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Magnetic wireless trailer lights offer solution

Eliminating wires means eliminating electrical shorts, and that means you and your trailer get on the road faster

BRANDON — If you’ve trailered much, you know that lights are a hassle. Seems there’s always a trailer light problem just as you’re ready to pull your fishing boat or camper trailer.

This revelation is followed by two hours tracking the short, thus getting the fishing trip off to a grouchy start.

Here comes wireless technology to the rescue. StarLight Lighting sells a pair of wireless taillights designed for trailers — no wires, no electrical shorts.

The StarLight male sender unit plugs into the seven-pin female receptacle at the back of the truck. That signal automatically goes to the female socket when the driver signals a turn, steps on the brakes, switches on the four-way flashers or turns on the headlights.

As a result, the StarLight male plug receives all those same signals and instantly transmits the message wirelessly to the two LED lights magnetized to the rear of the trailer. Every input signal that goes into the seven-pin socket at the back of the truck also goes into the StarLight system. Once the batteries are charged, they’re good for 180 days.

The magnets make it nearly impossible to remove the light modules from a steel frame, says John Wilke of Wilke Sales in Regina. Aluminum is not magnetic, which is why the StarLight won’t stick to the surface of many RV trailers or aluminum boats.

“It’s essential that you have a good steel surface for mounting the lights. Once they’re installed, you’ll have a tough time getting them off,” said Wilke, who sells the StarLight kits for $489.

Fines for pulling a trailer without lights can be costly. The fine in Manitoba for pulling a trailer without functioning lights is $1,000. In Alberta, one motorist was fined $274 for pulling a low four-foot by six-foot utility trailer.

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