Harvestlab monitors beginning to end

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Reading the state of forage as it left the chopper opened up producers’ abilities to manage their feed input. Using it after silaging gave real-time cattle management. Now it’s managing what comes out of the livestock. The new model, Harvestlab 3000, has a broader use of the light spectrum than its predecessors, […] Read more

Reader input welcome

Managing reader feedback in publications has been a growing challenge with the growth of the online world. Producer.com has been around since 1995. Our website is one of the oldest in the industry, and this year you read approximately four million pages from the site. That’s big farm news. Having been involved with the site […] Read more

Deere’s precision tillage grows: more models added to green line

Over the past two years major equipment companies have begun using the term precision when talking about tillage. It’s not so much about being in the right place; it’s more about doing the right things in the right place. Agco has added its version of precision control over the Sunflower machines, and now Deere has […] Read more

Big planter gets best features of small sister

DECATUR, Ill. — Bigger usually has some downsides, especially in planters and seeders. Transport sizes create risk and stress, while weight and its distribution add costs and agronomic issues. U.S. manufacturer Kinze recently responded with a 60 foot machine. It’s still a prototype, but Mike Gryp of Kinze said farmer feedback at the Farm Progress […] Read more

Sectional control breathes new life into old air carts

First it was Seedhawk, and then one by one, air seeder cart builders began offering sectional control as an option for producers. And given the option, most have chosen it, dealers say. It’s the solution to that frustrating feeling of driving a mile down a field, doubling up on the seed and fertilizer for half […] Read more

U.S. dairy sector not squeaky clean

What happens around the world or in your own backyard matters when it comes to agriculture in Canada. It’s a global market. Whether it is about exports or related to producers whose businesses are entirely focused on domestic use, every acre and animal matters, especially if these are in the United States. Canadian grain farmers […] Read more

Farm machinery sales may shift out of reverse

HANOVER, Germany — Tough times on the farm caused by poor crop prices have left the farm machinery industry struggling under the weight of shareholder expectations and market instability. Many in the industry hope that recent improvements in sales might be marking a turning point. “Farmers have had to make tough choices. Not just in […] Read more

Purchasing has power

HANOVER, Germany — When most of us think about buying new machinery, the high cost of acquiring it quickly comes to mind. Often forgotten is the high cost of not buying it. The world’s largest farm show was held recently in Germany. Technology drips out of every pore in this event’s 80-acre skin. The 1,600 […] Read more

Using media to influence

Get your ads. Buy them now. Get your red-hot advertising. One media consumer is driving high-dollar ad buying on some U.S TV networks — President Donald Trump. And the ads that are targeting this one, high-value consumer are now coming from agricultural interests. Advertising drives much of the media, at least when it comes to […] Read more

Glyphosate misinformation continues

The freedom to share an opinion on a mass scale used to come with more responsibilities. There was a responsibility to inform and not to mislead. If you did too much of the latter, often the platform on which you preached would fail after the money to maintain it ran out. Folks who read your […] Read more