Praxidyn founder Doug Applegate with sons Luke, at left, and Brent focus their energy on developing products like their Mixmate Pro Inductor, in the background, to help streamline the process of filling sprayers.  |  Doug Applegate photo

Potential productivity calculation depends on sprayer fill time

A bigger implement isn’t necessarily a more cost-effective implement. With sprayers for example, the longer fill time of a bigger sprayer may cut into potential return on investment. Smaller is sometimes smarter. Size is a major consideration in any new sprayer decision. While a larger sprayer is more productive, a grower should try to achieve […] Read more

This photo of a spikelet pair in sorghum shows the non-seed-bearing spikelet on the left and the seed-bearing spikelet on the right. The right side also bears a slender extension known as an awn.  |  Elizabeth Kellogg photo

Wild relatives good for something after all

We all know that plants produce flowers so those flowers can, in turn, produce seeds for the next generation. That’s the way it’s always been and shall remain, we assume. But what about plants that produce flowers that do not, in turn, produce seeds? Do they produce flowers just to look pretty? You or I […] Read more

The hollow tube that runs around the circumference of the device contains synthetic oil and 0.09 inch steel alloy beads. When the truck gets up to 40 m.p.h., the laws of physics kick in and the beads all run to the light side of the wheel assembly, thus bringing the assembly into balance.  |  Centramatic photo

Balance tires and wheels with balls not beads

Out of balance tires take a toll on the machine, the operator, the fuel bill and the tires themselves. However, keeping tires in balance can also be a time-consuming nuisance. Many truckers and farmers thought balancing beads inside the tire might provide the answer, and they might have for some people. However, concern has been […] Read more

Here’s a scene most farmers have never seen before: corn planted on 10-inch row centres at a rate of 45,000 seeds per acre. The result of the experiment was 284 bushels per acre with 52 pound bushel weight, grown in a year with below average rainfall on the Blumengart Colony south of Winkler.  |  Mark Tschetter photo

Tight rows squeeze out huge corn yield

The cornucopia of a 284-bushel corn crop is something we might see in Iowa, but to find a yield this big in Manitoba would come as a surprise for most producers. Yet 284 bu. per acre with 52-pound bushel weight was the winner in the 2018 Manitoba Corn Growers annual yield competition. Planting Pioneer HiBred […] Read more

By strictly applying Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, Georgia farmer Randy Dowdy grew 521 bushels of corn per acre in 2016 to win the nation’s corn yield competition.  Liebig discovered that you can have an abundance of all nutrients but one and still have a bad crop.  That one minimum nutrient limits the utilization of all the other nutrients.   |  File photo

U.S. corn competition winner grew 521 bu. per acre

In Western Canada, 284-bushels-per-acre corn can win a competition. But in the United States, you’ll need 521 bu. to get the win. Georgia corn grower Randy Dowdy grew 521 bu. per acre three years ago to win top spot in the National Corn Growers Association yield contest. The big crop was grown on a no-till, […] Read more

Elmer’s new Ravage Bale Processor holds three square bales at once, reducing the need to stop to load more bales.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Ravage saves time by rapidly ripping, devouring bales

BRANDON — Efficiency in the feedlot is important, especially when you’re processing a lot of bales daily, the wind is howling and the temperature is -30C. Time management takes on new meaning. Time management and efficiency were foremost in the minds of engineers at Elmer’s Manufacturing as they designed the new Ravage Bale Processor, says […] Read more

Crop Intelligence is an app developed by Ryan Hutchison at South Country Equipment east of Regina.  CropIntel uses John Deere’s Field Connect crop management system to document soil moisture down to 100 centimetres, rainfall, air temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation and growing degree days.  |  Ryan Hutchison/South Country Equipment photo

Probes reveal soil moisture’s many secrets

Soil moisture probes have been around for a long time, but they remain one of those mysterious agricultural instruments that only a small handful of people attempt to understand or use. “Part of the problem is people don’t trust the information,” says Ryan Hutchison of South Country Equipment in Saskatchewan. He was at Crop Connect […] Read more

Set properly, modern moldboard plows, like this Salford 8212, can have a place in some prairie agriculture. One of the functions is the machine’s ability to move soil up a grade, reforming topsoil on knolls. In this case it is plowing under a rye cover crop.  |  Salford photo

Moldboard plow no longer a dirty word

Once vilified as the devil’s own tool, the moldboard has recently been vindicated as soil erosion problems persist

Steady gains in crop productivity do not reflect the ongoing loss of prairie topsoil. While crop residue may reduce water and wind erosion, “tillage erosion” is a deceptively hidden enemy. Productivity gains are traced to better varieties, better crop protection products, better fertility and vastly improved implement technology and field management capabilities, says University of […] Read more

By standardizing mounting brackets and other components throughout its entire lineup, Link Manufacturing says a complete new self-steering suspension can be installed in just two hours.  |  Link illustration

Self-steer suspension easy to install

Link Manufacturing’s two-hour installation means adding an extra weight bearing axle to your truck just got easier

Adding another weight bearing axle to your existing truck isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, the new Link Manufacturing self-steering suspension can be installed in about two hours. Scheduled to be introduced next week at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the newly updated and improved 20K self-steer suspension incorporates proven technological and component […] Read more

The future of super singles in Canada has been in abeyance for more than a decade. However, representatives from industry and the federal and provincial governments came to an agreement in January that raised the weight limits on super singles to match the weight limit of duals.  |  File photo

Rules streamlined for super single semi tires

Governments establish national uniform weight limits for wide-base single tires, 
which is good news for trucking industry

Although wide-base super single semi tires are replacing duals in the United States, Canadian truckers and farmers have been reluctant to make the switch because of confusing federal and provincial regulations. However, there was a breakthrough last month when progress was made in allowing weight parity for the wide super single tires coast to coast. […] Read more