Bin sight offers producers insight

FARGO, N.D. — The J-Mac is a simple grain level sight that made its debut at the Big Iron farm equipment show in Fargo this fall.

It consists of a white nylon box that’s open to the grain bin on the inside and sealed on the outside with a clear, unbreakable polycarbonate window.

Grain shows up well on the bright white box as the level rises.

“You can see when the grain starts filling the white box from a distance of 200 feet,” said J-Mac representative Bill Thomas. “If you install it up near the top of your bin, you can see when you’re six or eight inches from the top. You can shut down the auger before it starts getting jammed up.”

He said grain fills the box at the same rate that the bin is being filled because the top and bottom of the box are wide open to the grain. A round hole at the back of the box also ensures that grain freely flows into and out of the box.

Thomas said his neighbour, Jimmy Haskins, invented the device.

“Jimmy was looking for a better way to monitor grain levels as the bins are being filled,” he said.

“He’d tried everything on the market, but they all had some kind of drawback, usually a problem with the sight glass changing colour. He finally came up with this idea. There’s no moving parts and we make it for corrugated bins and smooth sided bins.”

Thomas said the company is recommending that the sights be installed only at the tops until it does further research into how they affect bins’ structural integrity.

The J-Mac grain monitoring sight sells for $79.50.

For more information, contact Thomas at 701-340-3146 or email

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