Bad relations costing Canada a lot of money

Not getting along with the elephant to the south is nothing new for Canada, but this level of public ill-neighbourliness is new. Not every prime minister and president have been buddies. Lyndon Johnson, it is said, lifted Lester Pearson off the floor of the White House and yelled at him the day after the prime […] Read more

The W170 fits within Deere’s windrower lineup below the biggest, but with enough swather power for heavy crops and hilly terrain.   |  John Deere Photo

Deere looks to canola growers for new swather’s market

Many producers are looking to cull their swathing process in canola, however that isn’t likely a practice that will work for all conditions. Deere is betting on a remaining need for swathers with a new tool aimed at the oilseed and small grains market. John Deere is putting their new W170 into the marketplace this […] Read more

The Deere 1895 takes the small-grains disc drill wider, increasing up to 60 feet for 2018. This can add up to 100 acres per day, says the company.  |  John Deere photo

Deere’s big disc drill to slice into small grains

Making equipment wider or faster in the field are popular concepts with producers because it translates into acres per day. John Deere took its biggest, Indian Head, Sask., born precision hoe drill up to 72 feet two years ago. Now its small grains and oilseeds disc drill has been increased to 60 feet from 43. […] Read more

Putting anti-trans into gear

Tran-fats have been on the way out for a while, but largely in Western economies. The rest of the world has yet to reduce the artery clogging foods in their diets. The costs to societies that can’t afford the health losses are significant. The World Health Organization reported last week that more than 500,000 people […] Read more

U.S. farm bill checkoffs unchecked

Normally, we Canadians watch the U.S. farm bill for items related to protectionism, farm subsidies and support programs that create government-supported advantages for our U.S. neighbours that we will have to compete against. Now, the latest renewal of the farm bill, which happens every five years or so, is before the American Congress. And while […] Read more

Familiar faces leave merged Bayer-Monsanto firm

In a post-merger environment, several key faces who North American farmers have come to know over the years will not be at the new Bayer Crop Science-Monsanto. Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer and one of the architects of glyphosate tolerant cropping, will not make the move to the new company. Chief executive officer Hugh […] Read more

Markets ignore latest supply and demand report

The lower stocks reported in last week’s supply and demand estimates should have generated a bigger market response, said the chief commodities economist at INTL FCStone. “The numbers that came out of the report should have rallied prices or caused some selloffs, but the market’s response was very mundane,” said Arlan Suderman. Last week’s United […] Read more

NAFTA countdown is underway

Will North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations meet the deadline or crash on the trade runway tarmac? As the clock ticks down to the congressional deadline of May 17, ahead of electioneering in Mexico and the United States, optimism about a 2018 deal is turning soft. And with it the markets could be preparing for […] Read more

Rail troubles? In Canada? Wow

Here we are again — under-performing railways in Western Canada. What a surprise. Just like having a winter or a labour dispute when you have thousands of grievances piled up at bargaining time. To be fair, our railways have long been destined for failure. We have expected our two major, monopoly-ish Canadian railways to act […] Read more

CP Rail will avoid a strike, for now and grain will remain flowing. CPR's Soo Line railway serves a major region of Saskatchewan and acts as a significant conduit to the United States. Shown here at the Richardson Pioneer elevator at Corrine, Sask.  |  Michael Raine photo

CP Rail strike avoided for now

A planned labour disruption for April 21 at Canada’s second largest railway has been stopped, for today. Federal minister of labour Patty Hajdu has agreed with a request from CP Rail to call for a vote about that company’s last offer to two of its groups of workers. The Teamsters and the IBEW represented CP […] Read more