Farm auctions can play a big role in cash flow and are shifting to internet bidding.  |  File photo

Virus fosters auctions without farmers

Ag implement manufacturers, dealers and prairie farmers are predicting declining sales of new equipment in 2020, meaning that a lot of used iron will be swapping places this year. Agricultural equipment sales across North America is widely expected to be down again this year. As reported in The Western Producer four months ago, two-wheel drive […] Read more

Manitoba farmer John Nikkel says farming with older equipment for the past 40 years hasn’t been a matter of choice. It’s been a matter of economic necessity. For combines, he runs a pair of TR98s from 1998.  |  John Nikkel photo

Farm profitably improving through the use of older equipment

The average American farmer has $170,000 tied up in unused used equipment. These implements are too good to scrap and they’re left sitting around in farm yards, losing value every month. That figure comes from BigIron Auctions in Nebraska, and is based on a university study carried out in the United States Midwest several years […] Read more

The vertical contouring toolbar flexes up and down as much as 66 inches to follow the contour of the field and ensure the row units properly engage with the soil.  The sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height.  |  Agco photo

Momentum seen in quest for better seed placement

Competition in the planter market is rolling faster as Agco introduces its revolutionary new Fendt Momentum to help overcome conditions that challenge uniform emergence. Row croppers know an evenly emerged, picket-fence plant stand is the critical first step for optimum yields, despite the many agronomic and operational challenges beyond their control. Agco says they have […] Read more

Michelin’s Very High Flexion high-clearance sprayer tires made their debut at the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas, last month. Michelin says the tires offer a unique balance between a narrow tire to avoid crop damage and a flotation tire to minimize compaction.  |  Michelin photo

Michelin introduces three new agricultural tires

Michelin’s ag portfolio grew last month with the introduction of the VF SprayBib in three sizes, the VF FloatXBib plus radial airless skid-steer tires in two sizes and two treads. The SprayBibVF is a very high flexion tire for high-clearance sprayers. It’s designed to strike a balance between a narrow tire to avoid crop damage […] Read more

The Camso AG TTS ANGLE High Speed has been engineered for air drills and planters.  |  Camso photo

Getting on board the fast track with 20 m.p.h. air drill

Camso has introduced a new high speed track set and a new mid-roller for Steiger Quadtrac. The Quebec manufacturer introduced Ag TTS Angle high speed tracks for air drills and planters. The tracks increase field mobility and reduce soil compaction. They can travel on the road at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. […] Read more

The AIRman Automated Landing Gear Deployment and Retraction device uses a small electric motor to do all the work of raising and lowering semi trailer landing gear.  |  AIRman photo

Arm getting too cranky? Go full electric

It takes 50 to 60 crank arm rotations to get the legs on a trailer’s landing gear to touch ground. This exposes the driver to a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. The damage typically occurs to shoulders, knees, back and upper body. The repetitive cranking motion impacts muscles, tendons and joints, especially with aging drivers. And […] Read more

The 1745 MaxEmerge 5 planter is for growers who do planter-applied fertilizer with a split-row configuration.  Minimum tractor power is 95 drawbar horsepower.  |  John Deere photo

Modern planter for older field power

Planter manufacturers are turning a new focus on designing narrow-transport machines suitable for small fields, no-till, transport on narrow roads and for growers lacking high-power tractors. Throughout the industry, there’s a realization that bigger isn’t always better or even wanted. Many corn and soybean growers do planter-applied fertilizer with a split-row configuration and narrow transport. […] Read more

Corrosion resistance is one of the chief characteristics of items produced by the Veloxint process.  |  Veloxint photo

Is this the magic metal of the future?

A U.S. research company is figuring out how to turn nanocrystalline metal alloys into high-value products and parts

Imagine the benefits to farm implements if they were made of a metal five times stronger than today’s steel. As well, implement weight could be cut in half and would last longer. That metal is waiting over the horizon. Veloxint is an alloy research company in Massachusetts specializing in developing and commercializing nanocrystalline (NC) metal […] Read more

Nanocrystalline technology can lead to a 50 percent weight reduction in machinery such as air drill, sprayers, combines and trucks. This benefit can be used to increase payload or reduce soil compaction. | Veloxint photo

Strong alloy could eventually make ag implements lighter

Manufacturers are looking to shave every possible pound from seeding equipment, sprayers, combines, swathers and grain trucks. Less weight in ag implements translates to more payload or less soil compaction. New nanocrystalline super-alloys from a Massachusetts company called Veloxint may some day cut the weight of farm implements in half. We’ve already accepted spray booms […] Read more

LEFT - University of Manitoba researcher Steve Whyard is using GreenLight double-stranded RNA to make flea beetles lose their appetite for canola leaves. With their source of sustenance gone, the beetles die.  Beneficial insects are not affected by the foliar spray. | Steve Whyard/University of Manitoba photo RIGHT - The Colorado potato beetle ingests the GreenLight RNA interference molecule and loses all appetite for potato plant leaves.  The beetle eats only potato leaves, and without that source of nutrition, the beetle population in that potato field dies.  |  Canola Council of Canada photo

Plug pulled on RNA signal to kill enemy insects

GreenLight Biosciences uses the biology of RNA signals to disrupt the messages that insects receive to eat certain plants

Most of society today wants farmers to reduce or eliminate chemicals they use to protect crops. Farmers want that, too. RNA signals hold the answer. Scientists are facing a major challenge trying to figure out how to provide non-chemical crop protection remedies so farmers can continue to increase the volume of food required to feed […] Read more