Brand new Brent cart handles the bends

FARGO, N.D. — Unverferth brought its new Brent 2017 Vision Series grain carts to the Big Iron farm show in Fargo earlier this year to show that the bent auger-corner auger-single auger concept is alive and well. “The Vision Series is a whole new cart design for 2017, addressing the four main concerns farmers have,” […] Read more

Camso’s upgraded tow tracks designed for durability

FARGO, N.D. — When Camoplast Solideal did a name change two years ago to become just plain Camso, it also did a complete re-engineering job on its popular TTS series of ag tow tracks. The upgrades are intended to increase the longevity of the tracks, says Troy Amundson of Premium Ag Solutions in Hiterdahl, Minn. […] Read more

Bearings: grease ’em and grease ’em again

FARGO, N.D. — In a perfect world, we would stop every hour to shoot a spot of grease into the bearings. But it’s not a perfect world, so maybe let automation do the job for you. The automated greasing system is called Autogreaser, and it’s standard equipment on every Unverferth grain cart equipped with Equalizer […] Read more

Cart ideal for diversified farms

FARGO, N.D. — Farmers at the 2017 Big Iron found it hard to ignore the big blue cart with a capacity of 1,950 cubic feet or 33 tons of silage, grain or manure. Those are the specs on the triple axle Penta DB60 on display. The big brother DB70 has four axles with a capacity […] Read more

VIDEO: Landoll gives seed bed extra TLC for high value crops

High speed compact disc machines are also used to dry and black-up the soil to put it back into production

LANGHAM, Sask. — Vertical tillage became popular with prairie farmers because of wet soil conditions. However, growers eventually found they wanted slightly more tillage and blackening of the soil, especially in high-value crops. As well, they wanted independent mounting of the blades for better rock protection, which is when manufacturers transitioned into the high-speed compact […] Read more

Bad bacteria inhabits biofuel

FARGO, N.D. — Biodiesel is, as the name implies, a biological product. It’s susceptible to many of the same problems as other biological organisms — things like bacterial infections. Think about it. Corn, soybean, canola and any other organic substances entering biodiesel refineries are biological. They remain in an organic state, just like cooking oil, […] Read more

Stop Fire extinguisher does the job safely

FARGO, N.D. — Halon fire extinguishers worked on the principle of tying up enough oxygen so the fire can’t burn. They were considered by firefighting professionals to be the ideal extinguishing agent. Halon was rated for Classes A, B and C fires. The National Fire Protection Association termed it as a “clean agent” because it […] Read more

Biodiesel: myth vs. fact

MegCorp. is a fuel consulting company that conducts biodiesel research, promotion and direct assistance with biofuel problems. The company, funded by soybean farmers in northern midwestern states, says many myths surrounding biodiesel must be addressed. Biodiesel competes with food: Processing crops such as soybeans, canola or corn removes only the oil for use as fuel. […] Read more

Melroe has flare for harnessing gas

FARGO, N.D. — The glow from Sylvan Melroe’s neck of the woods can be seen from space, and that hasn’t sat well with the agricultural machinery inventor for some time. North Dakota’s Bakken energy fields flare off eight billion cubic feet of natural gas a month, producing 4.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2012. […] Read more

Pressure up for transit, down for the field

FARGO, N.D. — Central tire inflation systems are gaining ground with operators who see the value of running maximum allowable tire pressure in transit and minimum allowable tire pressure in the field. Adjustable tire pressure has become a major factor because of the growing awareness of the impact that soil compaction has on yield. Changing […] Read more