Corn in central Iowa flattened by the derecho storm. |  USDA/Jeremy Davis photo

Storm hits 37 million acres

Of all things that could go wrong with farming, weather is still the most troubling. Likely this is due to the complete lack of control that farmers have over it. Farmers can get insurance for it, but that never makes up for the losses if it is catastrophic. Once in a great, long while a […] Read more

LEFT - Just ahead of last week’s harvest, the American cousin to Canadian genetics, Kernza, stands tall. It is a part of a breeding program at the University of Wisconsin. RIGHT - Kernza harvested last week at the University of Wisconsin. | Valentin Picasso photos

Prairies intermediate wheatgrass three to four years away from release

Doug Cattani looks at three farm-raised crops of intermediate wheat grass this year and says despite highly variable yields, they “all make sense.” One got all the groceries, one is organic and one couldn’t catch a break. And each shows the potential for a perennial crop. One crop, grown conventionally will likely yield 1,500 pounds […] Read more

There are more than 370 of these communities in Western Canada with about 20 reporting the presence of the virus.
 | W photo

It’s time to support our own

Discrimination based on being an identifiable other should be an obvious problem in our society, especially for places like ours, with relatively tiny populations and huge interdependency for success. Yet, we still manage to do it. What sort of harvest does this bring us? What yields could be worth acting out against our own? If […] Read more

At the front of the new Kubota baler is a starter-chamber, in the middle is the main bale chamber and out-back is the poly-wrapper. All done without stopping the machine. | Kubota Canada photo

Don’t stop, keep baling – a new way to round

Round bales offer a lot of functionality to the farm, especially if poly wrapping is part of the plan for forages. But not having to stop and drop a bale would make round baling more efficient. Kubota is offering its new European Kverneland continuous round baler, the world’s first fixed-chamber continuous baling platform, in Canada […] Read more

A new internet tool brings together agricultural experts and farmers as they learn to live in the new COVID-19 reality. | Screencap via

Farmers obtain info remotely

A new internet tool brings together agricultural experts and farmers as they learn to live in the new COVID-19 reality

Rob Saik had some ideas about agronomy and husbandry delivery, coming out of the sale of his Agritrend company to technology giant Trimble. “I had learned a lot over the years about what we could do to deliver information to farmers. And what farmers are willing to pay for and when,” he said in a […] Read more

Big machinery builders rolling slower and expecting lower

The big three are planning for shorter sales and higher costs in the remaining three quarters of this year

Farm machinery makers are adjusting operations as COVID-19 adds to complexity and limits supplies. Case New Holland suspended many of its operations in the Americas for two weeks at the beginning of the month. Its Grand Island, Nebraska, combine plant closed just before Good Friday in an effort to maintain the health of its workers, […] Read more

Norbert Beaujot has sold his remaining interest in the DOT to Raven Industries.  |  Michael Raine photo

Raven buys DOT

Raven Industries is now the sole owner of DOT. Norbert Beaujot is taking in the big view from his farm in southern Saskatchewan ahead of the seeding season. And of the future for the autonomous farming platform, DOT. “As a family, we couldn’t take-on putting DOT where it needed to be by ourselves,” said the […] Read more

Learning from those before us

So far, in Canada, the government has said commerce and trade must continue. Agriculture is part of that, but should federal and provincial leaders be more clear in their messaging when it comes to certain parts of business and industry? Mining, energy production, agriculture and food, transportation, hardware, trades, some manufacturing and media are among […] Read more

Lentil yields for 2020 crops might be improved through some newer varieties. Producers tend to rely upon the material they have in inventory, sometimes for too long.  |  Michael Raine photo

Too many acres with too many old pulses; it may be time for change

New pea varieties offer advantages for producers, but despite this, farmers have been slow to adopt them. A 13-year-old variety still dominates the Saskatchewan seeded yellow pea acreage, with CDC Meadow taking up 38 percent of fields. More than 1,000 farmers planted 440,000 acres of the variety last year with an average yield about one […] Read more

COVID-19: Ag stories will go on

Journalism is underwritten through business endeavors. Ours is no different, even in times of global crisis. You pay for your subscriptions with the money you earned the hard way, farming, and with the time you choose to spend with your Western Producer. We sell that time to advertisers. In the case of public broadcasters, tax […] Read more