Belts drive the feeder drum, feeder draper and left draper. Both power takeoffs come off the feeder house of the combine.  |  Honeybee photo

Mechanical drive RDX Grain Belt, air suspended, mechanical drive

Honey Bee used the recent AgriTrade show in Red Deer to show Alberta grain growers its new mechanical drive, 60-foot RDX Grain Belt rigid straight-cut draper header. The new RDX is based on the one-off 60-foot rigid header Honey Bee sent to Australia last year, according to marketing manager Spencer Groth. “The big thing is […] Read more

The lettuce pot at far right is a control. The other pots were fertilized with various mixes of commercial phosphorus fertilizer or water treatment residue and dairy wastewater mix. There is an obvious difference in biomass and leaf length between the control and other treatments.  |  Oren Reuveni photo

Extract phosphorus from dairy waste water

New technology recycles disappearing essential nutrient to ensure that it doesn’t end up where it isn’t needed

Researchers in Israel have developed a way to create phosphorus fertilizer from dairy waste water. If implemented on a large scale, the process could help stretch Earth’s finite supply of phosphorus. Scientists have warned about a disastrous shortage of phosphorus in 100 to 250 years unless we can find ways to recycle it. Phosphorus is […] Read more

The sensors put out an illumination of a specific wavelength. Leaves containing chlorophyll convert to a different wavelength, which is detected by the sensors.  |  WEED-IT photo

Illuminate weed, isolate it, then kill

Targeting a weed with lethal dose eliminates it from the enemy gene-bank while conserving herbicides, lowering costs

As farmers continue dealing with the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds, the global crop protection industry has stepped up with new strategies, equipment and digital technology to help fight weeds. Croplands Equipment of Australia is one of those global companies whose weed killing initiatives arrived in Canada through a relationship with Nufarm. Croplands has spent the […] Read more

The Nova’s two available boom widths are 24 meters (79 feet) or 39 metres (128 feet). The aluminium boom has Lemken’s Adaptive Balancing Control with automatic, proactive guidance that keeps it in an optimum position and maintains the correct distance to the target’s surface. Five sensors ensure that individual boom arms adapt directly to uneven terrain and changes in the crop canopy.  |  Lemken photo

Big blue SP sprayer holds 1,900 gallons

Lemken has unveiled their new high-capacity sprayer ahead of this month’s Agritechnica in Germany. The Nova project started with a fresh sheet of paper in 2017, with the aim of improving on the current crop of sprayers. In Western Canada the Lemken is best known for its tillage tools, but the company does build a […] Read more

Brigade’s Backeye 360 merges images from ultra-wide-angle cameras, resulting in a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and surrounding area.

Better system visibility boosts farm safety

Canada had 843 farm fatalities between 2003 and 2012, of which 600 involved implements. More than 17 percent of all deaths were run-overs attributed to drivers not seeing the victim. Farming is the third most hazardous industry in Canada, due in part to the fact that it needs large implements that can prevent the operator […] Read more

Developed by Pentair Hypo in conjunction with BASF, the Easyconnect Closed Transfer System totally seals the jug to the hopper so not so much as a single drop can escape.  |  BASF photo

Easyconnect seals chemical transfer

It’s not often we see major crop protection companies work together on technology, but that’s what’s happening as they develop a new universal closed transfer system (CTS) for chemicals. The CTS Easyconnect consists of a specially designed fill valve that creates a sealed connection between the CTS and the chemical container. The chemical container is […] Read more

The latest additions to Massey’s 5700 Global line have Dyna-4 transmissions and Auto-Drive, making them easier to operate in haying and corral cleanout operations.  |  Agco photo

Premium transmission in economy-priced tractor

Massey Ferguson has two additions to their 5700 Global Series of mid-range tractors. Both new tractors come standard with Dyna-4 transmission, Auto-Drive and large, suspended cabs to meet farmer demands. The 100 horsepower MF5710D and the 110 h.p. MF5711D are not all-new designs, but rather the next strategic steps in Massey’s Global Series tractors, which […] Read more

The new Vermeer Quick Hitch turns three-point mower hookup into a one-person job that eliminates many of the steps getting in and out of the tractor.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Quick Hitch for three-point mowers

Vermeer has taken some of the labour-intensive time-wasting frustration out of hooking up a three-point hitch mower. Its new Quick Hitch requires only one person to complete the procedure. There were problems with the traditional three-point-hitch system, Vermeer’s Bailey Boyert said. “The operator often took many stabs at trying to back and line up the […] Read more

There are a wide variety of cultivated potatoes for consumers to choose from, some of which are more closely related to their wild relatives. |  Shelly Jansky photo

Wild potatoes play important role in sector

Domesticated potatoes’ wild cousins can cause major weed problems in South America, but they are also sources of tough genes

Every crop you can name that we grow for food or fibre originated with a natural wild ancestor, whether it be cereals, oilseeds, pulse crops, fruit, vegetables or cotton. Potatoes, for example, are the world’s fifth largest crop. The countless varieties that have been developed are based on about 100 wild potato species. Plant breeders […] Read more

The orange-colored Raven sensor pointing down is one of five sensors measuring ground speed and distance from the soil or crop canopy. The CNH plug at the top of the photo is the Aim Command Flex Nozzle control valve that controls the spray tip.  |  Raven photo

Bigger booms require field manners

The bigger your boom, the more difficult it is to maintain the correct distance from nozzle to target, and also the more difficult it is to avoid serious boom damage. It takes a pretty sophisticated boom height control system to keep the boom level and at the right height, all the while travelling 15 m.p.h. […] Read more