Ultimate tillage tools turning Canadian terra

Ultimate tillage tools turning Canadian terra

Soil engaging tools are a big expense on many farms, especially where deep tillage is involved. It’s a nuisance to stop in the midst of an operation to change tips.

Not only a nuisance, but lower quality tips do not wear uniformly, leaving an uneven second-rate job in the soil. The result is not what the operator wants to achieve.

“Nobody wants to stop and change tips in the middle of a tillage operation. Worse yet is having to stop and then figure out which ones are good and which need to be changed right now,” said Kelly Stevenson at Bourgault Tillage Tools.

Stevenson said growers realize there’s a direct correlation between price and quality when it comes to soil-engaging tools, especially deep-till tools.

In a move that gives Canadian farmers and American farmers access to high quality deep-till tools, BTT and Richmond Brothers Equipment in Michigan have entered into a product marketing exchange that goes into effect this summer. The agreement will see BTT sending some of their high-demand in-ground tools to Richmond, while Richmond will send its new Ultimate line of in-soil ripper tips to BTT.

From the Canadian perspective, prairie farmers will now be able to access Richmond Equipment’s new line that includes Ultimate Ripper Points, Ultimate Cast Shovels, Bearing Protectors and Ultimate Chisel Plow Points.

Stevenson said these products are cast with a unique alloy formulation that is highly durable and wear-resistant. Ultimate tools are designed at the Richmond Brothers farm in response to multiple requests to enhance the longevity of deep-tillage products. Comparative testing showed a significant advantage in performance against OEM and other aftermarket tools.

“It’s a special alloy they’ve developed. We’ve tested against them, and we saw these are very high wearing tools. We were in the process of developing our own deep ripper, so we were testing everything on the market.

“We got our hands on some Richmond Brothers tools and found they lasted longer than any of the other tools we tested. That’s how we came to know Richmond Brothers.”

In the agreement, Richmond dealers can access BTT’s line of Blue Armour tillage tools, Speed-Loc Quick Change Adapter System, Max Life Harrow Tines, seed/fertilizer openers and Niaux 200 Disk Blades. Richmond will distribute BTT products in the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

BTT will distribute Richmond tools across North America and internationally in the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Australia.

BTT and Richmond plan to work with dealers on a demonstration program leading up to the official launch this summer, with full availability to buy by the fall.

Stevenson said prices on the imported Richmond Ultimate tools will be comparable to prices on other well-known high-end points on the market.

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