Clamp down on rolling stones

The Hydra-clamp covering claw from Werk-Brau is managed by a helical actuator that provides up to 54,000 foot pounds torque at 3,000 pounds per square inch.  |  Werk-Brau photo

In regions with rocky soil, headland rock piles are drawing more attention. There’s valuable cropland lying under those stones. In much of the Parkland region, some of the best soil is infested with stones.

Stone piles should be moved efficiently and equipment on a typical prairie farm lacks the capability to deal with a major rock transplant.

A used backhoe from highway construction is made to deal with riprap, but even this bucket loses the load when handling round field stones.

A bucket with a big strong claw to clamp down over the open top of the bucket is needed.

A German company called Werk-Brau is now offering just that in Canada. The covering claw is controlled by a helical actuator that provides up to 54,000 foot pounds torque at 3,000 lb. per square inch.

Hydra-clamp bucket has a built-in rotary actuated thumb maintaining consistent clamping force on the load through the entire rotation. The clamp is made of abrasion and wear resistant AR400 steel. There are no exposed cylinders.

Consistent clamping force throughout the thumbs 120-degree range of motion allows operators to maintain control of materials regardless of positioning. Serrated side plates secure debris while moving, according to the company.

Operators use 100 percent of the excavator’s reach. There is less machine repositioning to grab or stack materials, so the machine is more productive with less wear on the undercarriage.

Hydra-clamp can be transferred from machine-to-machine. The clamp is suited for handling awkward items, moving debris or sorting scrap and riprap.

Hydra-clamp is made in the United States. For further information visit

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