pairs genetics with crop enhancement and protection products.

The strategy, which the company has been executing globally for the past year, includes seed treatments, inoculants, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that are designed to be best used in concert with selected crop genetics, allowing for more efficient marketing.

“We will be selling (the Syngenta branded canola) through our partners across the country,” said Johnson.

The Roundup Ready variety will be available next fall for the 2014 season.

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