Nearly all markets lower on healthy prospects

Canola closed lower as American soybeans pulled back after cool temperatures and rain provided a prospect of yet high yields in the Midwest and Great Plains states. Canola was down $4.40, settling in a $507.50 per tonne on the November contract. United States Department of Agriculture is projecting that Brazil will plant a record 90 […] Read more

A French farmer harvests wheat near Bourlon, in northern France. Drought has seen French producers with yields that are half of last year’s in many places.  |  REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol photo

Weather woe reports overwhelmed

Weather news could not offset higher estimated supplies, and prices for all major crops dipped lower in Chicago trading following the Aug. 10 supply and demand reports. The United States Department of Agriculture’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates pushed traders to sell positions with reports of a record U.S. corn crop and increased soybean […] Read more

Neonics are the only insecticide family available for wireworm control in wheat. | PMRA photo

Neonics to be phased out in Canada

Over the next five years neonicotinoids will be phased out for Canadian use. According to the Canadian Press the popular pesticide, used in Western Canada mainly as a seed treatment, will be unavailable to farmers in some forms beginning in 2021. The federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency will announce its plans today, however this follows […] Read more

Big crop estimates overwhelm weather woe reports

Markets fell hard after the WASDE puts record corn and large bean crops into the minds of traders. Despite lower yielding wheat and canola and rapeseed crops, the markets cut those along with the American favourites. Canola fell hard for a few hours after the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates […] Read more

Today's WASDE report indicates corn may set an American record for production at an average of 178.4 bushels per acre. | File photo

Higher WASDE projections send markets down

Weather news did not offset higher estimated supplies and drove all crop commodities on Chicago’s market down after today’s American report. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates came out Aug. 10 and pushed traders to sell positions because the optimism of tighter supplies of wheat and canola didn’t offset reports […] Read more

A lot has happened in two years

How wonderful it was. The World Trade Organization had helped leverage a stop to American country-of-origin labelling. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union was in the bag, so Europe was our oyster and the Trans-Pacific Partnership was set to deliver Canada as its biggest winner with both giving up only small ground […] Read more

BASF, Bayer divide up products, services

It’s Christmas in August. At least it probably feels a little like Christmas morning for a pair of senior agricultural science executives as they open packages under their ever-greener BASF tree. “It’s kind of like that,” said Garth Hodges, formerly of Bayer and now BASF. “We are in the discovery period of the (merged) products…. […] Read more

Canola, wheat gain on dry conditions

Dry conditions and higher temperatures across most of North America have put traders in a buying mood, lifting soybeans and canola for the second day in a row. Global drought issues have provided support for wheat as well. Friday’s August World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report from the USDA is keeping a cap on […] Read more

Canola,soy up, while WASDE-waits fore-shakes

Canola made a move to the upside, along with soybeans, after USDA crop condition estimates put the American soybean crop in the losing-ground category, from a week earlier. Canola also gained ground on a softer Canadian dollar after the Saudi Arabian government began shutting down relations and trade with Canada. Canola saw further support from […] Read more

Modest weather market forming

A modest weather market is forming ahead of the August 10 USDA report. U.S. corn was up again today and soybeans might have been, if not for expanding trade worries about American and Chinese relationships. After being down so long, wheat remains on an upward march, hitting three-year highs as drought and less than ideal […] Read more