Although the Omnis FT was designed for fields that have already had crop residue taken care of, the machine can be fitted with optional coulters to handle trash.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Horsch debuts new primary tillage tool

As better corn headers and straw choppers leave a cleaner surface and eliminate the need for residue-busting tillage implements, cultivators can get back to the job of performing primary tillage. That’s the premise behind Horsch’s new Omnis FT primary tillage line being launched this fall, says company rep Jeremy Hughes. He said the Omnis FT […] Read more

The side-shift hydraulic cylinder allows the tractor driver to shift the packer three feet left or right for safer packing along the edges of a bunker. The largest Max Pack is 13 feet wide and weighs 10,000 pounds when filled with water. The rollers at the two corners allow the packer to work right up against the bunker wall without causing damage to the bunker or the packing equipment.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Tighter packing equals better silage

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — The tighter you pack your silage, the longer it will last and preserve its quality. It all comes down to squeezing out as much air as possible. A dedicated roller behind the packer tractor squeezes out more air and packs the silage tighter, according to Zuidervaart Agri-Import in Mitchell, Ont. Zuidervaart was […] Read more

The Euro Bagging company says its system preserves silage for up to 18 months, due in part to the fact that it designs and builds its own triple-layer bags, which include protection from solar UV radiation. |  Ron Lyseng photo

Czech silage bag with foil preserves feed 18 months

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Bagging silage may have advantages over bunker storage, but that edge disappears in a hurry if the bag is ripped and the content exposed to the atmosphere, water or rodents. A company in the Czech Republic has an answer to the problem — simply build a better bag. Euro Bagging builds silage […] Read more

The Faresin Leader PF 120 is a 250 horsepower self-propelled feed mixing wagon that uses near infrared technology to analyze feedstocks going into the tub and compare them to final rations going into the manger.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Precision farming means precision livestock feeding

Woodstock, Ont. — When we talk about precision agriculture, most people think only in terms of precise crop management. But for dairy and beef producers, precision ag means precision feeding of their animals. When it comes to precision feeding, the mix wagon is as important to the livestock producer as the air drill is to […] Read more

The operator positions the tip of the arm over the spot he wants a tire. He then bumps the control, causing the hydraulic motor to do a quick jump and tug the chain forward, which sends one tire flying off the end and plopping down on the plastic cover. The wheel loader arm has a 23 foot reach. The smaller skid steer loader has a 16 foot reach.  | Ron Lyseng photo

Tire Shooter tosses tires up bunker hill

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Securing the plastic cover on your silage bunker with used tires is an arduous and labour-intensive task that always runs the risk of workers inadvertently punching a hole in the cover. To deal with that problem, a Wisconsin company has devised a simple machine called the Tire Shooter to mechanically place tires, […] Read more

Steering cylinders for the front and rear axles are plumbed into the tractor steering so the trailer automatically follows without scuffing sideways. The driver turns the automatic system off when driving on the highway so the wagon doesn’t try to steer the tractor.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Steering a suspended slurry trailer

Engineers upgrade wagons to be more gentle on the soil, safer on the road with new hydraulic guidance

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Hauling massive loads of slurry, while minimizing soil compaction and avoiding getting the trailer stuck, is a big challenge for dairy and hog farmers. To help meet that challenge, nearly all manufacturers of slurry haulers incorporate suspension systems and steering on their wagons, says John Vandehoef of Melbourne Farm Automation. Vandehoef was […] Read more

The Bourgault 3320XTC, eXtra Terrain Contouring, is designed for better contouring in fields where terrain changes are sharp and numerous. The one to one contour ratio of the parallel link opener assembly allows the XTC opener to follow the field independent of the frame.  |  William DeKay photo

Air drill demo brings out the knives

LANGHAM, Sask. — Other than Ag in Motion, where can you see 10 air drills and planters in a side-by-side comparison? As expected, the pocket knives came out after each drill made its premier pass. More than 30,000 farmers gathered at AIM over the course of three days in July, and those farmers attending the […] Read more

Phosphorus: grain’s double-edged sword

Phosphorus imbalance can wreak death by starvation or death by poison, which means proper balance is critical

It’s a dilemma of too little and too much simultaneously. The Earth has a finite volume of rock phosphate for fertilizer. Yet, too much phosphorus flows toxic in our waterways. “We face a phosphorus paradox. Too little phosphorus threatens our food security. Too much phosphorus is a major cause of water-quality impairment worldwide,” said Helen […] Read more

In June, Link introduced their new Road-Optimized Innovation (ROI) semi-active digital Cabmate. This intelligent, semi-active cab suspension delivers a new level of ride quality that responds to road and weather conditions instantly. |  Ron Lyseng photo

Missing link good for the long haul

Long hours in the tandem or highway tractor can wreak havoc with your back, and obviously with your truck too. The truck can be replaced. Your back can’t be. Once the truck is damaged beyond repair, it gets scrapped. Unfortunately, the same happens to truck drivers who’ve spent too many hours bouncing up, down, sideways […] Read more

The Scorpio rock picker working at home in Finland.  |  ELHO photo

Finnish farmers build better rock trap

Thirty farmers and factory workers designed a picker for their own farms and are now selling it to the world

LANGHAM, Sask. — For farmers in many areas, the rock picker has become an essential implement, especially when they seed low-growing crops requiring the combine to get down dangerously close to Mother Earth. “Clearing a field of stones is a never-ending proposition. You pick them with your rock picker and dump them in a pile, […] Read more