On the policy side, if you personally support petroleum production in Canada, it is hard to argue with buying a pipeline and expanding it to ensure exports, while waiting out court orders and regulatory impositions that no government could ignore.
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Canada: constitutional confusion

Where you live in the country and where your personal politics reside has a lot to do with how supportive one might be of our current federal government. But, it would be very difficult to take issue with the success of the economy or the levels of support, both fiscally and spiritually, the Liberals have […] Read more

Hog farmer Han Yi shovels corn for his pigs in China’s Changtu county. The country remains at a critical crossroads in global grain markets. African swine fever threatens demand, while agricultural trade with the U.S. and Canada remains stifled.  |  REUTERS/Ryan Woo photo

WASDE fails to move markets off lower path

The USDA’s supply and demand report failed to offer any insights into a market illuminated only by a Chinese lantern

The world’s grains and oilseeds markets seem solidly stuck in sideways, with the only light forward coming from the fragile glow of a Chinese lantern. World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates by the United States Department of Agriculture cast little more illumination on where prices might be headed, other than more of the same. The […] Read more

Rotations long been focus for agriculture

In the 1830s, The Farmers’ Cabinet, and American Herd-book arrived in the mailboxes of about 10,000 farmers in United States. It covered nearly all aspects of production agriculture, from growing crops and livestock to processing, financing and selling them. Twice each month, farmers received 16 book-pages for the modern equivalent price of about US$48 annually. […] Read more

At 9,000 acres, Larry Woolliams is a larger operator in the foothills region and makes use of the best technologies that he can to operate profitably.  | Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Farming by the numbers in the Alta. foothills

A farm family finds having all the information available using precision agriculture lets them make sound choices

AIRDRIE, Alta. — When farmers began using precision agriculture to operate their farms, “they started at the wrong end of the horse.” So says Larry Woolliams, who along with his father, began using data on their farm nearly three decades ago. It has formed the way that the Woolliams farm. The Airdrie, Alta., grain farmer’s […] Read more

All is not lost when it comes to world trade

For more than two decades, the world seemed to be headed toward less protectionism as free-trade deals proliferated among regions and countries of shared interests. Any time we heard of a commodity-exporting competitor signing on to one that we didn’t have, a bit of green jealousy would rise in our throats. Canada had finally kicked […] Read more

Deere’s new 500 air drill meets the market where planters and big air seeders come together. Row spacing of as narrow as 7.5 or 10 inches can be doubled to 15 or 20 with a single lift.  |  John Deere photo

A little brother uses the tools of the big drill from John Deere

John Deere’s new Pro-Series disc openers come on a smaller platform than typically considered on the Prairies, but farmers seeking wide and narrow row-spacing options may like the options they offer. The precision seeding of an independent row air seeder offers growers flexibility with small grains and enough seed placement control. The new N500C marries […] Read more

Poultry, dairy not built on competition

Government needs to consider a sustainable future for supply managed agriculture and whether recent trade agreements will push it into a critical imbalance. There are significant challenges for the maintenance and growth of poultry and dairy because of the new CPTPP and USMCA agreements and for dairy the recent CETA. The Canadian industries, outside of […] Read more

Wheat headed lower as international markets appeared to be more robust than many analysts had thought. Even hard red spring types were under pressure as American exports ran into heavy competition from the European Union and Russia. | File photo

Wheat markets take a tumble

Wheat headed lower as international markets appeared to be more robust than many analysts had thought. Even hard red spring types were under pressure as American exports ran into heavy competition from the European Union and Russia. It was largely suspected that Russian supplies were heavily depleted as local prices were on the rise, however […] Read more

Farmers who are thinking about selling the farm should start by considering what they want to do with the money.  |  File photo

How to get the most out of a farmland sale

Selling farmland has changed along with the price. While demand is obviously higher, so are the opportunities to improve the sale price and shorten the period that land is on the market. In many cases, the value of grain land on the Canadian Prairies doubled in the five years after 2010 and has seen solid […] Read more

WASDE report has no surprises

WASDE is back, but it didn’t shake the market, indicating that other commodity intelligence was at work in the one-month layoff of American data. The U.S. government’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, often disputed by traders and analysts, are none-the-less a guide to where domestic and international inventories and purchases are taking place. The […] Read more