Keep to the right

It’s a pain in the neck to always look over your left shoulder at harvest time, which is why Australian farmers have been buying right-hand unload grain carts. Some of those right-hand grain carts are built by Elmer’s Welding in Altona, Man. Mike Friesen, an agricultural engineer and owner of Elmer’s who has been building […] Read more

Modifying for right-hand loads


Right-hand unload isn’t exclusive to grain carts. Over the years, a number of combines in bean-growing areas have been modified for conveyors coming out either the left or right side. “The thing with edible beans is you get docked so bad for splits. Splits can cost you a lot of money,” said Mike Friesen, owner […] Read more

Mice and modern machinery don’t mix

BRANDON — It used to be simple repairing damage to a piece of equipment after mice had eaten into the wiring harness. Those days are gone. Any truck or piece of farm equipment built within the past five years is now digital, and the function of the machine is controlled by delicate sensors and computers. […] Read more

New trucks; self-contained power grids

The modern, over-the-road grain hauler or cattle hauler has become an electrical grid unto itself. The truck’s total dependence on clean, stable electricity increases with each new model year. Electricity has replaced belts to drive most compressors and pumps. It’s essential for the ECUs (engine control units), fuel injection, air conditioning, power steering, navigation, display […] Read more

New alternative alternators pack a punch

While some truck manufacturers are meeting the increased electrical demand with dual alternators, others are turning to big single units, such as the new 24V, 250-amp IdlePro Extreme from Prestolite or the 40 SI series from Delco Remy. The new alternators are engineered to meet the new challenges inherent in today’s trucks. The IdlePro has […] Read more

Transport Canada releases NH3 carts

An estimated 40 to 50 percent of the prairie anhydrous ammonia fleet had been potentially tied up in Transport Canada red tape as of Jan. 12, meaning they would not have seen service this spring. It was a tense week as the players negotiated a path to allow existing NH3 tanks to temporarily circumvent the […] Read more

The back-story: anhydrous tanks good for another year

The Western Producer reported a year ago that a Transport Canada bureaucratic schmozzle was tying up anhydrous ammonia carts in Western Canada, thus preventing them from hauling NH3. In the Jan. 12, 2017, story titled, “Chaos in fertilizer sector over NH3 tank rules,” we reported that the existing standard TC51 had been stricken from the […] Read more

New Technotill packer does dual side band

The Technotill packer plate introduced by Walter and Betty Schoenhofer in 1996 has been re-developed with assistance from Saskatchewan farmers and a 3D printer. TNT Version 2 will be available for spring seeding. Where the original TNT had a fertilizer port on only one side, Version 2 is symmetrical with dual band ports. The previous […] Read more

Back to basics with seeders

Expensive, heavy, complicated seeding machines are being challenged by lower-cost, high-speed compact-disc machines and good old-fashioned shank cultivators with narrow knife openers. Over the past two decades, one of the devices that’s become popular among farmers with simple seeding systems is the Technotill (TNT) packer. Although the original Version 1 TNT functions well and continues […] Read more

Canola disc dials in better profit

The debate about seeding canola with an air seeder versus planting canola with a row crop planter has pretty well died down, with planters sneaking in as the unofficial winner. In 2017, Pioneer seed dealer Keith Nachtegaele wanted to see for himself if the planter advantage was as great as some people have been claiming […] Read more