New Holland adds single-bale wrapping

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Bale silage can be a time consuming and time-critical business. The wet bales need to be under plastic in a matter of hours. New Holland has added the single-bale, wrap on the go feature to its 450 model balers for 2018.

Neil Martin of New Holland in Elmira, Ont., said that while the addition of a Goweil wrapper to a New Holland baler is not new, getting one as a complete package from the company is.

“New Holland sees it as a potential growth area for Canada and the rest of North America. Adding it to baler as a factory piece is taking a big step towards making that easier for farmers to choose to do,” he said during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont.

The mounted wrapper unit and baler combination made its Canadian debut in at the event.

The Groweil wrapper is hydraulically driven, carrying the bale from the baler to the wrapping platform where two wrapping arms encircle the bale with poly sheeting and once complete eject the bale onto the field. The operator can resume baling as soon as the bale exits the baler, while the machine wraps on the go.

“Single-bale silage is very convenient for producers. The bales are ready to be hauled the moment they are off the baler,” said Martin.

“We have some commercial hay operators that will go through several balers, keeping the Groweil wrapper and trading in the baler. There is very little to wear on a wrapper, they can last a long time. It takes a farmer a day or two to make the change over from the old baler to the new one,” he said.

“It isn’t a big job,” said Martin.

The German-made Groweil wrappers take over carrying the back of the baler and can pass-though straw and hay bales without poly-wrapping, without removing the unit.

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