The Canadian Trailer Company built this cutaway trailer as a tool to show buyers the differences in the range of good, better and best cargo trailers.  |  Brian Cox photo

Inside cargo trailers —more than meets the eye

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Many people might think that all cargo trailers are alike. After all, they look alike. But that would be an incorrect assumption, according to Brian Cox. Cox has spent 45 years repairing and dissecting trailers and using that knowledge to build new trailers. He’s the founder and owner of the Canadian Trailer […] Read more

Twelve things to think about when buying a cargo trailer

The Leonard Truck and Trailer company located in Ohio has put together 12 issues that a potential trailer buyer should consider: Steel or aluminum —Steel is usually cheaper than aluminum. Although most people think that aluminum has a great weight saving compared to steel, the actual weight saving depends on the manufacturer. As well, aluminum […] Read more

SoilReader can be mounted on any field implement or used in a separate dedicated operation as shown here. | SoilReader photo

Real-time soil analysis in the field

Don’t bring your soil sample to the lab, take the lab to the field, says the Winnipeg inventor of the SoilReader

It’s a difficult concept to sum up in a few words. A Winnipeg startup will sell you a coulter that reads nine nutrient factors while pulled through soil. As the headline states, SoilReader can give you real-time data, on-the-go, as you pull it through your field. The nine vital constituents are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic […] Read more

When CropPro agrologists do an EC map themselves, they attach the SWAT box to their trailer hitch receiver. The box rides above the surface of the field, taking two EC readings at two different depths.  The data automatically transmits to the CropPro mappers hundreds of kilometres away, so they can start working with the information immediately. They can have an agronomist out the next day soil sampling  to ground-truth the SWAT box data.  |  Trevor Friesen photo

SWAT team attacks salt or cuts it out

I recently had an email conversation with Scott Day. He told me about his new approach to designing fertilizer prescription maps for his family’s Treelane Farm at Deloraine Man., an area notorious for spots of extreme salinity. “This was the first time we variable rate applied all our nitrogen in accordance with the soil’s salt […] Read more

The National Corn Growers Association announced their 2019 yield contest winner. Virginia farmer David Hula set the highest yield on record with 616 bushels per acre. | File photo

616 bushels per acre corn crop

Of course it’s a special field and it received all the love and tender care Hula could possibly lavish on it, but still 616 bushels per acre is not too shabby. The National Corn Growers Association announced their 2019 yield contest winner. Virginia farmer David Hula set the highest yield on record with 616 bushels […] Read more

Tackling saline spots

Suck it up. That’s how to put those saline scars back into profitable production. Seed down with varieties that will suck up the salts, then harvest the saline saturated plants to remove salts. Once saline spots are identified in a field, the next step is to get something growing there. There’s a handful of varieties […] Read more

Can farm equipment truly be sustainable?

A Manitoba farmer asks, “how sustainable is my five-year old German combine that’s maybe still functional for another decade, but now it’s junk because I can’t find a replacement electronic panel?” And sure enough, the panel he needed was nowhere to be found. Every scrapped Claas had already long ago been stripped of this particular […] Read more

Working at a normal rate, one lab technician can process 60 samples per hour using the LaserAg Quantum. The system employs a laser beam to replace the chemicals normally used in a conventional wet extraction lab.  | Jacques Nault photo

Soil and leaf analysis made laser fast

Clients will receive results within four hours from the time the the high intensity LaserAg device receives the sample

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A high-intensity laser soil or leaf analysis device takes one minute to perform a task requiring many hours in a conventional lab. It yields immediate, highly accurate data for 16 main elements. LaserAg is the brainchild of LogiAg in Chateauguay, Que., a leading agronomy provider serving more than 5,500 farms in the […] Read more

The SmartCore autonomous robot averages 110 acres per hour on a 2.5 acre grid with eight six-inch cores, with an accuracy of an 1/8 of an inch 100 percent of the time.  |  Troy Fiechter photo

Robotic soil sampler is slow but consistent

The autonomous SmartCore is not just another agricultural robot — it should also be considered an agronomic tool

Try pulling six-inch cores from 100,000 acres on 2.5-acre grids with just four machines. It happened this fall, thanks to the autonomous SmartCore robot that samples 110 acres per hour. The machine was developed by two Purdue University engineering students, Troy Fiechter and Drew Schumacher. Once out of college, they turned their engineering project into […] Read more

Manage field data points every 20 feet

It’s a daunting challenge managing all data on 100,000 fields totalling 30 million cropped acres 24/7/365, but it’s a task performed routinely at the Farmers Edge technology centre in Lethbridge. The office is a busy place with more than 40 staff crunching data daily on every acre under contract, said Farmers Edge founder Curtis MacKinnon. […] Read more