VIDEO: Markets Moment – February 23, 2018

Mike Raine, The Western Producer’s managing editor, monitors trends in the North American and global agricultural markets and leads our staff markets coverage. Each week he also hosts a market video. The video is designed to help viewers understand the forces responsible for changes in the trade. If agricultural markets are important to you, we […] Read more

New supply-demand report doesn’t tell dramatic tale

The USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report shows supplies of corn and soy aren’t historically high, but wheat remains big

There was a time when the world waited on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to write the outlook for the commodity markets, but last week’s report was more like punctuation of a sentence already penned. Improved global supply and projected crop reconnaissance might be a growing factor in the reduced impact of the monthly World […] Read more

Climate Corp. working with all colours

Farm equipment gathers data all the time. In most cases, if the machine is on, it’s harvesting. But the majority of producers aren’t storing those data yields. Using the information has to be inexpensive and relatively simple, say producers. Precision agriculture companies are hearing that call and seeing the potential value, beyond just higher yields […] Read more

Farmers Edge gets into the insurance business

Manitoba company to work with PartnerRe by using precision agriculture data to help improve risk modeling for insurers

Farmers won’t know the name, but they likely have done business with PartnerRe, and Farmers Edge is now, too. One of the world’s larger companies in agricultural reinsurance is working with the Manitoba company to create more opportunities for crop insurance, says Farmers Edge chief executive officer Wade Barnes. The partnership with PartnerRe will use […] Read more

Harvesting data in April

All modern farm guidance and controller gear collects data, if you want it to. Just what you do with those shovelfuls of raw information is the question that dozens of companies are offering to answer. Most pitch the idea that the process will be better, or more profitable, for the farmer. Some offer to sort […] Read more

Milligan BioFuels shuttered

Milligan BioFuels has entered receivership. The company from Foam Lake, Sask., was well known in Western Canada for its ability to take oilseeds that were mostly destined for farm pits and turn them into useful products. The company that is managing Milligan’s finances has suggested that it will be entertaining offers to sell it as […] Read more

Now that I have your attention

Last week’s column called attention to Gerald Stanley’s trial in Battleford, Sask. It was intended to help tell the tale of why the national media are identifying we prairie farmers (for those of you that don’t know, I do some, too) the way they do. And you let me know that you weren’t very happy […] Read more

Milligan BioFuels enters receivership

Off-quality canola processor Milligan BioFuels (Bio-Tech) of Foam Lake, Sask., has closed its doors. The well known buyer of heated, green otherwise damaged canola has laid off its staff and is referring producers and creditors that have existing business with the company to call Calgary’s Hardie and Kelly for information. Milligan is one of the […] Read more

First look at seeding intentions

A few acres up in the major crops will appear as big reductions for pulses and some special crops this year. However, there are exceptions. Cereal and oilseed acres are expected to increase by about two percent, according to Agriculture Canada’s first seeding intentions analysis of the year. The effect on pulse and many specialty […] Read more

Tragedy lies behind Sask. murder trial

The trial of farmer Gerald Stanley began this week, and the world is watching. Media from across this country, and well beyond, are taking an interest in this tragic story. Shooting anyone for any reason should be problematic for most folks. And killing someone is what this trial in North Battleford, Sask., is all about. […] Read more