Simplified drop pan reduces combine losses in field

Seed for the ScherGain magnetic drop pan concept can be traced back to a father and son argument out in a field in western Saskatchewan. Pat Sherman recalls that he and son Trevor were having one heck of an argument about which way to go with combine adjustments. The only thing they could agree on […] Read more

Grain bags: Rolling and recycling

Waste agricultural plastic, including grain bags, is attracting the evil eye of media outlets and the public. It’s easy to criticize massive piles of useless, used plastic. That’s why farmers and industry must jointly find a solution to the problem, a public relations dilemma and an environmental issue, says Rob Wierenga. The co-owner of Neeralta […] Read more

Bin monitor makes money

If you save a 13,000 bushel bin of $12 canola, worth $156,000, you have more than paid for the price of a good monitoring system. That’s the conclusion Yorkton farmer Siegert Wenning arrived at last winter while vacationing in his homeland of Holland. Wenning grows 4,500 acres of canola, peas and oats annually. While in […] Read more

Farmers have got grain in the big poly bag

Grain bags have come a long way in a decade. No longer an emergency measure, bagging is now standard on many farms. Three factors pushed grain bags into the mainstream of prairie farming: expanding farm size means producers are growing grain further from their main yards, often on leased or unserviced land, where many growers […] Read more

Not big on bagging

Not everyone is big on bagging. Some growers think their money is better invested in long-term steel bins rather than temporary plastic that becomes a liability once the bag is empty. Ten years ago, farmers were skeptical about storing grain in these new plastic bags. At that time, one of the biggest suppliers of steel […] Read more

Wireless real-time NPK readings from your field

Automated warning system provides alerts in emergency situations

Real-time 24/7 NPK data from the field can help fine-tune your fertility program. Wireless soil sensors relay critical information you can use to reduce waste and boost yields. The Teralytic probe is a metre-long, battery-powered device a farmer shoves into the earth. The shaft contains 26 sensors that measure localized subterranean moisture, salinity, nitrate, potassium, […] Read more

Kinze continues tuning its tillage tools

Mach Till cuts and throws soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction lay

Tillage technology continues to evolve as farmers move toward precisely controlled cultivation. That process took another step forward when Kinze introduced four new devices, spotlighting hybrid horizontal tillage. Vertical tillage was the big buzzword in field preparation a decade ago. Although most manufacturers still build vertical tillage machines, hybrid horizontal tillage is the latest step […] Read more

Green guidance on off-color combines

Move your Greenstar to the red, yellow, blue, orange or purple implement of your liking

Tt’s not unusual to see a prairie farmyard with mainly green implements, and then combines in other colours contrasting with the other machines. The farmer with the mismatched combines is probably cursing because he can’t get his favourite combine GPS to communicate with his trusty Greenstar Starfire. That’s the situation in which Johannes Heupel was […] Read more

Magnet solves old drop pan problem

Move BushelPlus from one combine to another in a matter of seconds

BRANDON — Grain loss monitors don’t document how many bushels end up on the ground. Conventional drop pans are a nuisance and dangerous. The BushelPlus magnetic drop pan addresses those issues.  If checking combine losses was convenient, farmers would do it. But it isn’t, so they don’t, according to Marcel Kringe of BushelPlus in Brandon.  […] Read more

Dr. Harvest makes field calls to solve harvesting problems

BRANDON — Martin Reichelt, a.k.a. Doctor Harvest, is an engineer who specializes in fine-tuning combines. Although he lives in Germany, he travels to Canada whenever his list of patients merits. Reichelt was at Manitoba AgDays this winter, working with the BushelPlus company at its display. “I make the trip to Canada a couple times a […] Read more