It’s next-year country again on the Prairies

While most of us started to think about the growing season ahead as soon as this fall’s harvest was over, or actually we never really stopped thinking about the year ahead, the pressure to make solid choices for spring 2019 is now intensifying. Crazy stuff in world markets — driven in part by even-crazier world […] Read more

Markets improve modestly for the beginning of 2019

Soy prices spent most of the first trading day of the year stronger, until the market seemed to realize that there were no USDA reports to back anything up, and then it seemed to struggle to put a pin in the day. The American shutdown of government has shuttered most of the USDA services that […] Read more

The Lego mini-DOT, built by Luke Silinski of Beiseker, Alta., is an autonomous file-tool model based on the Seedmaster-DOT design. Silinski took his Lego mini-DOT to the Glacier Farm Forum held in Calgary in December.  |  Michael Raine photo

Mini-DOT captures imaginations in a smaller, Lego sort of way

Using the latest in recreational-Lego technology, an Alberta boy builds on cutting-edge autonomous farm technology

CALGARY – The imagination of a farm machinery builder might be surpassed only by that of a kid. Seedmaster founder Norbert Beaujot once dreamed of farm machinery rolling about a field with no one to drive — just working away, efficiently and reliably. The result was the 2017 debut of the DOT, autonomous field platform. […] Read more

Soybean prices not expected to rise much

CALGARY — Soybean prices remain mired, despite large sales to China and what appears to be a more open chute into that market for American oilseeds. By early this week the U.S. Department of Agriculture had added up more than 21.5 million bushels of sales to China since the warming of trade relations between the […] Read more

Sideways canola prices might be a victory

CALGARY — Volatility and pressures to the downside from most oilseeds will keep a lid on any major gains, but might also keep lowering trends under control, say analysts about the near-term future for canola. Lower final production estimates from Statistics Canada did little to improve market prices, but could provide longer-term support for the […] Read more

Peas see potential to hold on at $7-$8

Brazil’s soybeans hit the market soon, and meal from that crop will challenge Canadian pea proteins for price in China

CALGARY — Yellow peas had become a darling of western Canadian agriculture, offering a better option than lentils as many producers’ pulse rotations. Despite lower prices of late, they might continue to do so. Summer, or kharif, season production in India’s pigeon peas saw some drought issues, and now drier soil moisture in their winter […] Read more

Plant pathologist Augustine Beamann says ensuring that there are no opportunities for disease to find a pathway to the seed is critical, and with such small amounts of active ingredients being used today, that can be a challenge.  |  Michael Raine photo

Seed treatments need to work — all the time

Putting tiny amounts of active ingredients over millions of seeds in every run evenly and reliably is a challenge

STANTON, Minn. — You’ve got the genetics, now how do you take full advantage of them. Most producers in Western Canada plant seed with applied treatments, fungicide and insecticide. Virtually all canola is treated. As well, in areas where soybeans and corn are the norm, all seed is treated, as it is in many small-cereal […] Read more

Agco’s Till Control system enables operators to monitor and adjust the fore and aft-frame as well as the hydraulic lift system from the cab.  |  Agco photo

Tillage tools reflect need for precision, speed

From electronics to steel, the latest releases in tillage equipment are helping producers turn soil right

Higher capacity and more options when it comes to setting tillage tools have become the latest trend in soil management. For the coming year, Deere and Sunflower tillage gear are getting new tools that meet this demand. John Deere has the new 2680H, a high-speed disc that is capable of 10 to 14 miles per […] Read more

Agriculture leaders, experts, government officials, farmers and academics gathered in Gatineau, Que., last week for a two-day conference to talk about public trust.
 | Screencap via

Public trust in farmers takes a hit

OTTAWA — Consumers are taking a dimmer view of the Canadian food system, according to an organization set up to improve the perceptions of Canada’s food industry. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity found in a large-scale study of adult Canadians, that 36 percent of consumers felt the food system was headed in the right […] Read more

Farm leader worried about study findings

OTTAWA — Canadians’ understandings about their food and the integrity of food sources should be of significant concern to farmers, said the head of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Ron Bonnett said the whole food industry should be concerned with the findings of a recent study that suggested Canadian perceptions of agriculture are faltering. He […] Read more