Farmers with a lot of hills will appreciate the fact that Agri-Spread is one of the few spreaders built with steerable axles for better following on side slopes and less scrubbing in the headlands. | Ron Lyseng photo

Surface spread nutrients precisely in hi-tech mode

If you didn’t make it out to the Ag in Motion outdoor farm show this summer, don’t despair. Here, we examine eight precision applicators that made an appearance in AIM field demonstrations:

LANGHAM, Sask. — Field demonstrations are one of the main features at the Ag in Motion (AIM) outdoor farm show that attract more farmers every year. This year, growers saw eight of the latest precision nutrient spreading machines in action. The key word here is “precision.” Not long ago, you would never have heard the […] Read more

German farmers hear about the Smart Sprayer technology during Agritechica in Hanover.  |  xarvio photos

Smart Sprayer IDs and kills weeds on sight

A Smart Sprayer, equipped with boom-mount cameras coupled to Xarvio image recognition technology, can identify 20 species of weeds and trigger a surgically precise herbicide blast to one specific weed. Conventional blanket field coverage dumps millions of litres of unneeded herbicide on millions of prairie acres, which represents a tremendous financial waste for farmers. As […] Read more

Ceres Imaging started out using drone images in building precision ag maps, but quickly abandoned UAV technology in favor of good old fashioned Cessna 177 piloted aircraft. Ceres says the fixed wing plane gives it higher quality images than drones, and at a lower cost.  |  Cessna photo

Are airplanes taking over the hi-rez biz?

Veteran aerial photographers can roll out their trusty old Cessna 177 as leading precision ag mappers are dumping drone and satellite shots in favour of higher quality images from genuine piloted aircraft. The 177 has long been a favourite of aerial photographers. There’s no wing struts to get in the way of a good shot, […] Read more

Skylar Anderson is growing 320 acres of Stronghold for seed this year.  |  Anderson Seed Growers photo

Solid stem Stronghold swats pesky sawflies

Durum variety receives good reviews from seed grower, who says it stands up to the pest and produces high yields and protein levels

Skylar Anderson grew 40 acres of Stronghold durum in 2018. This year, he has 320 acres in seed production. This is the first year of full release for the new durum. The SeCan grower says it was his top durum last year. Anderson says he’s been luckier than many producers this year, having received enough […] Read more

Variety might set new standard in durum data

The long-anticipated Canadian durum wheat AAC Stronghold made its full release this spring. Seed growers who raised Stronghold in 2018 were impressed when comparing it to other varieties. Their observations were parallel to those of researchers at Swift Current, Sask., and also other growers in traditional durum production areas. The information was recently published in […] Read more

There’s a lentil crop somewhere beneath the weeds, and Group 2 herbicides can’t do a thing about it.  University of Saskatchewan researchers are getting better control of kochia and wild mustard using organic farming methods than chemical methods.  |  Steve Shirtliffe photo

Kochia and mustard challenge lentils

In a more normal market, there are plenty of good reasons to grow lentils. But there are also two good reasons not to: the evil twins kochia and wild mustard. Market problems or no market problems, producers are still growing lentils this year and weed control will still be the same yield-robbing problem it’s always […] Read more

The Canadian-built Boomerang Chaff Cart will make its debut at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina this month.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Big capacity chaff collection cart Canadian style

With feed shortages looming, cattle producers are thinking about alternative feed sources, such as ammoniated slough grass and chaff. Chaff may have high nutritional value, but it’s a nuisance to handle. Eldon Obach intends to turn that negative perception around 180 degrees with his new high-volume Boomerang Chaff Cart. Last week he completed construction on […] Read more

Ammoniating chaff can be profitable

Ammoniating cereal chaff is no longer just an emergency measure in times of drought or severe feed shortages. It has become part of the overall feeding strategy for some cattle producers. On mixed operations with cereals and beef, a few producers say they started ammoniating chaff when they got into zero till, as a means […] Read more

Cover crop in the extreme. This beautiful recipe includes radish, crimson clover, hairy vetch and winter oats. Steve Groff coaches farmers on the benefits of cover crops and how to make them profitable.  |  Steve Groff photo

Crop adviser says cash in on cover crops

Soil is meant to be covered, not exposed. That’s the basic premise of “cover crop coach” Steve Groff, a small Pennsylvania farmer who’s dedicated his life to promoting cover crops. In 2015, Groff went digital with his messages and launched a weekly webinar series called Cover Crop Innovators. The webinar covers practical topics, with frequent […] Read more